I Have Returned: Merci Beaucoup To Elaine, David, and Mark

While heavier and a bit jet lagged, I have returned from the France.  I must report that we came and we were captured.  The conference in Paris was fascinating. I had some very interesting discussions on the cultural defense with American and foreign lawyers – including some pending cases in France on the issue. Of course, as in real estate, it was “location, location, location.”  Paris was gorgeous with leaves in full autumnal splender.  It was impossible to get a bad meal or a bad glass of wine.  Trust me, we did an exhaustive survey. I just landed this morning and I will be sharing a few pictures later, but I wanted to check in today.

I was able to periodically drop by our blog.  It seems obvious that our first experiment with guest bloggers was a smashing success.  It was one of the proposals made during our earlier discussion of improvements and I am now sold on the idea.  I want to thank Elaine, David, and Mark for brilliant postings.  Their unique selections, humor, and insights were a delight to read.  I am deeply in their debt in showing how well this could work – as well as giving me a break from blogging to consume disgraceful amounts of French wine and food.  I believe that we should make guest blogging to our site and I will be posting a proposal soon for how we can keep this addition to our blog.

While I seriously considered applying for a job making wine in Loire Valley, I am glad to be home.

33 thoughts on “I Have Returned: Merci Beaucoup To Elaine, David, and Mark”

  1. Welcome home, Professor. Nal, Mespo and ElaineM all did a fine job in your absence, but we’re all happy to have you back(including them per their own admissions).


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  2. Hopefully your pants didn’t get as wet as MacArthur’s but with airline service these days, you never know.

    Speaking of Mac, your stand-ins did wonderful job in your absence and should receive a medal of some sort.

  3. Welcome back. Enjoyed the postings of the MED group, in your absence — they were superb.

  4. pete:
    please excuse prof Turley for being absent last week

    Epsteins Mother

    heh heh, nice

  5. Dye jeans,

    ‘Splender in the Grass’ is what I would get my rubbing your nose in it…

  6. A welcome back to JT.

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  7. Elaine: daughter did her semester abroad in Denmark. Went there too. You are right as there are many good looking people there too. Daughter said there were a lot of 80+ people in the gyms. The government pays for the gyms and the health care. I don’t think Byron would like it there but seeing is believing although they smoke a bit much in Copenhagen. The bike lanes are as wide as our car lanes. Carlsberg makes a good sparkling water in Denmark. I wish I were going on a trip instead of reading about the horrible things the Texas legislature plans to do.

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