Expanding the Flock: Researchers Find Over 1000 Brits Are Offspring of Catholic Priests

At least 1000 British citizens use the term “father” with special meaning in reference to Catholic priests. Research has found that at least 1000 Brits are the children of Catholic priests.

The research has increased calls for the Church to abandon celibacy rules — a position voiced recently by a pastor in the United States in a much watched video on YouTube.

Pope Benedict XVI, however, insists that celibacy “is made possible by the grace of God . . . who asks us to transcend ourselves.” There seems a bit less transcendence going on in these cases. What interests me is how child support is addressed with someone who voluntarily takes a vow of poverty. There are obviously first amendment issues of free exercise in such matters. However, can a father avoid full payment of child support by simply joining a religious order?

Source: Guardian

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  1. Only the old testament has sex in it. That’s why rabbis are encouraged to produce followers openly, actually as a blessing.
    We have a friend who’s a priest. He’s been on sabbatical since Jan. We dare not think of why. He is a little effeminate but has rumored to have a girlfriend. He really enjoyed the story about a Catholic scholar who was digging in ancient catacombs and was shocked to discover an early Christian scroll about the priesthood that had a word that translated as “celebrate.”

  2. considering the churches stand on birth control wouldn’t it be a bit hypocritical for them to go to court and argue that the woman didn’t use birth control.

  3. I don’t know about the UK but in the states initial requests and requests for increases in the amount of support sound pretty much the same. The church sends lawyer(s) who argue things like “she did this deliberately and could have used birth control” and “he has taken vows of poverty”, the woman points out that she’s trying to raise a child with absolutely NO help from the church or the child’s father and minimal amounts of child support are awarded.
    Run a goggle news search on
    priest +child support

  4. Not all priests take a vow of poverty. I looked it up.

    I would like to believe that all these mothers were certified adults when they conceived. If so then I think we should have these priests beatified as models sexual decorum.

  5. Pope Benedict XVI, however, insists that celibacy “is made possible by the grace of God . . . who asks us to transcend ourselves.”

    Damn I missed it again….must be something wrong with me everytime god speaks to someone I miss it….why oh why wont you speak to me?

  6. Oh no quite to the contrary. A Priest that fathers a child at least in a diocese that I speak pays well in support, directly to the parent (mom). I have a friend that is a lobbyist (surprise) that used to be a priest. He was on the fast track to go to Rome. He studied Theology in Rome, his family had money and he had lots of relatives. All the makings of one destined to be somebody with in the church.

    It was not his first child, nor the second one that was the product of marriage counseling for this one. But the third child produced as a result of counseling for the benefit of the church, soul and redemption….

    They said, from what I heard from him. Hey, have you considered that maybe the priesthood is not for you? And he separated from his duties of the state as an ecclesiastical being and bought a business…where yet…he met another woman…she ended up the same way as the others and…..well…they got married. They will celebrate, something like 24 years as man and wife.

    He thought about going back via the episcopal church but could not convert….plus the money is not as good as being a lobbyist….

    So yes, it is very possible that many children, can say that my fathers better than your father…..

    Next installment…why the Greeks are better…..

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