Fowl Crime: Marine Pleads Guilty to Killing 50 Ducks at Petting Zoo

Marine Shayne Smalling, 20, appears to have a curious way of having fun. He pleaded guilty to stoning of 50 ducks to death June 2008 in a petting zoo in Cedar Rapids.

Smalling is stationed at Twentynine Palms California. He pleaded guilty to livestock abuse, a misdemeanor. He will only have to pay a fine of $625 without any jail time.

Previously, Zachary Kanellis, 20, of Cedar Rapids, pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal mischief and injury to livestock, both misdemeanors.

On June 25, 2008, a park caretaker found the 50 dead ducks and geese, which had been beaten and stoned to death during the night. This seems a tad light for such a despicable crime and, once again, shows the relatively light sentences given to cruelty to animals in some parts of the country.

Smalling wrote the following letter for publication to the people of Cedar Rapids:

To the people of Cedar Rapids,

I am one of the people responsible for the duck killings at Beaver Park. I would like to apologize for this senseless act that I have committed and I know there is no way any apology could ever be big enough to take back the pain I have caused the people of Cedar Rapids. I would just like the people to know that I am also disgusted by what I have done and I am taking full responsibility for my actions.

Source: Gazette

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  1. … go out looking for a little sport … kill a duck, maybe two … but 50? This guy has got to be related to Cheney.

  2. I think “homeboy” needs to be supervised by Trooper Timothy E. Nichols,the one from Florida whos a “little” trigger happy.

  3. Ya…are too funny….now when I was in college….some ducks I knew got stoned or were those cats….this guy needs help….he should go on a solo mission to say…..where they have real bullets….bunks and blankies…

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