Report: Ethiopian Jews Allegedly Being Given Controversial Birth Control Drug

There is a raging controversy in Israel where feminists and doctors have accused health officials of using a controversial birth control drug Depo Provera on female Ethiopian immigrants. The activists charge that the policy is based on racism and doubts over the “Jewishness” of the Ethiopians.

A report found a threefold increase in the use of Depo Provera and that 57 per cent of Depo Provera users in Israel are Ethiopian — even though they represent less than two per cent of the total population.

About 90,000 Ethiopians have entered Israel under the Law of Return but some rabbis have challenged their Jewish roots while activists have charged racism.

While the scandal is growing over “forced” contraception, I have not seen evidence of such force. What is confusing in these reports is whether the women were made aware of the use and side effects of the drug. Presumably, they consented to the use of such a contraceptive. Some doctors are quoted as saying that they were told to use Depo Provera. It appears that this dispute could become a state-to-state conflict between Israel and Ethiopia.

Source: EUTimes

8 thoughts on “Report: Ethiopian Jews Allegedly Being Given Controversial Birth Control Drug”

  1. Pharaoh Omar is living in a fantasy world, where he has totally revised history to fit his racist, distorted version of the world.
    A total fairy tale.

  2. Do I believe that the Israeli government is engaging in stopping black babies from being born, on purpose. YES I DO! This whole mess is intended on population control because the fake-white so called Jews are afraid of loosing control of the country. They dont want the black jews to one day become the majority in population. These Ethiopian women fear that if they dont take the shot that they will be stripped of their citizenship and be deported back to Ethiopia. How sad, and to think that the Israeli government cares about all Jewish people, THEY DON’T, UNLESS YOUR A WHITE JEW. Only God can restore this land back to the people who originally possessed it (not Arabs either) but the original Hebrews-the Blackman. Gee what will the Israeli gov and the rest of the white Jews do when the black Hebrews of America awaken to reclaim their identity that was stolen by these so-called white Jews? It was these same Jews that facilitated the triangular slave trade in the first place. They needed to enslave the blacks to cut them off from Africa. Blind them from ever knowing who they really are. They werent just white Europeans, they were so-called Jews. They owed the slave ships, the holding stations, and owned most of the large plantations in the south. The white Jews also fought with the Confederacy against the Union north. As I study these historic facts, I have learned the terrible truth. These so-called Jews are hell-bent on total world domination and will destroy anybody that opposes them, but I’m not worried because GOD will deal with them all real soon. My advice to the Ethiopian women is to NOT seek ANY medical attention from the Israeli government.

  3. I feel I must respond to some comments i see here, which are obvious distortions.
    There’s a website called Wikipedia which can give information
    about controversies regarding Depo-Provera.
    It also has an article about Ethiopia which disproves the comment “…one of the most primitive societies in the world…”
    The comments “…have many children…not unreasonable to attempt to limit children…” smack highly of intolerance towards a vulnerable group of people. All in all not very pleasant.

  4. Not sure if you read the original article on this topic, but they are not just curbing the fertility of those immigrants, they are preventing it. Out of 45 families in one Ethiopian enclave, only ONE had a child. That is ridiculous. And they are practically begging Ashkenazi (white) Jews to have children. A country founded to preserve Jews is actually systematically killing them-the irony is not lost on me.

  5. How is Depo Provera in any way “controversial?” Isn’t it a commonly used method of birth control?
    Ethiopia has never expressed any interest in the Ethiopians who have resettled in Israel. It’s unlikely this will result in any kind of “state-to’state conflict.”
    Ethiopians come to Israel from one of the most primitive societies in the world, where over half of all babies die before the age of 10. Women typically have many children, simply to ensure that some survive. Israel has a lower infant mortality rate than the US. It’s not unreasonable for Israel to attempt to limit the number of children that Ethiopian refugees produce, since the State provides cradle-to-grave care.

  6. How well educated are most of these immigrants? Are they well enough informed about medicine/science that they understand what is being given to them – in other words, are they choosing contraception and are they even able to give informed consent of any sort?

    If someone comes from a pre-Medieval, rural culture (and I don’t know that these people necessarily fit that description) and they are thrown into a first-world modern environment like Israel, you don’t need to “force” them to take a drug. You only need to use your information and power imbalance to manipulate them into taking it.

  7. Isn’t Ethiopia the supposed birth place of man kind? If so….hmmmmm…

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