France Parliament Votes to Ban the Burqa

The French Parliament has voted to become the second country (Belgium) to ban full burqas. The lawmakers voted to make it illegal for women to wear a full burqas or nijab in public. It is a direct assault on religious freedom from a nation that helped define the basic rights of all humans.

The vote was an astonishing 335 in favor and only one against.

The law will affect five million Muslims living in France.

The law must still be approved by the Senate after going to the constitutional council for a review.

Source: ITN

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  1. kudos to france i wish they would do this in canada my children came up to me one day and saw a pakastani woman in a burka and i told them what it was and they said it scares them i work in retail and women that come in dressed in a burka come through the checkouts and i feel scared and i feel like im going to get killed or shot at or something like that and i can not even hear them when they are talking a complete bann would be awesome best thing that canada would do

  2. buddha is laughing
    when and how who has seen him laughing
    he is silently meditating

  3. talk about burkha is waste of time
    leave the islamic women instead
    go after the radicals

  4. Tootie,

    Sorry 9:00AM Tootie … I forget to check threads … I like evening Tootie best … 4:00AM Tootie is my least favorite … however:

    I do enjoy the give and take between conservative, ultra-religious, teacher union hating persons, such as yourself, and everybody else … it’s good to step outside the box of liberalism to look inside the box of conservatism …

    I remember a time, back in the early 70’s, when teachers were making diddly squat and “good citizens” in every community across the nation were taking advantage of them with every school bond and levy … then the teachers started protesting and striking, some of them even went to jail thanks to union-busting local school boards … and now, of coarse, there are still a great number of conservatives who wish teachers will still making squat and content to be “less than” their greedy, religious, conservative betters.

  5. Blouise:

    LOL! You are a riot.

    My “prose” changing mid-post greatly reflects what happens to vulnerable children after democrats “educate” them and they grow up writing poorly because of it.

    I graduated about the top of my class in high school (public), got accepted to a local university (in the 1970s), and promptly had to begin remedial courses in all essential subjects: math, English, and science.

    Now, how the heck did that happen? Did I mark my own report card grades? LOL

    I really sweated in out in my remedial English college class because I didn’t know how to make a paragraph (yes, it is true!) I was very paranoid putting pen to paper until I looked at the young man sitting next to me: he couldn’t even write a sentence. Poor thing. I felt bad for him.

    I do have some college education, but no four year degree (I would LOVE to go back and finish).

    I worked hard to overcome the FRAUD democrats called education. Someone should be sued, I tell ya!LOL.

    The public schools I attended were run by powerful teachers’ unions. These people were truly nuts. I eventually made it to a college Shakespeare class (I think it was a graduate level class). I shouldn’t have been there because I still couldn’t compose well written papers. But they let my in ($$$), I loved to read, and I could verbalize my ideas about what I read that kept the doors open to me. I even took a Chaucer class in Middle-English.

    My schedule is crazy busy and that is why I’m not careful about my posts. I really don’t much care HOW my posts are constructed except to avoid accidentally telling a falsehood or making a statement that could get me in trouble That is what I try to edit for most.

    I get up and do things mid post (I’ve gotten up more than a half dozen times so far). I get interrupted. My life is very chaotic and excruciatingly hectic. And down right physically difficult. I have a very rough and tough life. I’m getting old and I’m not in great health.

    My writing is more like graffiti than prose. You can polish yours all you want, but I save my polished stuff for elsewhere.

    I do a lot of writing on the internet and I have other writing projects that I work on. I probably write close to 20,000 words a week and my other writing HAS to be edited better than what I do here. I’m getting better all the time. I learn as I go. I read really good writers too.

    Like you people here.


  6. true, once while cold weather riding i walked into a pizza hut after removing my helmet and gloves but hadn’t taken off the skimask i had on under the helmet. the kid working the front and two waitresses ran in the back trying to remember the number for 911. i convinced them i wasn’t robbing the place before they called.

    i guess my problem with a law against burkas is making it unlawful to cover your face. it’s my face and i shouldn’t have to answer to anyone if i choose to cover all or part of it

    but it is france and not here

  7. pete,

    I submit that weather and safety considerations sufficiently counterbalance the dangers of an anytime anywhere method of public concealment. I know, I know, it seems nitpicking, but a guy in a ski mask in 85 degree weather attracts attention and a full coverage helmet will too if the person is indoors or sans bike whereas a burga can be ubiquitous in such a way (due to it being worn by a larger segment of the populace – I’m guessing Muslim women outnumber bikers) that a bad actor is given a mask with far more leeway in application than the ski mask or full helmet.

