Congressional Candidate in Massachusetts Accused of Complicity in Sexual Assault While a Police Officer

Republican congressional candidate, Jeffrey D. Perry, in Massachusetts is facing a novel challenge — a victim of police abuse has gone public to say that Perry knew of her sexual assault by his partner in 1991 when he was a Wareham police officer. Perry is running in part on his career as a cop — using the endorsement of the Chief of Police — whom Allen was also accused of nonfeasance in the incident by the victim.

Perry is an attorney who has served in the State House since 2003.

Lisa Allen, then 14, alleged that she was assaulted near a Wareham cranberry bog. Allen and three boys were hanging around two parked cars when three police cruisers pulled up. Perry and Flanagan found a small amount of pot on one of the boys and Flanagan turned to Allen and demanded that she lift her top and bra and unbutton her pants. Allen asked to be searched by a female officer and began screaming and yelling as Flanagan put his hands inside her underwear.

She says that Perry not only refused to help her but was standing only 15 feet away.

Perry resigned from the force 17 days after Flanagan was indicted (Flanagan was convicted in 1993 of civil rights violations and indecent assault of a child). He eventually became a state representative from Sandwich and is now the Republican nominee for the 10th Congressional District.

Allen is shocked to see him running for Congress and insists that “Jeff Perry cared only about protecting police officer Flanagan.’’

In a sworn statement after the incident, Perry stated that the assault “did not occur in my presence,’’ a fact that he reportedly now states is untrue and due to a faulty memory. He was only 15 feet away.

What further enraged the family was to see Perry relying on a television ad by former Wareham police chief Thomas A. Joyce, who Allen accused of being complicit in covering up the strip search.

Source: Boston

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  1. eniobob,

    I believe that was Tony C’s message on another thread … they haven’t kept their promises so don’t vote for them … though he was addressing democrats in general and made several other points.

    I read his posts and debated his points but in the end … no

    I’m not buying it … all democrats should hit the polls and vote

  2. Unless you’ve tried our life style please do not condemn us. I have the right to have as many wives that I want. It is Gods gift to me, to have all of these women to serve me. They are sisters in every meaning of the word, they are my wives in the eyes of the lord. Please do not condemn us unless you have tried this way and left. We have respect for all and the children are the fruits of our love. We do not generally divorce. How many monogamous relationships can you say this about? Love us, try us or just leave us alone.

  3. I represent a very small minority of Women Who Like to Bark. They are very loyal and obedient to the masters wishes. Please do not condemn us unless you have tried our way of life. It is pleasing to please, before you bark, please do not bitch. That is an offense to our moral code of dignity.

    Speaking of dignity, we have a lot and resent the polygamous life styles of some of these folks. who wants to share the master with anyone. We are not against any recognized laws, if you know of some law that we are breaking please point them out.

    Thank you and please be loyal to your masters. Tonight they sleep in peace.

  4. The Rand Paul story as it is being played is bass-akward. It’s being played as if the religious angle is paramount when in fact that he allegedly kidnapped, handcuffed and held a woman against her will to order her about like a dog, or slave, is the most astonishing and troubling issue. The coverage and tone of the outrage tells you a lot about the position women occupy in the equation.

  5. “stay away from the polls in November to teach the Democratic Party a lesson???”


    They also have this running in spanish in Nevada.

    Ad telling Hispanic voters to ‘stay home’ ignites backlash

    LAS VEGAS — The message behind a short-lived but highly publicized ad in Nevada was clear: Hispanics, stay home.

    Voter suppression isn’t usually marketed as voter empowerment. But in the ad by Latinos for Reform, an independent campaigning group led by career conservative Robert de Posada, the paradox was presented as plain sense: Because the Democrats haven’t delivered on immigration, exercise your right to vote by not doing so.

  6. More on candidate Perry from the Cape Cod Times:

    Strip-search victim speaks out against Perry
    By George Brennan
    October 21, 2010

    ‘She felt beleaguered’

    Howard Friedman, the Boston civil rights attorney who brought successful lawsuits against the Wareham Police Department in Allen’s case and another strip search case involving Flanagan in 1992, said Allen was ready to talk because of the amount of attention her case is getting in the campaign and misrepresentations made by Perry.

