Report: Police Officer Allegedly Shoots Pregnant Woman and Pulls Her Through Bedroom Window

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating allegations that an officer shot a woman through a window who was 39-weeks pregnant and then pulled her through a bedroom window into the street.

The officer was part of the Quad Cities Drug Enforcement Task Force who were executing a drug-related search warrant when a Detective Sergeant fired at the woman.

Neighbors reported that she was dragged through the window and was seen holding her stomach as she bled from under her right arm.

Family members stated that four other family members were detained but not arrested.

There is no report from the officer’s account of what led to the shooting.

Source: KTVB

6 thoughts on “Report: Police Officer Allegedly Shoots Pregnant Woman and Pulls Her Through Bedroom Window”

  1. So what did the official outcome find out about this case?

    Let me guess, cops are tight lipped until taxpayers are hit with a huge settlement, then authorities hope everyone forgets & moves on to a new story…

  2. non-compliant with officers’ instructions

    capitol offense of the 21’st century

    but as long as they say please when they ask for your papers

  3. Years ago, before dash cams there was a story of a traffic stop that ended with the driver being severely beaten. The cops story was he had been attacked, the drivers story was he was questioning why the office wanted to search his car when he was dragged from the car & beaten.

    It would have been “he-said/she-said” but . . . the cop had a civilian ride along that night who said they were stunned to see the cop drag the driver out of the car & start beating him. ooppsie!

  4. “During the entry, a female suspect inside the apartment became non-compliant with officers’ instructions,” Reagan wrote in a news release. “When she attempted to flee out a bedroom window, officers attempted to restrain her. During efforts to prevent her escape, a shot was fired and the woman suffered a minor wound to her upper torso. She fell out the window and received first aid from containment officers stationed at the back of the apartments.” (Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Dave Reagan)

    but ………

    “Thompson said he and his wife saw the incident happen. He claims he saw the detective shoot the woman through a bedroom window, and pulled her out of the apartment through the window. Witnesses say officers sat the woman sat down on a step and saw her bleeding under her right arm.” (Jason Thompson, neighbor)

    Ok … which is it … cop version she fell out of window … eyewitness version she was pulled out of window … no one disputes that the cop shot her.

    (sources … and Meghann M. Cuniff, The Spokesman-Review)

  5. I think all of the people that are for an eye for an eye justice should support that movement right here under these circumstances….

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