Georgia Police Officer Kills Family Dog in Controversial Shooting

We have been following a spate of cases (here and here and here and here and here and here)where police officers have shot family dogs in what some are calling over-reactions to such animals. The latest is “Boomer,” a golden retriever who barked at an officer and ran toward him. The Clayton County Police officer “ordered the dog to stop” and then shot and killed it. The dog had an electric fence and was still near the front porch when shot.

Lawrene King insisted that the dog was a typical golden retriever which barked and never bit anyone.

The officer was on foot in response to a report that someone was selling meat from the back of a white pickup truck. King states that a neighbor said that the officer pulled and fired his weapon almost immediately. Boomer died 25 feet from his spot on the front porch. However, there was no sign indicating the presence of an electric fence.

Dog lovers have been complaining that officers use lethal force too often with barking animals. Police officers insist that they should not have to wait to be bitten before using lethal force. There is a legitimate question as to the failure to use a baton or pepper spray of other means short of firing a sidearm. Such use of a firearm creates an obvious danger to others, including the teenagers who were in the house at the time.

Source: AJC

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  1. I would love for Jonathan Turley to get in touch with me. The man that lives on the corner went into the ladys yard next door (That he doesn’t even like) and shot her dog dead and he thinks its ok because he has a permit to carry a gun. I had to call 911 and a week later NO ONE has called and asked me anything and let me add that someone said he knows people in Columbia county police dept, so that makes it ok?????? REALLY!!!!

  2. tj Stevens, on a page called “dogs cops shot” there is a story of a cop killing a family cat

  3. The cops are escalating to deadly force instead of using Mace or a tazer on an animal. This needs to stop……..sooner or later an owner may have a gun and shoot back. Whats next, shooting the family cat for meowing?

    I own a pit that is 43 lbs of smiling love. Shes smaller than my BCs and IF ANYONE tried to hurt any of my dogs……….DAMN I’m protecting them, you can count on that one!

  4. My dogs are family, not potted plants or furniture. To shoot one of them is the exact same thing as shooting my human son. Until these idiots with badges get that through their stupid thick skulls then I will continue to mistrust them and consider them the problem they are. I grew up around cops at a time when cops were not the most popular people in this country, so this is quite a reversal for me: however, with so many killings of innocent dogs, including attempts by our own ACOs here, my disgust with them has turned into a total lack of respect for most of them. In most of these cases they’re carrying pepper spray and a taser, but find it too difficult and time consuming to take the less than a second required to use it and save the life of a family pet. How do you respect people like that? You don’t! I’ve seen videos where the cop actually says “why are you upset? It’s just a dog! You can get another one!” There’s the hunting and killing of Rosie in Des Moines, Washington and numerous other examples. They don’t respect us or those we love, so why should we trust them? If one of them EVER harms a hair on one of my dogs’ heads, that idiot had better be prepared because he will pay in one form or another.

  5. I don’t think the dog or the dog’s family had anything to do with the reason for the cop being there. IOW a thug was walking down the street, someone’s dog barked at him for no undogly reason, and he shot it for not obeying a new command. I’d rather have a black meat market in my neighborhood than a cop like this.

  6. Lottakatz

    “’Stop resisting, stop resisting’ Bull! That’s a jury I’d like to be on. That was nothing more than thugs with cattle prods.”


    Resisting to a cop, nowadays, is any natural and normal movement humans make as a result of being a human being: breathing, wrenching or contorting the body in response to cops manhandling, and wincing from the intentional pain they cause from their assault.

    The “resisting arrest” charge must be eliminated from the law books because it is absolute power. And as we learned from the last century, absolute power corrupts and kills.

    Americans need to arm themselves and protect their own families. And abusive police departments need to be defunded.

  7. John

    Good point. I understand that cruelty to animals appears to be a trait in serial murderers. Cops who shoot critters without cause should be banned permanently from police work. Of course, these sociopaths think anything a living creature does is “cause”.

    More reasons to defund your local police.

  8. Anonymously Yours
    1, December 21, 2010 at 4:19 pm
    Can you shoot officers for shooting your personal property? Seems reasonable and logical to me

    sounds reasonable to me too. have your next of kin write in and tell us how it turned out.

  9. Tomdarch: What makes me really angry is the fact most officers go to work each day, looking to help someone or to provide a public service. They kiss their loved ones as they leave, and the spouses, parents and kids hope they come home safe at the end of their shift. It is the few that make it miserable, and unsafe, for the many. And compounding the problem are the supervisors and political types who enable cover-ups instead of making a public example of the wrongdoers. A good example of the latter is this police Captain who is trying to explain away why officers in his department did the unthinkable. Would you buy a used car–or a mule–from Captain Thomas Rousset?


  10. “Why should cops risk being bitten by dogs? Why shouldn’t they shoot first to protect themselves from god-knows-what a dog might do?”

    Because such self restraint improves respect for police (or, more precisely, the absence of such self-restraint or willingness to stop and think diminishes respect for police.) Respect for police is as valuable as body armor.

    Here in Chicago, there have been a series of problems with police driving drunk, killing people and not being prosecuted, police shooting people, police beating innocent civilians, and so on. At the same time, a tragic number of Chicago police have been shot dead this year. So many cops have been killed that I don’t know if non-lethal shootings and other full-on assaults against police are even being reported on the local TV news.

    I really wish that there was not a causal relationship between police mis-conduct and violence against police, but I must suspect that there is.

  11. Otteray Scribe, no doubt. That’s likewise why I see vids where people surrendering to be taken into custody have their hands above their head and are yelling “I’m not resisting”; don’t give the cops any opportunity to mischaracterize what is going on.

  12. Lottakatz: They are taught to yell, “stop resisting,” while in training. That is for the sole purpose of CYA. By yelling for the subject to stop resisting, they can tack on a charge of resisting arrest if all the rest of the charges are thrown out.

  13. “Stop resisting, stop resisting” Bull! That’s a jury I’d like to be on. That was nothing more than thugs with cattle prods.

    While the police now show up with the EMS people every time you call 9-11 for an injury or illness here in my county EMS must have your consent to take you to the hospital if you’re conscious and can give or withhold it..

    Thanks for the vids Otteray Scribe.

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