GOP Trust Airs Anti-Muslim Ad in Opposing New Manhattan Mosque

A group called the National Republican Trust Pac is airing this disturbing ad to fight the construction of a mosque near ground zero in Manhattan.

The ad refers to all Muslims as “they” and links them all to terrorism and the killing of Americans. Specifically, the ad claims that a house of worship near ground zero would be a declaration of victory by those who attacked us.

The organization’s website states that “[t]he NRT is committed to continuing the legacy of Ronald Reagan.”

It is now incumbent on Republicans to denounce this ad and the obvious anti-Muslim sentiments expressed within it. It is doubly distasteful to see some using our collective loss at 9-11 for such hateful purposes.

31 thoughts on “GOP Trust Airs Anti-Muslim Ad in Opposing New Manhattan Mosque”

  1. I live in the city. And I think this mosque idea has to be a travesty toward all the families that have lost loved ones buried there! Go worship somewhere else.

  2. As I have said before on this issue in particular,the administration seems to have gone through this ritual in making their desicion on this matter:

  3. eniobob:

    Staten Island has certainly had its share of bias crimes, and they appear to be on the rise.

    I haven’t seen the poll myself, but apparently, residents in each of the five boroughs were asked if they approved of the construction of Cordoba Center. While most Manhattanites approved of it, a huge number (I think in the high 70’s) of Staten Islanders were against it.

  4. Just to recap:

    “The Audacity of Jihad” identifies Obama directly with “Them,” the terrorists who declared war against us on 9-11, which is to say all muslims, whose “monstrous giant mosque” we have to kill.

    The thing is they don’t think of this as over-the-top propaganda, they just think it’s the truth. Just the way the birthers think he doesn’t have an American birth certificate.

    Really and truly the Republican base is not in touch with reality. They are a danger to themselves and others.

  5. You don’t have to hate to be stupid.

    Hate has to be admitted in order for one to be sure it exists.

    I think you can torture someone you don’t hate (just following orders).

    I think you can kill someone you love, perhaps even murder them (in extreme emotional anguish).

    Leave hate out of it. The ad is stupid.

  6. Hopefully there is no correlation between this but:

    ” most Staten Islanders are against it … speaks volumes, doesn’t it?”

    A lot of New Yorks Finest reside on Staten Island.

  7. I heard in passing that while most Manhattanites are for the building of this center, most Staten Islanders are against it … speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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