Irish Minister Proposes Higher ATM Rates To Reduce Hostage Taking in “Tiger Raid”

Problem: Irish Banks are experiencing a rash of “tiger raids,” where customers are taken hostage to force another spouse to withdraw large amounts of money. Solution? More law enforcement? More surveillance? More training for bank officials? No, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern wants to increase ATM fees.

The proposal came after a bank manager’s wife was taken hostage to force the husband to withdraw over €300,000. Ahern views the case as highlighting the problem of too much cash in circulation in Ireland — a level that would be reduced by higher fees for ATM transactions.

That should show those kidnappers, bank robbers, and killers — future withdrawals at their ATMs will cost a euro more. Of course, the higher costs could drive them to . . . well . . . more Tiger raids.

Next, higher toll road fees to curb car thefts.

Source: Irish Times

Jonathan Turley

10 thoughts on “Irish Minister Proposes Higher ATM Rates To Reduce Hostage Taking in “Tiger Raid””

  1. Criminals care that their crime costs the victim a slight bit more? Who knew kidnappers were such humanitarians.

  2. They should increase minister salaries to fight world hunger, also raise VAT to promote world peace

  3. industries SB industry’s

    Another linguistic misadventure brought to you by Beck’s, brewing fine beer since 1873.

  4. I’d also like to point out that the removal of cash from circulation is perfectly in line with the banking industries war on cash in general. They can’t charge you interest and/or transaction fees if you don’t use their plastic.

    Venal bastards.

  5. The pathos in this is that this ass really thinks he’s contributing a viable solution.

  6. Excuse me sir, but I just shot your foot and I meant for the head….would you lend be the cost of a new fee just so I can get another bullet….wow….Stupid….

    Now on the other side…listening NPR today…Yes it is available in Texas as well….

    Former GOP Committee Treasurer Christopher Ward Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

    Way to go baby…they are screwing us and you are screwing them….I think he should be given a medal of valor of some sort, this did take balls….or Greed the GOP Creed….

    “Now I lay me down to sleep, with your bag of money at my feet, if they should wake before I am through, I hope I did not get caught screwing you…..”

    Just make it up and I like it…seems to fit….

  7. This guy has got to be a closet american republican on the lam and hiding out in Ireland … a WitSec failure? … just don’t relocate him back here … republicans are already trying to steal foodstamp, Social Security and Medicare funds … we don’t need ATM boy lending them a helping hand.

  8. Guinness is fine a drink in moderation, Mr. Ahern.

    Thanks for the reminder about the “moderation” part of that statement.

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