New Report Details Obama Administration’s Editing of Scientific Report on Oil Spill and Misleading Statements By Carol Browner

Another report (this time from the Inspector General’s Office of the Interior Department) has been published detailing the Obama Administration’s editing of a scientific report to downplay the damage caused by the BP oil spill. The new information also reaffirms the clearly misleading statements made by Obama’s energy adviser, Carol Browner — an issue previously discussed on this blog.

Federal investigators joined scientists in criticizing Browner and the Obama Administration for downplaying and misrepresenting data and expert opinion. The Administration has made clear that it intends to resume Obama’s controversial plan to drill for oil off pristine areas of our East Coast. As the resumption of drilling was being discussed, Browner became the most vocal official downplaying the damage of the spill and even suggesting that its study found the oil had effectively disappeared.

Jane Lubchenco of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was also singled out for misleading statements to the public.

Once again, there has been relatively little criticism on the blogs and other sites — a sharp difference from the treatment of such allegations under the Bush Administration.

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  1. If you compare the values of the “left” and the “right”, that there is a huge amount of overlap. The more minor differences are exaggerated for fundraising, to distinguish candidates, and to distract from outright violations of the law and criminal acts.

  2. There has been sharp and extensive criticism from the left, at least in the progressive blog sphere.

    If there has been less in the MSM that may say more about their political and commercial leaning than it does about the truly liberal press, virtually none of which is MSM, and never has been.

  3. Justice Thurgood Marshal wrote the S.C. opinion

    The 1871 Congress intended § 1 to “throw open the doors of the United States courts” to individuals who were threatened with, or who had suffered, the deprivation of constitutional rights, id. at 376 (remarks of Rep. Lowe), and to provide these individuals immediate access to the federal courts. Patsy v. Board of Regents of State of Florida, 457 U.S. 496 (1982)

    but 30 years later there is no right to a lawyer and DOJ writes that it is government policy to intervene in pro se lawsuits by jailing the person suing a local government (me) so yes I agree we are in a situation of diminishing democracy.

  4. Computers can work for us. I actually know some things about computer systems. In the Prisoner Tracking System the offense codes should be tied to actual statute numbers and there shouldn’t be a wild card. In the alpha fields, the type in should be replaced with drop down menus and those should be regulated so they actually link to a real law.

    I know there are many different things that can be done to improve delivery of judicial services, but this is definitely one. In fact, the Bureau of Prisons has four or five times as many prisoners as the United States Marshals Service does. If you are unconvicted but denied or unable to make bail, or unsentenced, or a 30 day parole violation, then you are USMS Prisoner Tracking System.

    So the Marshals system is a totally different system not a part of the BOP systems. BOP looks like it has more systems more documentation and there is a subcontractor Stanley Systems or something like that. There is a Sentry system. These other systems look like they are a lot more together than the USMS system.

    But the USMS system is where you are at risk of incarceration without conviction. All BOP prisoners are convicted.

  5. The level of corruption all across this country is astounding — it’s deep and pervasive. All the years of Bush/Cheney, et al, coupled with technological advances, allowed it take root in ways that were difficult in prior years, IMHO. One has to wonder if it’s even possible to roll things back at this late date…

    All one can do is keep “fighting the good fight” and hope it isn’t too late.

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  8. To be clear, I followed up on another comment, then stayed off-topic… Sorry.

    (Thanks for that link, Buddha.)

  9. The Obama administration is just a slighted watered down version of the Bush/Cheney Administration…

    Nothing has really changed…nothing will until we start a New Progressive Party…the Democrats only dilute and betray us…

  10. This kind of thing is going on right here at home…

    And it’s not getting any better. A couple of interesting links:

    “…the privatization of citizen informant networks.” It’s quite lucrative — people are selling their souls for homes, cars, tuition money, and the list goes on and on…

    Someone needs to follow the money.

  11. See in both the Chinese case and mine their was a dispute over land and complaints against the local government.

    My theory is that if complaining against local government about disputes over land is made safe and effective thru an international standard, then there will be peace everywhere.

    And that is why I want to win my claims as they are related to design and control of computer systems, instead of a softer Bivens claim, because that could be the basis of a real legal precedent.

  12. Kay,

    Assertive Chinese Held in Mental Wards
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    Assertive Chinese Held in Mental Wards
    By SHARON LaFRANIERE and DAN LEVIN Published: November 11,

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