Bosnian Police Reportedly Find Teen Shown in Video Killing Puppies

Bosnian police believe that they have found the girl shown in a video throwing puppies into a fast-flowing river. The video has shocked people around the world.

The girl is wearing a hooded top but her face is clearly shown as she kills six puppies one by one. They are withholding her identity. However, she would only face a fine under Bosnian law for animal cruelty. Perhaps it is time for Bosnia to look at the laws of other nations on animal cruelty and allow for jail as an option.

Transformers Film director Michael Bay and various groups have offered a reward for her arrest and successful prosecution.

The teen is believed to live in the town of Bugojno. The charges should not just include her. She is reportedly filmed by her brother.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. “…should consider jail as an option” Children don’t belong in jail, no matter what the circumstances! not even for animal cuelty.

    She shouldn’t have done that and I hope everyone learns from this. Unfortunately, animals are killed every day everywhere and we should aks ourselves what to do about that.

    I do have a feeling that this made the news all over the world because this was about puppies. Everyone loves puppies, they’re so cute. Would we have reacted the same way and would this have made the news if it concerned rats or cockroaches. Actually, I’m watching a cook on tv boil live lobsters. Is that any less cuel???

  2. tomdarch: Interesting because I hear different from the Serbs I know. They were not only bothered when NATO bombed them (thanks Clinton) but also bothered by paramilitary muslims that executed their kin, some by beheadding.

    When McNeil on a PBS newscast asked a CIA spokesman guest panelist what exactly US interests were in Yugoslavia the CIA didn’t mention a word about alleged “ethnic cleansing” (because of course the CIA could care less about such matters) but rather explained that “the real reason for Pentagon intervention there was to facilitate the elimination of the last vestiges of socialized property on the continent.”

    Hey tomdarch: Are you by chance one of those Cruise Missile Leftists I’ve been reading about since the 90’s?

  3. Karl Friedrich 1, September 5, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    … and Clinton’s bombings created this girl.


    Funny, but the Bosnians I know, say they were worried about paramilitaries setting their houses on fire and running them off as part of ethnic cleansing. Or being captured by the military and paramilitaries and being taken to the forest to be shot and thrown into shallow graves. Or if they were “lucky” being taken to a camp to be beaten, starved, raped and/or otherwise tortured. Strangely, none of them mentioned being bothered about the NATO bombing.

    Perhaps you know different Bosnians than I do?

    Inevitably, with the global attention on this story, we will learn more about these kids than we probably should. Given that the height of the conflict in Bosnia ran from 1992 through 1996, if this girl is 14 to 18 years old, then she was probably born during the war.

  4. “he was already 40 but not yet deranged ”

    I don’t know about that….he may have already been 1-fry short of a happy meal but indeed….relentless bombing does not ensure or stimulate positive psychological outcomes. What is most insane is why he turned on his own people….and the brightest of them to boot.

  5. Be careful besmirching Saudi Arabia Darcy for that’s Uncle Sam’s largest and very most favorite alliance in the Mid East, which goes to show just how serious all Uncle Sam’s claptrap about “freedom & democracy” is.

  6. Right Wootsy, he was already 40 but not yet deranged because he hadn’t yet experienced the psychological torture that the relentless & illegal US bombing of his jungle hideout inflicted upon his pyche as discussed in the late Spalding Gray’s “Swimming to Cambodia” which argues that the US was largely responsible for creating the conditions that allowed Pol Pot to seek his maniacal revenge.

    Then, ever the hypocrite, Uncle Sam demonized him as genocidal, even though Cambodians killing Cambodians doesn’t meet anybody’s definition of genocide, however, slaughtering a million Vietmanese peasants through carpet bombing and despoiling their jungles with carcinogenic poisons (made by Monsanto) does qualify as genocide.

  7. KF, Nixon bombed Cambodia in the 70’s….PolPot was already 40 years old by then….no, Nixon probably just assured that there will someday be another PolPot to take his place…hatred and violence breeds it’s own.

  8. She obviously has no conscience and is a sociopath, so I doubt she will never be plagued with guilt. Couldn’t tell her age, but if she’s throwing puppies now she will be killing people later.

    Nothing would be done to her if she were in Saudi Arabia and did this. They have zero animal cruelty laws and Moslems traditionally hate dogs (which is one of the reasons that the dogs at Abu Ghraib were so effective).

  9. That’sright. Nixon’s bombings of Cambodia created Pol Pot and Clinton’s bombings created this girl.

  10. But IF is a mighty big word.

    She might have all the conscience of a serial killer.

  11. “If [s]he has a conscience [s]he will suffer for h[er] mistake. That will be punishment-as well as the prison.”

    ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

  12. “Perhaps it is time for Bosnia to look at the laws of other nations on animal cruelty and allow for jail as an option.”

    In agreement 100%.

  13. Not that I do this J Smith….but I am sure there are a number of people around that would go to a stoning….you did say party…. heck…they may even participate….. some might even like ….to sit in a circle…..ya never know….I forget…what were we doing…oh yeah…do you have any twinkies?

  14. The fine for animal cruelty is $6,400 but I wonder if they could at least charge her per animal. But wouldn’t it be nice if she were in Saudi Arabia? – a good stoning would be appropriate here.

  15. This is sick…very sick…Bosnia you say…scratch that off of the list of places to visit.

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