Polka or Perish: Scientists Line Up To Dance Their Degrees

Professors around the world are collectively known as high school geeks who couldn’t dance (even if we could find someone willing to dance with us). Now, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has announced the third annual “Dance Your Ph.D” where scientists do interpretive dances based on their fields of study.

Here is the announcement:

Who said scientists can’t dance? The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is proud to announce the third annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” interpretative dance video contest. The contest, which is open to anyone with a Ph.D. or pursuing a Ph.D. in a science-related field, asks scientists to transform their research into an interpretive dance. Winners of each of the four categories (physics, chemistry, biology, and social sciences) will receive $500, then compete head-to-head for an additional $500 grand prize for best overall dance. Submissions are due by September 1, 2010. All winning dances will be screened at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York City in mid-October, where the best overall dance will be determined by a panel of judges and the audience. A more detailed description of the rules and how to enter can be found at http://gonzolabs.org/dance/.

Obviously, I am resentful that a contest limited to scientists will prevent me from performing my signature Legal Lambaba.

However, I would be interested in your view of the proper dance combinations for scientific fields. Why do an interpretive dance when obvious classic dances await certain degree holders? For example, it seems to me obvious that electrical engineers should do the Electric Slide and cultural anthropologists have no choice but to do a folk dance.

Source: Pharyngula

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  1. Ms. EM,

    That was a real neat JibJab vid. Thanks for the heads-up on the slow load because I might have given up otherwise.

    Congrats on your daughter’s wedding. My Son had a huge wedding and he did not regret the expense–after all, such an event should be a one-time experience.

  2. Why do I have this image of the Seinfeld character, Elaine, “dancing”?

  3. I wonder what type of dance the paleontologist could perform? What about a gynecologist? Then there is the next step….

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