Orthodox Archbishop Charged With Sexual Assault

Archbishop Kenneth William Storheim of the Orthodox Church in America, has been arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault in Canada. Families have demanded an investigation into Storheim, 64, for two years without success.

The allegations go back 25 years, which should make the trial a bit of a challenge with fading memories and lost evidence.

Source: CBC

8 thoughts on “Orthodox Archbishop Charged With Sexual Assault”

  1. When I see stories like this one I am assailed by opposing cliches’: justice delayed is justice denied / the wheel of time grins slow, but fine it grinds.

    I hope this church leader and the victims get their day in court and the truth comes out. Child predators should die of old age in prison IMO so if he’s guilty it will be a fitting end for him.

    BIL, I second Anon Nurse, good one!

  2. I misinterpreted… A Black-Friday knee-jerk reaction, on my part. And then I read the linked article…

    Hopefully, the truth will out.

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