Report: Israel Offers To Extend Freeze on Settlements in Return for The Release of Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard

The Washington Post is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to extend a freeze on new settlements in exchange for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. It is an astonishing offer, if true, since the settlements have long been a major barrier to peace negotiations but under this deal would be frozen in exchange for a spy’s release. It would seem to undermine the substantive arguments in favor of such settlements.

National security officials in Washington have nixed the idea, noting that Pollard not only spied for Israel and also sold secrets to South Africa and advertised his services to Pakistan. They also note that Israel used some of the documents from Pollard as barter for favors from Moscow.

Source: Post

15 thoughts on “Report: Israel Offers To Extend Freeze on Settlements in Return for The Release of Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard”

  1. Basically, the born again crowd support Israel because they need it to jump off from, come the rapture. Otherwise, the only reason they tolerate Jews is if they need a “smart Jew lawyer” when they get in trouble. Not to put too fine a point on it.

  2. i thought the official position of the U.S. government was we don’t negotiate with terrorists

  3. Lotta,

    “I don’t give a fig about Israel, at one time I did but those days are long over; they are in my ‘religion-driven-crazies’ list now. ”

    I never thought I would say this about Israel … I agree with you completely

  4. How about instead of bribing Israel to be less provocative we withdraw the funding for material aid for Israel when Israel engages in provocative acts.

    I don’t give a fig about Israel, at one time I did but those days are long over; they are in my ‘religion-driven-crazies’ list now. What I do resent is supporting Israel with various kinds of aid be it verbal, political or material. Peace does not politically benefit Israel or Hamas and as long as alliances to either are absolute there is no reason for either side (or allies like Israel) to alter their behavior as a condition for support.

    I’d like to see more consistency in the application of America’s policies. Just treat other countries in an equitable manner. If we would withdraw funding or support sanctions against any country for a particular behavior then do the same for all.

    I’d like our tax money bled away by corruption and bribery in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq back too but I’m not going to hold my breath 🙂

  5. The “trade” is an inane proposition–it is not even a trade. As said above, there is no recourse should the other side renege. And if you think that Israel wouldn’t renege if its governement felt it was in their best interest…I have a bridge to sell you. The person of note is an object lesson. How does one spell hutzpah?

  6. of course the release of this POS is a one-time, permanent thing. We release him & Israel stops settlements . . . unless of course they don’t, which is what I expect would happen. When they start building them again in 6 months or a year can we demand they return him?

  7. Paging Gary Powers….Gary Power…..Please report to the command center….You are free to go home now….will you say hello to our people as you pass them on the tarmac….

  8. I absolutely agree with Buddha’s approach–Pollard for permanent settlement stoppage.

    I don’t disagree that Pollard is a slime ball, but I definitely disagree that his or anyone’s espionage is, as horus stated, “…the most reprehensible thing there is…”. I personally feel that murder has a lock that distinction.

    There are probably several reasons why the US refused to release Pollard during the negotiations that very nearly brought a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Arafat blew up that deal which could have gotten everyone what they wanted without the Pollard issue. One possible reason could be that Pollard’s spying, his trial, and the wounds to the CIA were still pretty fresh.

    We’re much further down the line now, the need to get this settled is far more urgent than elevating a worthless old spy to the level of Hannibal Lechter. That Netenyahu is so fixated on getting Pollard released paints Bebe with the same slimy brush as the spy guy himself. So, I think it’s well worth persuing just how much Israel is willing to give to get Pollard.

  9. Israel asked for Pollard during negotiations under Clinton. They were willing to settle on the big issues for him, and we still wouldn’t offer him. Why? Because he betrayed our country in a way that ultimately decimated the U.S. intel network against the Soviets, and he was rightly punished for doing so. If we were unwilling to offer him for a permanent, comprehensive peace agreement, why do they think we would give him to them just to gain a concession on a minor issue?

    This is an insult, and it’s typical of the behavior of both sides. They are like children. “We will only be nice to each other if you give us things.” We shouldn’t have to bribe minor concessions out of both sides. If the Israelis and Palestinians are serious about lasting peace, maybe then we should play ball. Until then, we need to stay out of the fray.

  10. The most reprehensible thing there is(other than open, treasonous armed insurrection) , is to serve as a spy for a foreign power against your own country. That Israel continues to ask for this scumbag’s release is offensive in the extreme. That some US citizens and organizations have supported this idea is equally offensive. They are lucky he hasn’t been executed.

  11. Smoke on the Mirror..or there’s gonna be fire in the sky…or is that is that smoke on the water and lines on the mirror……or smoke and mirrors….I get confused sometimes…

  12. Normally on this issue, I’d want to tell Israel to get stuffed, but in this instance I’d counter with “We’ll give you Pollard if you freeze settlement permanently”.

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