Jaws V: The Mossad Menace

I have always marveled how everything in the Middle East can be reduced to a conspiracy theory. This week, however, Egyptian authorities are exploring the possibility that the recent shark attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh were the result of Mossad using GPS technology to guide the sharks. That’s right, shark attacks at a beach resort so the Jews did it.

The governor of South Sinai, Mohammad Abdul Fadhil Shousha, warned “What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark in the sea to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question. But it needs time to confirm.”

Yes, a great deal of time.

Life must make consummate sense when every unfortunate act from bird droppings to traffic jams are the work of the Mossad.

I see a “Jaws V: The Mossad Menace.”

Source: MSN

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Frank, Stephen Colbert beat you to it the other night (re poster) – check it out, probably at colbertnation.com

  2. I’m back to being able to link so whatever was screwing up my posting worked itself out. My first attempted posting of the day was a NSFW revised “Jaws” poster (the more funny and well done of only two I could find) in response to the posting from Frank on this thread. Maybe my inability to post was a computer glitch, a site problem, an ISP problem or maybe it was divine intervention 🙂

  3. Perhaps the governor of South Sinai read the following article:


    I’m guessing that the governor’s been psychologically traumatized and terrorized to the point of believing that the Mossad is all-powerful and capable of, yes, even shark attacks.

    Maybe articles like Jeff’s Stein’s are floated, as part of a disinformation campaign… or some sort of psychological operation… in an attempt to drive “the other guys” a little (or a lot) crazy…

    From the article:

    It’s not just science fiction — or the imaginings of the mentally ill.

    In 1961, a top CIA scientist reported in an internal memo that “the feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated…Special investigations and evaluations will be conducted toward the application of selected elements of these techniques to man,” according to “The CIA and the Search for the Manchurian Candidate,” a 1979 book by former State Department intelligence officer John Marks. (end excerpt)

  4. I know it to be true because I ran into a Mossad agent while I was walking along the beach on Lake Erie. He was throwing chum in the water and calling for the sharkies. He told me they were getting ready to attack Cedar Point and asked me not to tell anyone … so I haven’t. Obviously Egypt was just a practice run.

  5. The mossad agents could be women with big breasts, instead of silicon implants they have pouches of shark attractant. and Nipple valves to regulate the dispersion.

    I think Egypt would be wise to ban all big breasted women from their beaches. Male agents could hide attractant in their scrotum. So again all males with a large “package” should be banned from Egyptian beaches.

    I dont know why Egyptian government security hasnt figured this out.

  6. it would not necessarily be impossible for Mossad to be behind this. there is a population of white sharks in the Med. An agent on a beach with a bag of shark attractant could do the job.

    According to Arabs, Jews are responsible for every bad thing that happens to them.

  7. The Middle East isn’t the only place in the world where everything is reduced to a conspiracy theory. Anyone remember the “vast rightwing conspiracy?” The conspiracy of the liberal media? Liberal / communist conspiracy? Muslim conspiracy to impose Sharia law?

  8. If I had any photoshop skills at all I’d remake that poster to read JEWS

    le sigh, what a world, what a world.

  9. Mien Gott??? Say it isn’t so?? Mossad tinkering with sharks!! Well there have been attempts by the US Navy over the years to attach magnetic mines to the underside of warships in harbor, but as to how much success there has been am not sure. How ever the movie with Don Knots comes to mind about a fish called Mr. Limpit doing the same thing, ergo the term ” Das Limpit mine.” Life imitates art??

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