  8. yes buddha i understand about safty helmets and living in florida where helmets are optional the biggest mistake i’ve seen riders make is in thinking small unpadded “skid lids” constitute a safty helmet. the point i was trying to make was there are many ways to conceal your looks if you wish. riding a 50cc moped in urban traffic with a full coverage helmet with tinted face shields is one. ski masks in cold weather is another. if they are outlawing face covering burkas just because they cover the face there are many other outfits to outlaw.

  9. Byron,

    In most of the donorcycle cases, I’m betting you’d find the majority were riding sans helmet. I know two guys in particular that exemplify this. I went to high school with both of them.

    One was properly clad – helmet, jacket, jeans, boots. An old man driving on an invalid license pulled out in front of him and it stripped the bike from under him, sending him over the hood and down the road. He was traveling at highway speeds, somewhere around 60 and the old man pulled out from a side road. Shattered both his legs, he still got a horrific road rash down one side of legs, spent several months in the hospital and then several more months in physical therapy. He can walk today, but he has to use crutches. However, he’s just as lucid as he ever was as he sustained no head injury.

    The other guy? He went riding without a helmet, wearing short and a t-shirt. He was clipped in the head by a truck mirror in what can only be described as a low speed impact. Neither was going above 15-20 mph as they were in traffic in a park. His body was scuffed up a bit, but nothing was broken. Today? He’s dead. He was dead before he hit the ground. He was an organ donor.

    These are totally anecdotal incidents, but I think they illustrate the trend in re injury.

  10. Buddha:

    “because they thought road rash and/or deceleration trauma would never happen to them.”

    shouldnt that read “decapatation trauma”?

    We know a nurse who calls a motorcycle a “donorcycle” becasue the riders usually end up brain dead with other organs intact.

  11. “I’ve known too many people injured severely because they thought road rash and/or deceleration trauma would never happen to them.”

    plus, doesn’t matter how good a rider you are, if you get hit or someone else makes a mistake….it’s the biker that gets hurt and the odds are not good…

  12. pete,

    Probably not because of a different, valid public safety argument however I will stipulate I am against helmet laws of all sorts. Riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity and if one is stupid enough to think no helmet, shorts and flip-flips are appropriate riding gear? That’s just natural selection at work. That being said, I don’t ride or advocate riding without a helmet, jeans, a leather jacket and boots/heavy shoes. I’ve known too many people injured severely because they thought road rash and/or deceleration trauma would never happen to them.

  13. are they also going to outlaw full coverage motorcycle helmets with tinted face shields?

  14. Virginia? … Tom Delay? … has he become some sort of lobbyist? … well, at least he’s not embarrassing Texas anymore …

  15. Blouise It is 92 degrees here. We have had a lot of rain here and it is just a regular hot summer nothing out of the ordinary. My family lives in the Chicago area so I know how warm it has been in the midwest. I don’t think tootie is paid but I think bdaman is. That is just my opinion. AY posted yesterday but he has not been posting regularly as you said. I think he might be on vacation. Tom Delay lives in Virginia, and it it looks like it will be difficult to prosecute him due to the “Citizens United” ruling.

  16. CCD

    Prelaw majors from Bob Jones University?

    I like that idea … I wonder if they’re looking for a CIA recruiter …

  17. Swarthmore mom

    Blouise In the year 2000 there were not that many blogs but Tom DeLay hired people to infiltrate message boards. There are conservative groups that are currently doing the same thing.


    Ah Tom Delay the wanna-be rat killer. Was he ever convicted or is the dude still under indictment?

    I’m sure you are right about the conservative groups but there is something off about Tootie. The prose changes regularly, often in the middle of the post and the righteous indignation seems to lack sincerity as it takes on a tone of mere gamesmanship. And the quote spinning is often far more slick and agile than the prose. If the Tootie Group is a conservative effort it seems to lack the customary indignation that true believers possess.

    But then again … I’m preparing a presentation for my Mystery book club and my mind, although very logical, is not linear …

    Aside from all that … I believe, from what I remember reading, that you reside in Texas. I’m up on the shores of Lake Erie and it has been unbelievably hot and humid here for two weeks and reminds me of the few days I spent in Texas. Is it brutal there now?

    Also … AY hasn’t posted much … do you know if he’s okay?

  18. Blouise In the year 2000 there were not that many blogs but Tom DeLay hired people to infiltrate message boards. There are conservative groups that are currently doing the same thing.

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