Saudi Prince on Trial For Sexually Assaulting and Murdering Servant

We have seen a steady stream of criminal cases involving Arab princes and princesses accused of beating or killing their servants (here and here). Now, one prince, Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir al Saud, 34 (grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah) is accused of strangling his male servant Bandar Abdulaziz (left) after sexually assaulting him in their luxury London hotel suite.

The King is not going to like anything about this case since the Prince admits that he spent most of the evening drinking heavily at the bar with his servant.

The 32-year-old victim was found at the Landmark Hotel in a bloodstained bed that the Prince had attempted to clean up before the arrival of hotel staff. He had severe injuries including bite marks on his cheeks. Abdulaziz suffered heavy blows to the head with severe injury to his brain, ears and neck. He had been repeatedly sexually assaulted.

While the Prince denied being gay, he was found to have surfed various gay sites on the Internet and hired gay escorts. He and his servant were on an “extended holiday” in England.

The Prince had a record of attacking his servant on prior occasions, including one captured on the hotel’s surveillance system. The film from an elevator showed Abdulaziz cowering under the blows.

Source: Daily Mail

9 thoughts on “Saudi Prince on Trial For Sexually Assaulting and Murdering Servant”

  1. Let’s hope this royal (dare I say queen?) gets everything he deserves. He’ll spend all his years in prison with his legs in the air…

  2. This is nothing, this sort of stuff happens all the time in Saudi. Royal kids can beat up, rape, harass their servants without any punishment. These royals are such spoiled psychopaths who are raised to believe that they are better than the rest of us. This is probably the first situation where his royal highness’ last name and oil fortune won’t get him out of trouble. If this particular situation took place in Riyadh, no one would’ve heard about it, and he would still be roaming the streets in his uber-expensive custom made cars. BTW, his servant is literally treated like a slave (all royals have a posse who are of African descent, it’s considered a sign of wealth) Hope he spends the rest of his life in prison, it’s a mini-victory for us peasants who can’t get away with ordering food or going for a walk without being harassed.

  3. does this mean we’re going to have to find another unrealated muslim country to invade?

  4. I would hope that he was tested for drugs, as is anyone else in suspicion of such a crime. It will be interesting to see if he gets preferential treatment…it will be shocking if he doesn’t.

  5. first of all I doubt conservatives would go along with this and second of all it is liberal policies that let criminals off with a light slap on the wrist.

    But dream on.

    The cause is an arrogant individual who cares not one wit for humanity except himself. A goat herder who made good using other peoples money.

  6. I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s facing charges. With a Con in Downing Street, you’d think we’d be back to the “good old days” when folks like Pinochet could travel to the UK with impunity.

    Perhaps Prince Saud and Senator Craig should meet up at an airport bar somewhere and trade notes on “not being gay.”

    But to stop being snarky – thank you for posting the photo of the murdered man. We can complain about the abstract idea of wealthy and powerful people abusing those around them. It may almost be bringing me to tears to look at that photo here in the office, but it’s good to be reminded that the victims of the abuse are real human beings with names and warm smiles.

  7. “The film from an elevator showed Abdulaziz cowering under the blows.”

    I suppose some will say I said that….

    This is unfortunate…really…would he be charged if in the UAE?

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