German Court Rejects Defamation Case After Finding Teacher To Be Rabbit-Phobic

A German court has issued a notable ruling in the case of the Rabbit-phobic teacher. The court rejected a defamation case by a teacher against a 16-year-old student who spread rumors that the teacher was terrified of rabbits. The court concluded that teacher was in fact rabbit-phobic.

Marion V., 60, a German and geography teacher, alleged that the student spread malicious rabbit rumors. Kim P. reportedly drew a picture of rabbit on the blackboard of V.’s classroom. Upon entering the room, V. allegedly fled from her classroom in tears. Notably, the article reports that “V. settled a similar suit she brought against a student in 2008, in which the student agreed to stop spreading rumors that V. started crying or went into fits every time she saw a rabbit or heard the animal’s name.”

The fact is that there are some rabbits worth fearing:

Source: Spiegel.

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  1. One can never have enough hand grenades, Yissil. Especially the holy kind.

  2. Rabbits are nothing to fear … as long as you have the Holy Hand Grenade.


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  3. bad Hare Day … Cops taser gun is reVOLTing … AY is definitely back … I’m glad

  4. A suppose this is just a bad Hare Day or Herr today Goon Tomorrow.

    The Fatalities of the Frauline or should it not be the Frauline Frailties…..

  5. Of all the medically recognized phobias, I’ve always found leporiphobia a perfect example of what a phobia is at its heart: an irrational response.

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