When Amish Kids Go Bad

In Leon, New York, Levi Detweiler, 17, allegedly took police on a chase leading to a crash and arrest. Just another joy-riding crazy teen? Not exactly, the vehicle was a horse and buggy and Detweiler is an Amish boy who was fleeing the cops for an unknown reason in a very slow getaway.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s deputies tried to pull over the horse and buggy for not making a complete stop. That is when Detweiler floored it . . . I mean whipped it. He ended up in a ditch with an overturned buggy a while later.

To make matters worse he has been charged with underage possession of alcohol (a no-no under the Ordnung of the Mennonites) as well as over-driving an animal, reckless endangerment, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

I knew this would happen after Harrison Ford spent time with the Amish.

By the way, if you can over-drive an animal, can you under-drive an animal?

Source: CBS.

11 thoughts on “When Amish Kids Go Bad”

  1. just looking at the picture i thought they had arrested prince valiant.

    i vote for charlton heston

  2. No Kingpin?


  3. Damn you, Harrison Ford! Damn you to Hell!

    (To be read in either the voice of Charlton Heston or “Troy McClure”.)

  4. I feel sorry for the kid for having his picture taken with that haircut.

  5. I was reminded of an old Amish joke. What goes clop, clop, bang, clop, clop? An Amish drive by shooting.

  6. Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” really mashed-up with Coolio’s “Ganstas Paradise”

  7. Should it be the Menace of the Mennonites or Impish Amish. . . .


  8. Once he’s released his chore load is going to increase dramatically.

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