Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, and Dead Squirrel: English Man Drowns Squirrel in Defiance of State

Norris Atthey, founder of The Morpeth Red Squirrel Action Group, was intent on making a statement about humane culling (some would say killing) of squirrels. Thus, in a move designed to provoke the authorities, he publicly announced his drowning of a grey squirrel. As a result, the squirrel died and Mr. Atthey, 67, was forced to plead guilty to a charge of animal cruelty.

He insists that it took only 30 seconds. He is the equivalent to Dr. Kevorkian of Grey Squirrels — claiming to have dispatched 250 greys from his base of operation in Morpeth, Northumberland.

It is all a part of protecting the threatened red squirrel population.

Source: Metro

13 thoughts on “Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, and Dead Squirrel: English Man Drowns Squirrel in Defiance of State”

  1. I don’t have a problem if he wants to drown a squirrel. We just get it in a sack and hit it over the head. Sounds cruel, but it works. It dies instantly, with little pain.

  2. Maaarrghk!,

    When I think of squirrels being tasty (which I agree, they are) for some reason I keep wanting to make a joke about Angelina Jolie.

  3. Never liked geese after having a flock of them chased me out of a farm yard when I was about 4. thes days Mr Goose tends to get swiftly introduced to Mr Para-boot if he starts any of that hissy stuff.
    Tasty eggs though.
    Which brings me back to the grey squirrels. Although now commonly known as “tree rats”, they have a really good diet (as opposed to real rats) and their meat does make a rather nice burger.

  4. Kaz.
    What you say is quite correct and there are currently culls taking place in some areas to try and bring back the red squirrels.
    What this article overlooks is the fact that we have been “de-gunned” in the UK as Byron quite accurately put it in another thread.
    It is possible to pop them off with an air rifle if you can get close enough – remember that any air rifle in the UK of over 12ft/lbs requires a fire-arms license, which are increasingly difficult to obtain.
    Also anyone now seen with any form of rifle risks being shot by a SWAT team after some hysterical nit-wit makes an emergency call about “someone running amok with a gun – oh pleeeeease help the children!”
    So we are left with the question of how to kill the little buggers – the squirrels, not the children.

  5. MA,

    I am filled with admiration. I would never have noticed that in a million years.

  6. This may actually involve the power of suggestion. My reading of the story is that the squirrel drowned as a consequence of Mr. Athey’s public announcement. I’m presently compiling a list of names to send him.

  7. While this old bloke is obviously barmy, red squirrels, which are native have been all but wiped out by the larger and often disease carrying grey squirrels. There are only a few places where they can still be found.
    While I can see why he decided to cull the greys it does seem cruel to drown them.

  8. I think the guy is a little squirrely…as so are the people prosecuting him….

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