Mass Vampire Bat Attacks Reported in Peru

Just when you have overcome those childhood fears of bats . . . . four children have died in Peru from an outbreak of rabies spread by vampire bats.

Residents of the Amazon have reported “mass vampire attacks.”

The bats usually feed on livestock but are now turning on humans, particularly after the destruction of rainforest habitat.

Source: BBC

5 thoughts on “Mass Vampire Bat Attacks Reported in Peru”

  1. The first case of rabies in 24 years, in my old hometown, was found in a bat which was hanging around a porch in the daytime.

    If you see a bat in daylight – RUN.

  2. I was wondering what the Washington hoi-ploi were doing in the off season.

    But then again, “spreading rabies in Peru” could just be another euphemism for “hiking the Appalachian Trail”.

  3. there is nothing cooler than bats….if you like to sit in your backyard bug free….build a bat-house….most bats here (USA)are very beneficial and shun human exposure…Peru will have more problems than starving bats if they keep deforesting…

  4. Do you Blame em….But if you want your own Bats in your own back yard…well Austins the place to be….

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