Would You Like Possession With That Popcorn? Catholic Exorcist Blames Harry Potter With Spate of Demonic Possessions

The latest Harry Potter movie is greeted by movie theaters as a record blockbuster and kids as the long-waited sequel. For one person, however, it is the start of the new season of demonic possessions. Father Thomas J. Euteneuer explained in an interview this week that Harry Potter has opened the gates of Hell for millions and triggered a spate of possessions that keep him busy.

If this account rights deathly hallow to you, think again. Father Euteneuer says “Harry Potter and these Twilight vampires glamorize the power of evil and this has lead to many, many cases of possession among young people.” He notes that his demonic opponents “cannot operate without permission from human beings.” and that “the darkest demon is smarter than I am.” I am inclined to agree.

By the way, the interview below reveals that demons have no sense of humor so don’t try to do a Henny Youngman as a way of casting out the demons with laughter. Instead, he explained that demons operate on the same principle as a kegger: when “one demon gets in it will help to create more invitations to other demons.” Pretty soon you are full of humorless demons looking for a good time.

You might want to take the kids this weekend to the new Nutcracker movie. Wait, that involves magical transformations. Megamind is out — evil again. There is always Tangled, but the rumor is that the movie tends to push children toward hair styling as a career.

One thing is certain. Since I will be taking the kids next weekend for their possession and popcorn, I would appreciate everyone spreading the word that any parents who take their children to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows risks demonic slavery — at least in theaters around McLean, Virginia.

Source: Catholic

Jonathan Turley

38 thoughts on “Would You Like Possession With That Popcorn? Catholic Exorcist Blames Harry Potter With Spate of Demonic Possessions”

  1. Now, now, now,

    Ah yes, the only reason to do good is fear of punishment or desire for reward. There’s absolutely no way to feel empathy without believing in God. Which is how I know that all dogs and elephants are theists and all reptiles or atheists.

  2. Mr. Turley, lets just flip this over and make light of religious believe as well.

    I guess I’m thinking if there is a God, why not Demons too? But of course, I too hardly think Harry Potter would qualify as leading down the dark path, as it were, at least not more than that movie, Paranormal Activity, which seems to be all about a fictional account of a demonic presents but doesn’t get a mention at all.

    So I must ask, was Mother Teresa foolish for running around helping the poor, or Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr foolish for becaming a martyr for inequality? and now that we all live in this new information age, with all these interesting shows about plumbers who investigate “ghost” and that new movie “Hereafter”, not to mention all those YouTube videos on the Internet with testimony after testimony of people who died and thus saw something that they believe either demon or God?

    I mean, why bother with acts of injustice at all, if indeed no God exist, no Demons either? Why blog at all, huh?

  3. Yikes!
    Leave it to the Church to blame a movie for alleged demonic possessions!! I can see the pea soup vomit flying across the room as the possessed person’s head is spinning like a top! Give me a break!! The good Father probably blames the possession on someone wearing a condom!

  4. Buddha,

    Sometimes music speaks, when words alone fail… A perfect selection… Thanks.

  5. Gyges,

    Thanks for the info, but, I don’t ever want to witness such destruction. It would be sickening I am sure.

  6. Bud,

    As I’ve shared here several times in the past, I witnessed an exorcism performed by a youth pastor in an Evangelical Free church. In retrospect, it’s probably the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. Is the reason my old Maxima was possessed by electrical demons because of the book Christine by Stephen King?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    So how about ol’ Father Euteneuer summoning up the spirit of Torquemada to find out.

    Look out, Steve! Run, buddy, run! Muhahahaha!

    Or perhaps Father Euteneuer is simply unstuck in time. Say somewhere about 1490.


  8. Swathmore mom,

    Thank you for that. I thought it was just catholics that performed these exorcisms…

  9. How very interesting that the good priest shares that with us, but I honestly thought the catholics had shut that profit center down years ago…

    Does this only happen to catholics? I haven’t heard any stories from the Protestants or Jews.

  10. My 22 year old daughter saw it on her own so I will not be responsible if she should fall into a possessed state. She said it is very good and very dark. I might see it next weekend.

  11. It would be pretty boring at the movies if there is no evil to fight. Plus I am sure his next move is the elimination of big-screen portrayals of pre-marital sex, drug abuse, prostitution, psychic phenomenon, aliens, sympathetic portrayals of homosexuality, and moralizing ad infinitum.

    Let’s all go and watch a documentary on how religion engineered the death of the entire entertainment industry. A sympathetic documentary, of course, we wouldn’t want to undermine the authority of the pedophilic pulpit pounders.

  12. I especially like the idea that when one demon gets in, he paves the way for others, much like the IRS…it is better to not have your first exposure. I also like the idea that you have to basically invite them in, which is the role that Happy Potter is encouraging. Thanks for the demonic education.

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