Priest Accused of Drowning Baby During Baptism

This criminal case in Moldova may be unique. Father Valentin is accused of accidental homicide after he allegedly drowned a baby during a baptism. The video is below ( pictured on left shows standard Orthodox baptism).

The six-week-old baby died on the way to hospital and an autopsy found the cause of death was drowning. The father said that the baby was clearly in distress after the submersions in the water by the priest. Notably, witnesses said that baby was crying before being submerged in the water three times.

The priest faces three years in jail.

Notably, drownings during baptisms have occurred previously, here and here and here.

5 thoughts on “Priest Accused of Drowning Baby During Baptism”

  1. It’s time out for these primative rituals. Baptism is the stupidest of all it proves and provides nothing. It’s only thru prayer, living a clean life, and doing right by other do we become closer to God. Not by eatting crackers and drinking grape juice on sundays. I’m suprised the pastor/priest doesn’t wash the feet of every member.

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