    Allen’s suit was settled out of court and the other teen strip search case ended with a jury award for the victim.

    “She felt beleaguered. She wanted to say something, but on the other hand she just wanted it to go away,” Friedman said of Allen.

    Allen issued the statement through his office so she could protect her identity. She is now married and doesn’t want to appear on camera or in a photograph, he said.

    Perry has repeatedly said, including in his 2007 application for the Massachusetts Bar, that he was dismissed from both lawsuits. Records show he was only dismissed from the 1992 case. On Wednesday, Friedman reiterated that Perry was involved in the Allen suit up until it was settled. Allen was seeking punitive damages from Perry if the case went to trial, he said.

    In the 1992 case, Perry was also accused of attempting to cover up the strip search of a 16-year-old girl by Flanagan. Perry has said he went to the girl’s house to launch an initial investigation, but records show he didn’t report the illegal search to his supervisor and didn’t file a report until after the parents filed an official complaint and he was ordered to write a report by his captain.

    Perry has been hammered by political opponents in this campaign about the illegal strip searches, in large part because his story about what happened has changed and because his recollections don’t match the public record in the cases. He has attributed the discrepancies to recounting the incidents from memory.

  7. Elaine,

    The other night I was out to dinner with several of my friends from a neighboring small town. In this area of small towns many of the High School government classes hold a “Candidates Night”. Seniors are in charge and their entire grade for the grading period depends on the success of that project. Most follow the guidelines of the League of Women Voters and the preparation is very thorough. The whole community turns out both to hear the candidates, ask them questions (all questions are screened by a panel of students), and support the kids.

    The particular small town my friends are from is predominately Republican. They had all attended Candidates Night and were furious with their Republican candidate for the House because he didn’t show up. Thus the Democrat got several rounds of applause during her presentation and garnered a number of votes that she otherwise would never have gotten. My friends felt that their Republican candidate had dissed the kids and thus doesn’t deserve their vote. (Interestingly enough, none of these women have any kids of their own in high school but look upon the the ones putting on the Night as “ours”)

    The democrat is the incumbent but she has only been in office 2 years and her reelection was not a guaranteed thing. In fact, the Democratic Party had had to spend more money than originally intended due to the strength of the Republican candidate (He’s not a teabagger).

    This is Sherrod Brown’s old seat and I can remember years ago when he had a scheduling problem, his mother came to this town’s Candidate Night to “hold” his chair on stage till he could get there. He knew the importance of showing up and not insulting the parents of the young people who had worked so hard to present a successful Night.

    What ever kept the Republican candidate from attending cost him several hundred votes in a town where his win had been assured.

  8. Not this democrat and, as I mentioned much earlier, not my husband either (Slarti’s post changed his mind).

    As SwM said … we can’t afford to lose the small gains we’ve made …

  9. Blouise,

    The candidate from my district in Massachusetts is a tea party/birther/nut job. And certain posters on the Biden threads wonder why some of us Democrats won’t agree with the suggestion that members of our party stay away from the polls in November to teach the Democratic Party a lesson??? Should we Democrats really withhold our votes and let folks like Perry get elected to Congress? Perish the thought!

  10. There must really be a dearth of republicans available to run as candidates for this guy to be the Republican Party’s choice.

  11. See the people that don’t understand the Constitution are trying to get into power so they can burn it…then say what are you talking about…Did Obama ever find his? I hear he lost something and its more than just voters….

  12. Local conservative radio talk show hosts are hardly trying to defend Perry. Their core argument seems to be that a vote for Perry is a vote to remove Pelosi from power.

    Perry should be in prison, not on the ballot.

  13. “In a sworn statement after the incident, Perry stated that the assault “did not occur in my presence,’’ a fact that he reportedly now states is untrue and due to a faulty memory. He was only 15 feet away.”

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