BP Accused of Lobbying For Release of Lockerbie Bomber To Secure Oil Rights

Just when you thought British Petroleum (BP) could not get more unpopular. As tests indicate a leak and massive readings of methane release at the Gulf spill site, reports have indicated that it was BP that lobbied for the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi in order to secure a lucrative oil deal from Libya. BP it appears (as its slogan says) “to make the day a little better” for al-Megrahi and a lot better for BP investors.

The new allegations are clouding the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to Washington.

We recently discussed how al-Megrahi was supposed to die within a couple of months but is now still very much alive after almost a year. Doctors now say he could live much longer and critics have charged that the British government manufactured the excuse for the release to curry the favor of Libya despite the fact that al-Megrahi represented the greatest mass murderer tried in UK courts.

BP was seeking to secure rights to an offshore oil project with Libya and reportedly sought to secure the release of the terrorist as a quid pro quo.

Source: BP

9 thoughts on “BP Accused of Lobbying For Release of Lockerbie Bomber To Secure Oil Rights”

  1. Really
    you blame the UK government for giving in.

    Okay lets list the ways in which your government has turned a blind eye to useful criminals:

    Werner the aviation expert – rockets anyone? I mean really slave labour ring a bell?
    Overthrowing Allende, praising Pinochet
    Excusing the financial criminals responsible for world wide financial woes
    US military personnel committing rape and murder abroad and being whisked stateside before local authorities can get involved.
    The 2nd gulf war, mercenaries, innocent victims etc.

    just to highlight a few, but I forget, it’s not a crime until it hits Americans.
    Wow you guys wonder why folk distrust you, it because you don’t value anybody without a US passport.

  2. Corporate Greed….not surprising….especially when you see the players….

  3. Corporate greed partnered with governmental deficiency … it’s a world wide epidemic!

  4. Doh!,

    You’re being too kind. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the fascists.

    I blame both BP and the British Government.

    They suck. True, one more than the other, but it’s a close race.

  5. big oops on last post, this instead:

    ‘I don’t fault BP for this, I fault the British govt for giving in.’


    [seriously holding nose and running for fresh air…..]

  6. I am not sure how flight personnel would know how much each passenger paid for a ticket.


    [seriously holding nose and running for fresh air…..]

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