Taking the Rap: Iranians Arrest Teenagers Across Country For Playing Rap Music and Using “Western Musical Instruments”

The Iranian police has found another threat to the Islamic faith: rap music. The morals police has raided parties across Iran to nab kids who just want to play rap music. These teenagers have been meeting in abandoned buildings to listen to the music and dance.

The courageous Iranian police arrested the teens and seized “Western musical instruments” as well as alcohol. They were declared participants in a “morally deviant” practice, including music that “portray[ed] a bleak picture of society and presenting unhealthy relationships between boys and girls as normal.” I am not sure that you need rap music to portray a bleak picture of the Iranian society under control of the mullahs.

Source: Alarabiya

23 thoughts on “Taking the Rap: Iranians Arrest Teenagers Across Country For Playing Rap Music and Using “Western Musical Instruments””

  1. We should keep the Iranians from rap just as soon as we keep the Christians away from rock.

  2. Simpletons think this is an issue of religion.

    It is not. Smart people remember that the Ruskies (a secular state if ever there was one) once loathed anything modern, like Rock and Roll. And they would arrest you if caught trying to enjoy it.

    The issue is absolute power (which always murders when it isn’t arresting).

    Absolute power is Democrats’ dearest most treasured goal.

    Only people on the right are beginning to wake up to the accumulation of absolute power in DC. Lefties, and certainly not Democrats, don’t even care about the growth of absolute power by secular governments, let alone understand it or oppose it. They only wring their hands about religious absolute power.

    This is because the left is by its very nature despotic. If anyone is to be a murderous tyranny, they want it to be themselves.

  3. Tom,

    Not on subject at all, but I was reminded of this:


  4. The mullahs may be dismayed if they ever find out about beatboxing – rap doesn’t need any instruments… Mouth+vocal cords and improvised or memorized lyrics. They’re tough to confiscate.

    Forget “rebellious” rock ‘n roll. If the kids in Iran grasp that “real” rap (as opposed to corporate/top 40 crap) is all about people in difficult situations and/or facing abusive and capricious policing, then they’ll really be on to something.

  5. Banning rap music is the first sensible thing out of Iran in quite a while IMO. You can’t expect them to be 100% wrong 100% of the time.

  6. And the US Govt raids barbershops for operating without a license… and organic food stores and farmers for making healthy products…

    so what’s the difference???

    when is the last time Iran invaded another country?

    how many millions have Iran murdered?

    the cia is up to 8 million… do a story on THAT!

  7. …and now some, like Lindsey Graham, would like to bomb Iran into submission, as well, it would seem. (Correct me, if I’m wrong on this.)

    Nice addition, eniobob.

  8. That video is really nice and the sound is very good,Music the International Language.

  9. anon nurse,

    The youtube video is the band I was in reference to, but the first link, as you noted, has some interesting aspects, especially Kennedy’s statement.

    The band BlurredVision has younger members than the Shahin & Sepher band.

  10. Dredd, Thanks.

    (My posting is just an elaboration of the link supplied by Dredd.)

    I’ll say this. The expression, “Look homeward, angel…”, comes to mind. Let’s hope that someone will take a serious look…

  11. Dredd,

    The perfect link for this article… The single is called “Democracy” and the following quote is worth pulling over to the comments section, IMO:

    “We are opposed around the world, by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy… a system which has conscripted… military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations..I’m confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be…free and independent.” -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Quite a number of ellipses — I simply pulled over what’s on the site.

    ________________Old “related” article from Alarabiya

    The following story caught my eye. An old story, but an interesting aside…

    Police chief found with six nude womenIran’s top cop busted in underground brothel

    Wednesday, 16 April 2008

    TEHRAN (Agencies)Iran has arrested Tehran’s chief of police, who was in charge of fighting vice, after he was caught last month with six nude women, a spokesman for the judiciary said Tuesday.

  12. I went to a music concert, while Bill Clinton was still president, featuring an Iranian band who wanted to promote peace between the American and Iranian people.

    The lead guitarist had made a guitar which was a fusion of eastern guitar and western guitar.

    The sound is still quite good.


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