Better Say Your Prayers, Father!

Some of you may recall reading Professor Turley’s recent post about a Massachusetts priest who allegedly stole more than $80,000 from his parish to support his pornography habit. Well, there’s a new story about a priest in Spain who is alleged to have saved more than 20,000 pornographic images of children on his computer.

The unnamed 52-year-old priest has been bailed out and is due to appear before a judge in two weeks. He has reportedly been suspended by his diocese.

The El Pais newspaper has reported that the following statement was released by the diocese: “If the accusation is true, this is something that hurts us deeply, that we sincerely regret and that we reject unreservedly,”

Source: BBC

 – Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

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  2. regrets except for being caught are no where in this Church’s vocabulary…..

  3. puzzling you are puzzled because each guest post is very clearly distinguishable from Professor Turley’s posts–at least to me– and I aint no blubbering genuous…

  4. I should add that my suggestion on notation of guest blog authorship has nothing to do with this particular blog entry or the quality or motives of the guest bloggers. I had expected the practice to be corrected, and was surprised today when realizing that it was not.

  5. I’m not sure where to put this suggestion, so I’ll leave it here.

    It may be useful to mark guest blog posts with a “Guest Blogger” tag, and some other above-the-fold notation of authorship. This was a problem when JT was first away and allowed guest blog posts, and I thought that it was obvious enough. Perhaps that was not the case.

    Ideally all guest blog entries should be signed with the name of the guest author identified in the main page summary of the submission. Right now they can occasionally be distinguished by the common appearance of the “Uncategorized” tag, and atypical posting times. This fails to meet some commonly-accepted practices in the blogosphere, although I am far from an expert on the matter.

    JT is the ultimate keeper of his blog and personal brand, but in my view as a blog reader it’s important to clearly distinguish the topic selection and entry work of JT from that of his guests. In the current format that is only apparent on a click-through full read of the entries. There are many reasons why clearer, stronger and earlier notation of authorship of the entries would benefit guest blogger and host alike, as well as the readers. Please make this change.

  6. If you were the administrative decision makers for the Catholic church, what would you do about attraction towards children that goes beyond what is allowed?

    Lots of older people love to watch kids play; frequently they are called grandparents and a lot of kids have had really great relationships with priests, relatives, neighbors etc. or even just learned tolerance and empathy.

    You can’t very well take everyone who is sexually attracted to children and keep them all locked up all the time.

    Why can’t they have residential facilities where children aren’t allowed and put filters on the Internet. Then try to keep the guys constructively occupied with useful things like cooking and gardening and point them towards alternate ways of relaxation like music.

    Someone who has wrong sexual impulses can still have a useful and acceptable life in the right situation don’t you think?

  7. “scrubing the sink” and “combing his dog”. if that’s what you want to call it.

  8. Well just to separate the issues, what if the priest had 20,000 pictures of naked women or something else prohibited and /or disgusting, (which we don’t need to describe.) Wouldn’t a smaller number of images have sufficed?

    What if someone has an innocent internet recreation, say collecting pictures of flowers, or sports statistics. How many hours a day was he searching the internet?

    If he was spending a certain amount of time scrubbing his sink or combing his dog you would say he had obsessive compulsive disorder.

    One way to look at sexual crime control is that less crime is better. So anyway the volume can be controlled the better.

    What are these various institutions doing about Internet filters?

  9. I don’t think this priest has any dementia issues. He is just one more example of the Catholic Church’s pedophile problem.

  10. These guys are all older. I was trying to figure out about why former judge Nottingham took such big risks for sex, prostitutes, porno, strip clubs etc. even though he was married to an attractive woman who had just married him and presumably had sex with him. Someone suggested in might be the first symptoms of dementia which is taking risk behavior.

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