Crowd Screams “Off With Their Heads” As Prince Charles and Duchess Are Mobbed In Their Car

Prince Charles and his consort, the Duchess of Cornwall were attacked by a mob protesting tuition hikes screaming “Off With Their Heads” and “Tory Scum” on Thursday as seen in this extraordinary video. One protester reported was able to poke Camilla with a stick through a window left open by security.

It was an unthinkable security breach even in England where leaders are more assessable to average citizens.

Up to 20 protesters set on the car. Some kicked and rocked the car while others hit it with paint bombs.

Ironically, on that day in 1688, King James II’s wife and son fled England for France during the “Glorious Revolution.” King James himself joined them later. The Royal couple, however, broke tradition and simply went home.

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  1. Holy Cow! Protestors going after Prince Charles and his “paramour”! Are we sure that they were just prostesting Charles and Camilla and not the tuition hikes? It does make you wonder a little about the lack of security. If that had been the Old IRA, you would have had 2 dead royals. A little scary!

  2. pete,

    That couldn’t have been a stick. She’s the Queen. I was a scepter.

    Or maybe a corgi.

  3. One protester reported was able to poke Camilla with a stick through a window left open by security.

    that wasn’t a protester, that was the queen.

  4. frank,

    My spawn? Well, aren’t you just a sweetheart.

    My oldest child went the Community College route after she spent 5 years in the military. She then completed her undergrad through the partnership with a State University. Three years after that she went to a City/State University and did her Masters.

    She needed no student loans until the second year of her Master’s work … the amount was minimal and we paid them off when she finished. She’s presently working on her PHd at a Jesuit University … all paid for with grants and scholarships.

    You lose your bet, rectal orifice.

  5. I have two kids currently in college, community colleges and I am willing to bet that Rufus & Blouise do not & have not. I can only pray that they never do, partly so they can remain happy in their ignorance but also partly in hopes that their spawn do not have to figure out how to afford a modern education.

  6. tomdarch,

    Here, in Ohio, we have many fine Community Colleges that are very affordable and that partner with State Universities so that at the end of 4 years the student has their undergrad degree and a very small student loan. (Teaching staff at these Community Colleges are excellent and the classes are smaller with lots of individual attention.)

    Now if the student wants the on campus, live in a dorm experience, then he or she is going to pay through the nose for those last 2 years. The smart ones forgo the dorm experience, get the degree and manage to pay off the student loan in short order.

    Then they buy a new car.

    That’s the young man or woman I’d hire.

  7. Using the word “anarchy” is a bit much. This was a typical European protest, not the overthrow of the monarchy.

    But on to the underlying issue: I love it when folks around the world look to America and say, “Hey, look, those Americans are really screwing up and doing something stupid that will harm them in the long run. Let’s do that too!!!!”

    By making university education accessible only to relatively well-off people, and saddling many people coming out of university with crushing debt, we hamstring future economic growth and innovation. I think it’s fair to say that no one wants the worst style of European subsidized education, where everyone can remain students for more than a decade, paying no tuition and receiving a stipend. That’s just a perverse incentive to stay in school as long as possible. We DO want a system where most students feel that they have “skin in the game” and can’t stay in school forever.

    But the UK is stupid to adopt the US system where university education is very difficult to afford for most of the population, which thereby excludes many thousands of exceptionally bright future leaders and innovators simply because they were born poor (or lower middle class, who get lost in the “donut hole” between need-based grants and actually being able to afford education costs.) They were much better off before, where tuition and fees were high enough for most students and families to “feel it” each time the bill came, but not so high as to make university an impossibility for large parts of the population.

  8. I enjoy the responses, but I feel that I am totally out of touch if, indeed, “it is coming sooner than the bankers and such think…” I haven’t seen anything in this country that resembles this type of outrage. Forget the reason for the protest, at least they are protesting and letting their voices be heard.

    Don’t you think that the chauffeur must have wanted to stick royalty’s nose in the common man’s plight. in semblance to another joke, I wonder if the Royal Pair enjoyed their evening… as in, “Aside from that, did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

  9. anon nurse,

    I don’t like to use a quote I can’t give the reference to but I believe it’s a bastardization of the French “Sous les pavés la plage” (under the cobblestones the beach)

  10. Kids, if you want an education go work for it. My mother had 2 jobs to help me pay for school. She thought it was worthwhile, she didn’t expect the government to pay.

    Grow up and be glad you can get loans even if they are going to be more out of your pocket. Buy a Hyundai a drive it for a few years.

  11. ‘A Cobblestone Is the Weapon of the Proletariat’ – Ivan Shadr

    … for under the paving stone lies freedom … (French, I think)

    Coming sooner than the bankers and such think …

  12. Coming soon to a capitol near you! -Buddha

    What’s comin’ won’t be good, I suspect. It’s already gettin’ ugly out there.

    “Eat, drink and be merry…”…

  13. If ever a woman needed to be poked with a stick it’s Camilla.

    Personally I wouldn’t touch her with a stick, no matter how long it was

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