We Are Not Amused: Queen Sought Low-Income Funds To Heat Palace

It appears that, before the Queen asked the government to take over responsibility for the finances of her palace, she had asked for the government to use energy-saving grants for low income families to heat the palace.

The Queen was informed that such a use of low-income funds for her palace would be a tad unpopular. The palace was complaining in 2004 that the Queen’s gas and electricity bills, which had increased by 50 per cent in 2004, left the palace with more than £1m a year in energy bills. Royal aides denounced the bill as “untenable.”

The Queen remains one of the wealthiest women in England with assets worth £17bn.

She may, however, want to expand her efforts at greater subsidization of her household.

First, there is the possible government funding modern low-emissions vehicles since her standard mode of transportation has some pretty obnoxious emissions.

Then there is the need for some of the funding for home security systems since her current system is rather outmoded.

Than there is the need for charity to modernize her wardrobe which appears cumbersome and restrictive for a woman seeking gainful employment.

Source: Independent

12 thoughts on “We Are Not Amused: Queen Sought Low-Income Funds To Heat Palace”

  1. Doesn’t she have any PR advisors? The more she does stuff like this, the angrier her subjects will become and one day they’ll substitute the Madame Tussaud’s version for her. Tourists won’t notice.

  2. “Corgis are not outmoded, just old fashioned.”
    while the Queens Corgis may be over-indulged and unruley you will not find a kinder, more intelligent, loyal, fastidious working dog than a properly socialized Corgi 😉

    [mine used to ‘herd’ the baby ducks in the back yard to keep them safe…]

    even Cats like them!

  3. The poor dear! Down to her last 17 billion lbs. (Please excuse the “lbs”, I don’t have a pounds sterling key on my keyboard.)The Queen could save a few bob if she would turn down the thermostat and put 4 or 5 corgis in bed with her to keep her warm. They would need to be checked periodically for fleas- hers, not theirs.

  4. What? The UK doesn’t have compact fluorescent bulbs or those kits with the plastic that shrinks when you point a hair dryer at them? I guess with some of those windows they’d need a “super jumbo” version, but still…

    Actually, this reminded me of the novel “The Queen and I.” I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard good things about it. The premise is that the royals get booted from the throne and have to go live in a council flat. (a “housing project” in US terms) Liz Windsor has some trouble learning how to dress herself, but the queen mum adapts well (except that she can’t stop betting on the ponies.) That racist wanker Phil just implodes, and so on. (I don’t know if the book calls Phil a racist wanker, or not, I just think he is that in reality.)

    Just remember, this is the same country that subsidized the cleaning of the moat for an already well off member of parliament.

    If the current government wants to make budget cuts, it would seem that cutting the subsidies to the royals is better policy than firing nurses and social workers.

  5. I believe it may be the multiple levels of funding that already exist which rankle with many

    It is seen by many that the Monarch performs a role with respect to tourism and the like, and there is the intangible historical value to take into account, however to many (including myself) the role is an anachronism we can do without and it can rankle that the state funding includes payments to all of her dozens of inlaws and distant relatives

    After all:

    They are already independantly wealthy to a massive degree

    They already receive rather a lot of funding through the civil list

    They also receive rather a lot of funding through Grant in Aid (A separate grant is voted by Parliament each year, through the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, to cover the upkeep of the Royal residences.) so effectively their bills are already paid for by the people

    They receive income from the Privy Purse and the Duchy of Lancaster (This is a portfolio of land, property and assets held in trust for the Sovereign in his/her role as Sovereign. It is administered separately from the Crown Estates.)

    They paid no tax on any of their incomes until 1993

    Given that there are admission fees payable at all of the royal residences which I also believe goes straight into the Crown Estate, there has to be a limit to how much these people need

    As each of these individual sources provides funding to the tune of millions every year they, to ask for access to grants which are aimed at reducing the power usage and associated costs for the general public I would suspect is a bit rich to many in the current financial climate.

  6. “…she had asked for the government to use energy-saving grants for low income families to heat the palace.”

    This is a joke, right?

    Not only is that woman the world’s worst mother-in-law she is also the world’s dumbest P.R. person …

    Buddha … loved the corgis joke … a soft chuckle on the first thread is a nice way to start

  7. OK, this is so not like me, but a lot of the palace is used on a regular basis, be it for living in, there is a large amount of office accommodation, in addition to the rooms which are open to the public.
    The monarchy itself generates a lot of income for the country so I personally have no issue with some of it being used to fund the royal estate. Although asking for the income related grants for energy saving does seem a little tacky.

  8. “Then there is the need for some of the funding for home security systems since her current system is rather outmoded.”

    Corgis are not outmoded, just old fashioned.

  9. This brings us to the more general question of how to best maintain our built assets. The palace is an example of a dwelling in which many of the rooms are not used on a daily basis. Can these rooms just be left cold and only heated when used or would the plumbing freeze? If so, are there ways to economically keep the plumbing from freezing? What is necessary to keep out mice? Or is it at all practical to keep these rooms occupied? Could some of these rooms be used to house retired security officers or similar people — is it possible that the Royal Family might enjoy having more people, with security clearances, to spend time with?

    I studied city planning in the 70s. At that time there was great discussion about limiting growth, but since then, the total amount of built space in developed countries has probably doubled. (Just guessing.) We can’t go back and reassign the assets that we already spent on buildings. There are many large homes that are now in foreclosure or owned by governments. They all face heating and cooling issues.

    A report on Jimmy Carter recently showed the solar panels he had installed at the White House and Reagan removed. The royal family dwellings have huge roofs that might be used for solar panels. And there must be windy places on some Royal property too where some sort of windmills could be installed. They also have huge lawns where underground pipes could be installed for geothermal heating.


    One of the princes could study engineering and become an expert on alternative energy.

  10. Whats the Problem with that ideal….come on we can then pay Blackwater to defend the use…why the hell does she have to spend her money…answer me that…

  11. On the third day of the Porteous heraing,Frank Mascaeni III said this and it kind of applies here,I hope Frank won’t mind me quoting him:

    ” If this wasn’t so serious it would be funny and if it wasn’t so funny, it would be serious.”

  12. Why the surprise it’s not as if this bunch of unelected parasites have ever had any shame before

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