Government Cover Up: France Cracking Down on Tourists in Bathing Suits

It appears that it is not simply Muslim countries arresting people for walking around in bathing suits after complaints of tourists walking around with “hairy chests.” French officials are now threatening male tourists in France with $48 fines for walking around without their shirts on and may soon begin sanctioning women walking around in bikinis at seaside places like Cannes and St. Tropez.

The British tourists have been specifically singled out for such prior conduct. What is interesting is that (according to the article below) Spain appears to be following suit, no pun intended.

It is not clear if the Burkini would be allowed.

I guess my dream of walking through Cannes in my Mankini is now crushed.

Source: FoxDC

9 thoughts on “Government Cover Up: France Cracking Down on Tourists in Bathing Suits”

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  2. Mon Dieu! Back in the 60’s when I was fresh out of the Bronx, I hitch-hiked from Paris to San Tropez. What I found was heaven. The beach that i entered started out with men and women in swim suits, and as I walked along on the sand, the suits got skimpier and skimpier, until there were only bottoms, tinier and tinier bottoms, and then no suits at all, For miles everybody was naked. It was a revelation to this 19 year old that people could be so free and easy going, not up-tight and puritanical and frankly, downright silly. If there is a God, then what did he give us our bodies for – to be ashamed and hide them? And if thee is not God, then what the hell’s the difference? Are they really going to arrest nudists in San Tropez? Well, at least I have my memories. “Yow! There goes Briget Bardot!

  3. They took off their shirts… oh my… call in the morality police.. “We’re not saying there’s a moral decline” (but we’re clearly watching)

    Proper sick in the head. Freedom’s on the move.

    PS: Is it the Carlin in me or is it probably only people that are ugly as hell that would have an issue with barechested vacationers? Very similar to pro-lifers I bet.

  4. lottakatz

    Please! Newt in the nude? Our system of government simply couldn’t survive.

    But I think you’re on to something here. Maybe the old striped prison uniforms (with the little striped hats) would be more appropriate? Or the Empire’s uniforms?

  5. I have long thought that our elected officials and their spokespersons (and commentators) should be made to do their jobs nude, but a mankini would work just as well. Our politicians can make the most ridiculous arguments, propose he most insane laws and vote on utterly demented policies and all the while look responsible. Why? Because of the visual cue’s. Dressed in suits, standing at podiums, their words are always reinforced by the appearance of respectability and conventionality. I say rob them of the visual reinforcement and make their arguments stand or fall on the merits alone. I’m sure it would improve the quality of government overnight. Same for the military and their spokespersons.

    🙂 Srsly.

    From article: “I guess my dream of walking through Cannes in my Mankini is now crushed.”
    Professor, out of respect I will exempt you from the above dictate if you promise never to link yourself and the word ‘mankini’ in a sentence again.

  6. Its kind of funny, I could not tell you if a man has hair on his chest or not….now…the other sex…well….I think you get the picture.

    What they ought to do is pass a law banning speedo’s in anything bigger than medium….they should also have a waist band test. If your dunlop (excessive skin) touches the waistband you must revert to a conventional swim attire.

    It amazes me the number of 250 pound males, belly so far out that they can’t see the feet much less anything else. Now that offends my sense of dignity and that takes a lot….

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