Lake Pirates? Texan Killed on Border Lake By Mexican Pirates

This is a curious crime report. Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr. in Zapata County Texas is dealing with “lake pirates.” Falcon Lake sits on the Texas/Mexican border and a Texas couple was attacked while jetskiing by a boat of “pirates” who shot David Michael Hartley, 30. The wife had to speed off, leaving her husband in the water.

The wife tried to save him but she was driven off when the pirates fired at her.

The sheriff reports that the husband was shot in the back of the head.

Officials have warned fishermen and water skiers about lake pirates who are increasingly robbing Americans. Presumably, U.S. officials could cross the water border in pursuit of such felons under “hot pursuit.” That international law doctrine was formed in part to deal with pirates.

Source: Chronicle

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  1. Anon Nurse –

    Thanks for the comment, and the link. I’ll take a good look at it now. Be safe out there, and make sure you by all means avoid the Medical Maniacs in lab coats. Take a look at the Medical Maniacs website, if you like, for more. Thanks.

  2. PatricParamedic wrote: “But the so-called “drug war’ efforts, on either side of the border, look an awful lot like the violinists on the deck of the Titanic to me.”

    Well put.

    An interesting and apt article by Gleen Greenwald (, Thursday, Oct 14):

    “The Wars on Drugs and Terror”

  3. One just has to wonder which cartel will be running Mexico in, say, 10 years. I must say, I am totally amazed that anybody south of this border would consider being a cop or a hard-core anti-drug politician. I consider many of these people true Mexican patriots, and I applaud their efforts to do the right thing.

    But the so-called “drug war’ efforts, on either side of the border, look an awful lot like the violinists on the deck of the Titanic to me.

    You all be safe out there.

  4. P.P. I saw that today and was gonna link that. Thanks for the reminder. And how brazen they were they put the suit case outside the gate of a military base. Not sure how close. Who knows it might have been someone from the Mexican Military who did it.

  5. “The severed head of a Mexican investigator looking into the disappearance of an American has been delivered to authorities in Mexico . . . .”

    So much for the mental midget who thinks this is all an “anti-Mexican” minute of hate.

    When’s the last time you heard a “cop’s head in a suitcase” story on this side of the border?

    Lord love a duck.

  6. There are any number of ridiculous aspects to the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. Oftentimes, I suspect the people would get along just fine if the governments didn’t get in the way. The U.S. government is truly schizophrenic in it’s approach to the challenges, sending mixed messages regarding illegal crossings by people who – for the most part – are simply attempting to better their lives.

    The drugs coming from Mexico are simply following the natural laws of supply & demand. The American drug cartels (i.e. pharmaceutical giants) have done an excellent job of creating a drug-dependent society, and the flow of Mexican drugs into the U.S. is our own damned fault. Idiots can criticize Mexico all they want, but the fact is, American’s are the biggest drug users on the planet. (Remember when most TV commercials sold cars & cereal?)

    The Mexican Government has not a clue how to coordinate & manage it’s vast natural resources for the betterment of it’s people, and has proven many times over incapable of not only running a country, but wholly incompetent to organize a weekend trip to the beach.

    So what we have now is a flood of 19th century folks invading a 21st century nation (mostly to simply survive) and then breeding an entire population of adult children who resent the relative wealth around them. While there is a propensity for some cultures to want to learn & achieve a college degree, this propensity does not exist in a huge percentage of Hispanic males.
    Thus, the violence.

    As a Paramedic who has responded to hundreds of illegal-migration trauma & death scenes, I see both sides of the issue. I personally rarely meet undocumented Hispanics who are not polite and seemingly decent folks (of course, they’re usually bleeding and need help at the time)

    I suspect the root cause of the entire mess is the failure of us Americans to stop bragging to the world they we are indeed the “best there is.” Those TV commercials yammering “Have it your way” and “Just do it!” don’t stop at the border.

    Some humility on our part wouldn’t be a bad start.

    In the meantime, those of small brains, who think the U.S. – or any nation on earth, for that matter – can function well under the constant flow of millions of folks unprepared for the social rat-race that is America . . . you really need to got back to high school Biology, and redo the grasshopper experiment.

    ‘Cuz when the U.S. collapses, where you gonna go?

  7. Jim,

    Anyone paying attention to Mexico knows that they are a huge security risk. Yeah, illegals are a problem, but the failure of the Mexican state is an even more dangerous threat. A corrupt and incompetent government so weak that drug gangs can and are threatening their government’s remaining stability in a very real fashion.

    The reason some liberals are concerned about illegals (not all) is that we could take several measure to help stabilize our border neighbor including working to ease the illegals issue and legalizing marijuana in conjunction with better helping Mexico stop the flow of cocaine and heroin coming into the states from their territory. This would have a two-fold effect of 1) lowering crime committed by untracked immigrants and 2) cutting into cartel profits so they can’t fund their narco-terrorism attacks on the Federales. Can’t shoot ’em if you can’t buy bullets.

  8. Having lived only a few miles from Falcon and understanding its true problems of being controlled by the Zeta gangs, it is appauling that anyone would seek to undermine the wife and her story. It’s too bad that most Americans do not understand the severity of the danger along the U.S.-Mexican border and the need to do something now before violence spreads to our side. Too many liberals are worried about the “illegal” problem and use it to divert the attention from the real problem. The U.S.-Mexcican War began over less than what happened at Falcon. Now we are doing little to honor the fallen American.

  9. “Most jet skiers wear a vest. The body should be floating.”

    Not if they grabbed the vest in order to get the key lanyard. Maybe they decided to take the jet ski.

    Maybe they simply fired off a few shots in the direction of the jet ski folks, and accidentally shot the guy.

    Maybe after it happened, they opted to eliminate evidence of a body. Whether they deliberately shot him or not (if they shot him at all) why not eliminate the floating evidence of a crime?

    The fact is, there are more variables than we can all guess.

    What we do know is that cry-babies who scream “race” every time something freaky happens need a few more brain cells before they start braying like a jackass in a field.

    The so-called “anti-Mexican hysteria” yahoos are blind to the reality of what happens when a sovereign nation is invaded by 14 million (or whatever the number is) and the natural (and unnatural) distortions in culture that follow.

    It ain’t rocket science, and it sure ain’t racism.

    It’s the volume, stupid.

  10. Here’s a better one just raised on Fox.

    Most jet skiers wear a vest. The body should be floating.

  11. AY:

    if you were shot in the back of the head wouldnt you fall forward? And wouldnt that keep you on the jet ski?

    It does seem a little fishy but cops have been known to manipulate evidence to fit their version of the crime. And a young wife killing for insurance money is certainly simpler to solve than actually having to do real police work.

    The added benefit to Mexico is to rebut the anglo version of what is happening on the border. Sex, money and international politics. Maybe her Latin Lover whacked the guy and they were planning on moving to Brazil.

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