Sixty Percent of Americans View Palin As Unqualified To Be President — Two Percent Say She Is A Muslim

According to a recent poll, sixty percent of Americans view Sarah Palin as unqualified to be President while a huge seventy percent lack confidence in her. My favorite aspect of the poll is that two percent believe she is a Muslim.

However, when you move to simply Republicans, 47 percent believe she would be great as a president. Forty percent of Republicans believe she is unqualified.

UPDATE: The results do not appear to have discouraged Palin, who went to Iowa this week in search of that forty percent.

Source: CNN.

106 thoughts on “Sixty Percent of Americans View Palin As Unqualified To Be President — Two Percent Say She Is A Muslim”

  1. I’ve only been able to create the smiling and winking emoticons.

    I’m going to try something else–to see if works.


  2. Oh my.

    Elaine. Elaine. Elaine.

    It’s a good thing you’re married. You’re a woman after my own heart.

  3. Elaine,
    Back in the days when Benny lived here in Orlando, his chauffeur would drive him to a local salon every week or so to maintain his ‘do. You’ll notice that even the power of the Holy Spirit is helpless against modern hair spray.

  4. Another Pentecostal moron. She has decided that now that she is out from under Benny’s shadow, she can go after some real money for herself.

  5. I just thought it was rather funny in a sick sort of way. Benny Hinn is giving his flock one big enema.

  6. Leave it to an expert on spewing insubstantial crap to find that clip. I bet you have that bookmarked, Jeepster.

    (Thank you! I’ll be playing the big room all week! Tip your servers!)

  7. Mike Swindell:
    I’ll just echo Buddha and the Professor, damned glad to see you

  8. Mike A.,

    I could only find this video of Benny when he took on the demons who were exorcized from Palin by the witch doctor.


  9. Elaine M.,
    Great video! Thanks. Now do you think you can find one with Benny Hinn whacking her with his suit jacket?

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