Anti-Illegal Immigration Critic Arrested in Major Human-Trafficking Case

The FBI has arrested Global Horizons Manpower Inc. CEO Mordechai Orian, 45, in a huge human-trafficking case. Orian is also a large GOP donor and a critic of illegal immigration.

The FBI made a prior effort to arrest Orian, but he finally surrendered to federal authorities in Honolulu. Also arrested were three employees and two Thailand-based recruiters. An Israeli national who was based in Los Angeles, Orian was previously ordered deported from the United States but remained in the country during his appeal. He now could stay in the country for some time — he faces 70 years imprisonment.

Authorities suggest that he tried to use “tricks” to evade them before he turned himself in and warned the court that he is a flight risk given his past practice of using outdated or incorrect passports and visas.

He is reportedly accused of using recruiters to lure workers with false promises to the country, taking their passports, and threatening to deport them if they did not comply with demands.”

Here is his contribution list.

Global Horizons bills itself as “your reliable labor contractor.”

Source: JPost

16 thoughts on “Anti-Illegal Immigration Critic Arrested in Major Human-Trafficking Case”

  1. Mordechai Orian is not a US citizen
    He is a dishonet business person
    and has been mistreating foreign workers
    He has also not paid his taxes in several states
    He has a very nice house in Malibu
    If you met him you would not know his dealings
    I doubt his wife even knows
    But he will loose it all and is facing up to 70
    years in prison —

  2. Mike S. got it right. The “bracero” program was extremely popular with agricultural interests because of the opportunity to maximize profits on the backs of desperately poor Mexicans. The first wave of resentment actually coincided with the efforts of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to organize farm workers. To this day, Mr. Chavez is regarded as a communist by conservative Republicans. There is hardly anything more annoying, after all, than for a lettuce picker to pretend that he or she deserves to be treated like a human being.

  3. The “free market” at it’s finest! If your “product” is indentured laborers (“Highly reliable!”), you don’t want the competition from undocumented workers.

  4. GOP rank and file want to stop immigration, especially of the illegal variety. So, clearly he doesn’t represent the GOP viewpoint.

    He was just looking for a way to survive as he knows the Democrats want as much America destroying immigration as possible (thereby cutting into his profits).

  5. yes, Mike Spindell hit the nail in my book too…..and a closer regulatory minded look at outsourcing could have prevented a lot of harm over the past decade, IMHO.

    It is too easy for these $$$$$ minded entities to shell out the work and siphon the profits….not a healthy dynamic. Quality suffers. Work load shifts. The market suffers because profits have lost connection to goods which is ultimately unsustainable. Everybody suffers.

    And to the anti-regulatory crowd….regulation is healthy prevention…not cure. Spewing for no rules is the loud cry for a repetition of current events…I hope that loud voice is finally dimming.

  6. We could do more about the food supply than the rest of the problems we face,anon nurse, by buying at farmer’s markets or directly from small farms that often have websites now. The “buy local” food movement is really picking up steam but many people either don’t have the time or won’t make the effort.

  7. The anti-immigration movement is spurious nonsense. What corporate agribusiness wanted was some “pickers” to be brought in at slave wages, exploited to pick the particular crop and returned back to their native poverty. When they organized suddenly illegal immigration became a big issue. Expanding the horizons today is actual outsourcing of American jobs and/or companies like Microsoft importing Indian computer workers for a third of the price. Another game by our corporatist oligarchs to expand their profits and push us toward a corporate/feudal state.

  8. This arrest is even more evidence of the hypocrisy of the Teapublicans. They claim to be for immigration reform and yet when they had control of both houses of Congress and the White House they could not even pass a reform bill that McCain co-sponsored, before he was against immigration reform.

  9. “Orian is also a large GOP donor and a critic of illegal immigration.”

    O, I wish Samuel Johnson were here to authorize a modification to his immortal observation that, “[the GOP] is the last refuge of scoundrels.”

  10. Surprise….a large GOP Donor….you have to be kidding me…..well after Chris Ward looted the bank of the GOP…they might need some more, donations, gift, graft and/or just plain ole tips for when they are coming to get ya…

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