Lake Pirates? Texan Killed on Border Lake By Mexican Pirates

This is a curious crime report. Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr. in Zapata County Texas is dealing with “lake pirates.” Falcon Lake sits on the Texas/Mexican border and a Texas couple was attacked while jetskiing by a boat of “pirates” who shot David Michael Hartley, 30. The wife had to speed off, leaving her husband in the water.

The wife tried to save him but she was driven off when the pirates fired at her.

The sheriff reports that the husband was shot in the back of the head.

Officials have warned fishermen and water skiers about lake pirates who are increasingly robbing Americans. Presumably, U.S. officials could cross the water border in pursuit of such felons under “hot pursuit.” That international law doctrine was formed in part to deal with pirates.

Source: Chronicle

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  1. I think I agree with the sentiment that “There is more than meets the eye here” if she tried to grab her husbands body and she is on a jet ski….well…first she is a sitting target both stopping and getting back on…unless she has arms the NBA would love to use…..unless the are older Jet Skis…the kill switch happens when she get off as the key is usually attached to the body part and pulls out upon sudden exit…which should have happened here….then the machines engine is killed….hmmmmmmmm

  2. Pathetic paramedic – I was until recently a firefighter & attended with paramedics many times – whats your point (other than the one you wear a hat to hid)?

    Anti-Mexican hysteria fits some peoples political agenda & some people just hate brown people & some people live in fear. Nobody said there were no problems (although almost completely on the Mexican side of the border) but this useless hysteria does not make the situation better, does not lead to smart decisions and causes other problems.

  3. Hey Prof – time for an update: County law & Mexican cops both say they have suspicions about her story. One suggestion was they might be checking the life insurance policy.

  4. According to CNN, the couple were on the Mexican side of the lake when the shooting occurred, which ironically means they were in the country illegally.

    Meanwhile, armed groups of vigilante thugs patrol the US side of the border and the traditional media treats them as a group of folk heroes. But a couple of Americans (who I’m guessing are also white) get shot by thugs on the other side of the border and the hysterics begin.

    The level of unabashed white privilege inherent in the coverage of this story is disgusting.

    And while I would never say the victim got what he deserved, he certainly was tempting fate by taking a jetski out for fun into what’s essentially a war zone.

  5. Bdadman, I agree..she said pirates got within five feet of her..yet they didn´t shoot her? Sounds like she knew about the pirates and took the opportunity to get rid of the husband..don´t know about the political stuff..she might have just been looking for a good copy cat crime that would be difficult to investigate..

  6. Frank –

    You talk like somebody who’s been standing too close to the microwave.

    “Why” are people exaggerating, acting like idiots & making up stories in the first place? What’s the root cause for their lies?

    The root cause is the ungodly damage to – in this case – Texas.

    You can keep your head in the sand all you want. Or you can wake up and smell reality. Do yourself a big favor & spend a 24-hour shift with a Paramedic team in . . . well, just about any big city these days.

  7. She, the wife, is a Tea Bagger who had her husband killed for the insurance money at the same time raising the fear of border killings. If they were so accurate in being able to shoot him in the back of the head, which by the way there is no confirmation of such because the body has yet to be recovered, how did they miss shooting her as she tried to save him.

  8. Isn’t it obvious what’s going on here? They’re in boats in order to … say it with me …. DROP ANCHOR BABIES!!!

    I crack myself up!

  9. Frank, I’ve read about the lake pirates before and if it’s a ploy it sure isn’t getting much attention. The earlier incidents (3 reported) happened in April and it looks like this is the 4th incident. While the pirates are heavily armed and menacing (from the written accounts) they have the look of being crimes of opportunity. It’s a Bass lake and apparently people visit both the American and Mexican side to find good spots to fish. Referring to them as pirates may be technically correct but it sounds like they’re thugs with guns and a boat. Now they’re murderous thugs and the authorities need to get on the job.

  10. PatricParamedic

    WTF? Who was talking about immigration? I was talking about the batshit insane assholes who were running around claiming that Texas had been invaded by Mexican drug gangs that were shooting & killing farmers & taking their land. This was a hot item in the wingnut-o-sphere a few weeks ago & contained “quotes from local law enforcement”. Turned out nothing was going on & when the actual departments were contacted they had not made the statements & reported nothing of the sort going on.

    Maybe you could use that volume of water to give yourself an enema & free up space for your brain.

  11. Gingerbaker
    1, October 1, 2010 at 11:14 am
    Bloody Mexican terrorists. It’s high time we invaded Iraq.


    I hear they’re hiding tons of WMD in a place called The Green Zone …

  12. Frank –

    When an individual enters a sovereign nation without going through a Customs checkpoint, that person is choosing to commit a crime. The crime may or may not have much in the way of consequences, for the person or the country.

    When millions of impoverished, 19h Century people invade a 21st Century nation in a relatively short period of time, the result is a tectonic distortion that causes enormous social problems – for both sides.

    It is simple and plain idiocy to think any group of people ought not resent what amounts to massive changes in their own culture practically overnight.

    The concept of “immigration” is natural movement, and has obviously been going on for millions of years. After all, anthropologists believe all human life started in Africa.

    What is not natural is what is occurring in the case of Mexico and the U.S. – a Katrina-type flood knocking down barriers, destroying pre-existing systems of school, emergency rooms, streets, neigborhoods & prisons.

    The mental midgets who support this continued invasion are trying very hard to ignore logic:

    “Do you like water?”

    “Of course.”

    Whereupon we grab your feet, put a rope around your ankles and dangle you upside down in the torrent of water beneath Niagra falls, as you sputter for air and try desperately to keep from drowning.

    “What’s the matter? You SAID you liked water . . . .”

    And that, Frank, is when you would look at us like we were crazy.


    It’s the VOLUME, stupid.

  13. Given the wildly inaccurate accounts of boarder violence that have appeared recently I want to withhold judgment on the authenticity of this particular story. It was not that long ago that hysterical reports of an armed invasion from Mexico had the wingnuts lathered up & ready to send in the Marines. The problem was the local law enforcement agencies the stories were attributed to knew of no such events and had nothing to do with the reports.

    This might just be an anti-immigrant “minute of hate” thing designed to inflame the morans. If it is an actual problem law enforcement needs to step up and deal with it.

  14. Not a problem in Dallas/Ft Worth…but steel have the govt to watch though….

    Yes, Pirates are still a danger….only it on water….not much difference except maritime law plays a role and kicks in….

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