Small Bladder, Short Flight: Passenger Pulled Off Flight For Excessive Potty Breaks

Previously, we saw that going to the potty too long is a security risk if you are Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent or appearance. Now, going too many times is a security risk. A passenger on U.S. Airways from Fort Lauderdale to Denver was pulled off a plane after passengers reported that he went to the bathroom too often during the flight. It turned out he had to go to the bathroom a lot.

The flight stopped in Charlotte and the man was questioned about his potty schedule.

As usual, TSA maintained that this was appropriate and correct: “Per standard procedures, law enforcement and TSA personnel met the flight. The passenger was questioned and released and the plane was swept, both with negative findings.”

Source: NBC

Jonathan Turley

22 thoughts on “Small Bladder, Short Flight: Passenger Pulled Off Flight For Excessive Potty Breaks”

  1. Having had my colon snatched out by a surgeon some 24 years ago to prevent the sort of colon cancer from which my dad had died and my brother was dying, I will never get on an airplane or passenger train or bus.

    There is the legal fiction called “The Americans with Disabilities Act” which, when I read through it, seemed to call for reasonable accommodation(s) for people who, somewhat like me, are different than most people believe most people are. Only, there is no “most people.”

    So, I receive no reasonable accommodation(s), nor do I expect any.

    And the human tragedy magnifies itself.

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  3. Well I guess flying is officially off of the list for any woman who is pregnant or has ever in her life given birth!!

  4. Tom,
    We old guys will do what we must, as we don’t fit the profile, and the airline doesn’t want its seats besmirched.
    Or… we’ll have to carry raincoats as though we were in a porn theater. I can remember getting stuck outside the Chicago Roosevelt Rd El station for 25 minutes while the morning coffee welled up until my back teeth floated away. Luckily, I had brought a long coat to hold in front of me the rest of the day.
    Prostate, indeed!

  5. Thanks for that rafflaw… Have we gone absolutely mad?

    Yes. So, Foley catheters for everyone! But wait, “no gels or liquids”…

    …so, empty that catheter before heading to the pre-flight screening area… But wait, it’s full again and there’s more than, what is it, 3 ounces?

    …so, like baby formula… you’ll have to take a sip of it, before we can let you board, or empty the bag, so we can test it…

    “A dose of humiliation for all non-elites who are flying with us today…”

  6. Remind me to stay away from the airport entirely. If the scanners don’t kill you with excess radiation, or if the TSA employees don’t get their jollies off “inspecting” your junk, then they will kill you on the plane by locking the bathroom doors! Isn’t locking the bathroom doors the next logical step in this craziness? All al Qaeda has to do is send some fool through an airport with explosives up his behind and the TSA will be lining us up and telling us to bend over and cough!

  7. Swarthmore mom,

    To clarify, I wasn’t saying that your son is “one of the sheep.”

    But I believe that these are very dangerous times, and one has to be careful not to become “one of the sheep.

    (It doesn’t surprise me to learn that your son is “an activist” — that he is doing good work. šŸ™‚ )

  8. anon nurse: My son is not one of the sheep. He is an environmental activist and works in that area. He is also very active in other progressive causes. I asked him because I thought he might be upset about the use of scanners, but he wasn’t.

  9. …and therein lies the rub, Swarthmore mom. It’s perfectly fine with many or most Americans… So it must be OK. It’s just business as usual…

    There’s a book called “A Nation of Sheep”… That’s what we’ve become, by and large, it seems… If I’m not doing anything wrong, what could I possibly have to fear? Let the government come in and search my house. I have nothing to hide… And those of us who objec? We must be a little daft…

  10. Anon nurse: My son is flying in today from Denver, and he said he could care less about the new rules. He went through it last week in Washington, and he said it did not bother him in the least.

  11. Buddha

    “There are a variety of non-nefarious health related conditions that require frequent trips to the bathroom.”

    “…draconian overreaching security theater and reflexive stupidity.”


    The old “nervous bladder” is just one of many, of course.

    Re: draconian overreaching, etc.

    Sums it up perfectly.

  12. There are a variety of non-nefarious health related conditions that require frequent trips to the bathroom. This is just another example of draconian overreaching security theater and reflexive stupidity.

  13. The old “nervous bladder”… (I’ll bet he’s looking forward to flying again.)

    We’re scaring the … out of people. Is this really America?

  14. Now isn’t that a little excessive….I know I smoked a joint years ago on a trip from Texas to NYC and the stewardess greeted me when I came out and stated that the pilot said that there was smoke in the bathroom….all’s I could do was smile and sit……I don’t think that would be the end result today….

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