Open Season: Fight Breaks Out At The U.S. Open Tennis Competition

Tennis has always struggled with the absence of crowd-pleasing violent outbursts as in hockey. The U.S. Open was able to overcome that liability this week with a full fist fight that erupted in the stands as Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner watched on as spectators.

Here is the video which shows various fans demanding that the young man be thrown out of the stadium:

The fight reportedly started because the young man was swearing loudly and acting obnoxious in the stands before being confronted by a woman and her father. At one point the woman lightly slaps the man and other fans scream “throw the bum out.” If you watch this video, the man appears to continue to trash talk and eventually prompts the father (who appeared earlier to want to avoid the confrontation) to take after him. They went tumbling over two rows of seats.

If this fight started over the young man’s swearing I have no sympathy for him. There is a segment of our society who were simply raised poorly and cannot watch a sporting event without being crude and obnoxious. I know people who no longer take their kids to Philly baseball games because the crowd is often too vulgar and inappropriate for kids. Stadiums have the ability to toss out and even ban spectators who lack manners or restraint. They are better off at home watching and swearing with their friends.

What is clear is that nothing this obnoxious has been seen at the U.S. Open since John McEnroe played singles.

For fun, you can count the torts from defamation to assault to battery to battery again to battery again . . . well you get the idea. What they need is a legal commentator calling love”, “fifteen”, “thirty”, and “forty” etc. I am available.

Source: Daily Mail

43 thoughts on “Open Season: Fight Breaks Out At The U.S. Open Tennis Competition”

  1. It appears from this video, that once again WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS the true feelings that people have for one another. Therefore, they resort to FISTS to do the explaining. You see, the purest form of communication is NONVERBAL, one in which there is no room for confusion. The FIST is pivotal in this regard for its ability to CLARIFY and ADEQUATELY EXPRESS sentiment in a way which REMOVES ALL DOUBT.

  2. it has long been the accepted norm that he who throws the first punch is guilty of the assault and whilst being a loud mouth does not allow a person carte blanche to weigh in with all guns blazing(as it were)

    (on the other hand) since it is now accepted in law that an assault does not always have to involve actual physical contact to be regarded as an assault. it would be interesting to hear what was actually said by the guy who was struck and whether provocation would be used as a mitigating factor.

    as for a woman slapping a man without any response, whilst it seems to be accepted in the movies and through rose tinted specs, it’s not a practice I would suggest that any woman should undertake in the current climate.

  3. Yes, I have to agree, there is absolutely no excuse for violence. The guy was being loud, and yes rude, BUT, the violence was started by the woman and her father. They should get charges filed against them by the guy. There is absolutely no excuse for laying your hands on someone, not at all.
    On another note, we see here that when words fail to convey true emotion, FISTS seem to be the next choice. FISTS flew freely and FEELINGS were EXPRESSED in a very CLEAR and CONCISE way. Ah the wonders of open and honest communication.

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