Would You Like Possession With That Popcorn? Catholic Exorcist Blames Harry Potter With Spate of Demonic Possessions

The latest Harry Potter movie is greeted by movie theaters as a record blockbuster and kids as the long-waited sequel. For one person, however, it is the start of the new season of demonic possessions. Father Thomas J. Euteneuer explained in an interview this week that Harry Potter has opened the gates of Hell for millions and triggered a spate of possessions that keep him busy.

If this account rights deathly hallow to you, think again. Father Euteneuer says “Harry Potter and these Twilight vampires glamorize the power of evil and this has lead to many, many cases of possession among young people.” He notes that his demonic opponents “cannot operate without permission from human beings.” and that “the darkest demon is smarter than I am.” I am inclined to agree.

By the way, the interview below reveals that demons have no sense of humor so don’t try to do a Henny Youngman as a way of casting out the demons with laughter. Instead, he explained that demons operate on the same principle as a kegger: when “one demon gets in it will help to create more invitations to other demons.” Pretty soon you are full of humorless demons looking for a good time.

You might want to take the kids this weekend to the new Nutcracker movie. Wait, that involves magical transformations. Megamind is out — evil again. There is always Tangled, but the rumor is that the movie tends to push children toward hair styling as a career.

One thing is certain. Since I will be taking the kids next weekend for their possession and popcorn, I would appreciate everyone spreading the word that any parents who take their children to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows risks demonic slavery — at least in theaters around McLean, Virginia.

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Jonathan Turley

38 thoughts on “Would You Like Possession With That Popcorn? Catholic Exorcist Blames Harry Potter With Spate of Demonic Possessions”

  1. The possession-rate among young people is still within limits, have you seen what the Potter franchise has done to many a catholic priest ever since it made the big screen?

    These Potter demons just keep haunting our good fathers, convincing them to abuse teenage kids while condemning manlust… those are no demons to play with, my friends.

  2. Gyges

    i’m not really anti-religion, people are free to believe what they wish. i grew up around alot of fundamentalists and sometimes the “thou art wrong sinner” attitude some have for any difference of opinion tends to make me overreact.

  3. In re: Ann Coulter


    Are you guys sure “w” is the right letter?

  4. mespo
    this was in 96 or 97 so nobody knew who sarah palin was, and as far as ann coulter goes if they didn’t allow witches i don’t think they’d allow transvestites either.

  5. pete:

    “when my daughter was in the 1st grade on halloween dress-up day the kids were told anyone dressed as a witch would be sent home.”


    Was the Sarah Palin costume on the first grade banned list? How about the Anne Coulter one?

  6. Pete,

    I’d just like to remind you Religion doesn’t equal Christianity. Heck Christianity doesn’t even equal Crazy Fundamentalist Christianity.

  7. when my daughter was in the 1st grade on halloween dress-up day the kids were told anyone dressed as a witch would be sent home.

    so yes, i’m anti-religion.

  8. T,

    If you’ll re-read the article and comments, you’ll see no one has portrayed a billion people as irrational, only Father Euteneuer and an organization that still believes in magic and keeps him employed as an exorcist. The Protestants even took a hit for the ludicrous practice. The problem isn’t individual Catholics. My favorite aunt and one of my best friends are Catholic, but they are the intellectually grown up variety who believe in science and not demons. The problem is an organization that still encourages and funds the kind of dangerous nonsense Father Euteneuer engages in.

  9. This blog is always entertaining, and its usual anti-Catholic and anti-religion attitudes are typically within the bounds of respectful discussion. But this post is irresponsible.

    The Church’s actual position on Harry Potter is that it is a fun family film that can be used as a great teaching tool to show kids the importance of choosing good over evil even when it “requires costs and sacrifice.” (See link below.) Rather than write about that very-mainstream review, this blog mentions the personal opinion of a single priest in Michigan who no one has ever heard of and uses it to portray a billion people as irrational.


  10. Mespo,

    On the other hand, there’s at least one glaring logical fallacy involved. Luckily for me I can always invoke that bit about Wisdom being foolish and I’m in the clear theologically speaking.

  11. now,now,now:

    “So I must ask, was Mother Teresa foolish for running around helping the poor, or Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr foolish for becaming a martyr for inequality? and now that we all live in this new information age, with all these interesting shows about plumbers who investigate “ghost” and that new movie “Hereafter”, not to mention all those YouTube videos on the Internet with testimony after testimony of people who died and thus saw something that they believe either demon or God?

    I mean, why bother with acts of injustice at all, if indeed no God exist, no Demons either? Why blog at all, huh?”


    The obvious answers to your unexpected conundrums is that the reason to do good works is because it alleviates human suffering and is thus the right thing to do.

    By the way if you need the threat of an eternity in Hell to motivate you to do the right thing, how “moral” are you really?

    You can experience either God or a demon, too. See the “god-helmet” experiments which reproduces the phenomena:


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