Crowd Screams “Off With Their Heads” As Prince Charles and Duchess Are Mobbed In Their Car

Prince Charles and his consort, the Duchess of Cornwall were attacked by a mob protesting tuition hikes screaming “Off With Their Heads” and “Tory Scum” on Thursday as seen in this extraordinary video. One protester reported was able to poke Camilla with a stick through a window left open by security.

It was an unthinkable security breach even in England where leaders are more assessable to average citizens.

Up to 20 protesters set on the car. Some kicked and rocked the car while others hit it with paint bombs.

Ironically, on that day in 1688, King James II’s wife and son fled England for France during the “Glorious Revolution.” King James himself joined them later. The Royal couple, however, broke tradition and simply went home.

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  1. TomDarch:

    “But the UK is stupid to adopt the US system where university education is very difficult to afford for most of the population”

    I think you’ll find you’d be reversing history with that viewpoint, We’ve had such a hierarchy in our Education system since long before 1776

    The incumbent government are attempting to reverse the trend and return the country to those halycon days when it was accepted that only the wealthiest members of “The Club” and their families could gain entrance to University.

    As you can see from this story, the general populace is inclined to disagree

  2. Camilla is Charles’ second wife. They have been married now for more than five years.

    The incident was shocking to many people, I’m sure, but it would be unwise to read much into it. I went on holiday in mid-1985 but when I got home it was to hear tales from my neighbors, in a quiet and very friendly neighborhood in the North East, about how they had noisily protested against Prince Charles and his first wife Princess Diana during a visit in which they were driven down our street. Had the opportunity arisen, I imagine sticks might have been poked. This was after all an undesired intrusion into the peace of the neighborhood.

    Some people don’t like royalty much, although this is played down in the press and media.

  3. raff,

    Okay, but what if she is a “commoner”, like Prince William’s girl friend Kate Whatshername or his mother Diana? It just seems like a silly distinction for a very common kind of relationship. While paramour has a nice ring to it, I guess consort sounds too much like either escort or concubine to my ear.

  4. raff/Prof,

    Why is it that princes have consorts and paramours when everyone else simply has a girl friend?


    Just in case you are ever attacked by the Queen.


    If you are ever attacked by the remaining members of Queen? I would be surprised. They seem like very nice fellows.

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