Report: U.S. Refused Request By UAE To Investigate Alleged Assassination by Mossad

Newspapers are reporting that the United States State Department under Hillary Clinton made the extraordinary decision to refuse assistance requested by the United Arab Emirates into the assassination of a top Hamas commander. Israel’s Mossad is widely viewed as responsible for the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhoh, which broke a host of international and domestic laws. The reports are based on Wikileaks documents and again suggests that the Administration misled the public in its position on the assassination.

The article below notes that the U.S. denied publicly that it had received a request for assistance from Dubai. The Obama Administration stands accused of not only refusing assistance but lying about the request.

The newspaper reports that senior U.A.E. officials asked the American ambassador and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to probe urgently “cardholder details and related information for credit cards reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects” in the murder. That is a critical piece of evidence that could have established links while the trail was hot in the investigation. It has long been doubted that the United States would assist in an investigation that would embarrass Israel.

If true, this is another dangerous example of politics trumping principle. What happens when we need information from UAE in a future case in pursuing, for example, an Iranian conspiracy. Countries may find themselves similarly ill-disposed to assist the United States.

Source: Haaretz

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  1. Obama continues to take on more and more dictatorial powers holding everyone he likes and himself immune from the rule of law.

    Chase the feds. Put them on the run continually.

    Nullify now and nuffily often.

    Try everything. For example. Perhaps Virginia and Maryland (or any other state) could make it against the law for anyone to take an American or foreigner into custody or possession and remove them to another country for rendition (torture). Just do it. Get it done. Throw the book at the feds.

    Make it illegal to deny any citizen or resident access to the internet whether in prison, jail, or otherwise. All vehicles of speech must never be limited by the feds.

    Make it illegal for the federal government to block access to the internet (infringement)to your state. Just make it illegal. They have no power to block the flow of speech. Challenge them.

    This is just the beginning. This is the new day for justice in America. Nullification has been neglected and what you see going on is a result of it.

    Thousands of state laws need to be inacted to counter what we know the federal government is not authorized to do but arrogantly appropriates for itself in violation of the Constitution.

    Make them look over THEIR own shoulders.

    Make THEM worry.

    Defend the 10th Amendment. It wasn’t obliterated by the War of Aggresion Against the South. It’s still there.

    Use it. Stand up. Legislate!

  2. Jill and anon nurse
    E: Federal government totalitarian police state on the march USA 2011.

    In a word: nullification.

    Contrary to popular belief and mistaken notions here, nullification IS a remedy if not THE only remedy for our present discontents or resisting the terrors now daily committed by federal government officials against law-abiding citizens and foreigners.

    Half agreeing with this those at this blog that nullification is not legal against the legitimate powers of the Federal government, I am positive that it is completely “legal” against the illegitimate powers taken by it.

    The tenth amendment makes it so.

    Even a centralist (big government) advocate like Alexander Hamiltion agreed when he said that any power not granted to the federal government was NULL and void.

    He also said “”Hence also, the origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact, between the rulers and the ruled; and must be liable to such LIMITATIONS, as are necessary for the security of the absolute rights of the LATTER; for what original title can any man or set of men have, to govern others, except their own consent? To USURP DOMINION over a people, in their own despite, or to grasp at more extensive power than they are willing to entrust, is to violate that law of nature, which gives every man the right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience.” Yes, he went back on his words. But Jefferson and Madison were truer to them.

    We are not obligated to obey a criminal, rogue, lawless, and despotic government as our has become.

    This is why I make great effort online to label federal government officials with the exact and precise terms they use to label those who are resisting their tyranny.

    Those labels, which are used by the Department of Homeland Security to target those who are resisting the tyranny, are the words: “dangerous” and “extremist”.

    To further clarify with precision what exactly is going on by government officials, I have also developed the habit of throwing in the labels “subversive” and “seditious”. That is because gravely and exceedingly lawless government officials ARE exactly subversive and seditious.

    It would be helpful if everyone in this country who is horrified by the lawlessness of the Obama admin, and indeed both parties, would always use these terms when mentioning Obama and company. It’s not just President Obama to whom we refer. It is dangerous, extremist, and subversive Obama. It is seditious Obama.

    It is not just Janet Napolitano, is dangerous, extremist, subversive Janet Napolitano.

    This is not slander. It is completely accurate and could be proven in a court of law (a just one, that is).

    Only when the people become accustomed to hearing our leaders described accurately with these adjectives written before their names will our leaders begin to see how the people view them.

    Evil people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao always believed they were doing what was best and this belief is what motivated them to do what they did. Our dangerous and extremist president, as well as Hillary Clinton, and Janet Napolitano are just as sure they are doing what is best.

    But it is only in how OTHERS view us (before the consequences of our actions come into full view) that we can really learn anything about ourselves. Powerful people with guns (the state) can thwart this learning about themselves by making what other people think of them illegal. This is why Obama wants to stop the new media. He doesn’t want to hear what critics have to say.

    Nullification is the only non-violent means remaing to take government to task for its despotism. I tell you this as everything else has utterly failed. Had other means worked we would NOT be facing a totalitarian police state at this very moment.

    Jill, in particular. You ought to realize that centralized federal control over everyones medical records IS exactly totalitarian. This is why the government will also begin to control what we eat. The very food in our mouths. This is precisely totalitarianism and you ought to eschew it. Let the states handle the matter. Better yet, let the people (as per the 10th amendment).

    This is our great tradition and inheritance. What our founders did to secure liberty is indeed our right to carry it forward for ourselves and future generations. Their rebllion is ours. Make the government the enemy of the government as they have made the people into the enemy for demanding adherence to the law and Constitution.

    We must resist our despotic leaders. It is our obligation.

    The tenth amendment demands it. No sense of justice would conclude that the federal government shall be lawyer and judge of its own crimes or abuses. The states and the people are, as the founders provided.

    This is where we have gone awry as a country. The feds honestly do believe that the people are not supreme and are not a check on the abuse of government power when all else, including elections, have failed.

    That is inherently illogical, irrational, and patently false as the 10th amendment proves.

    Earliers this year Bill Clinton said that the people need to settle down and stop complaining about government because these are our elected officials and the process needs to continue on as this is our system of government. He is wrong about that. No one elected these fficials to overthrow the government he claims we should obey while they overthrow it.

    In other words he stands on the Constitution only to lecture us about conforming to the processes it provides but himself advocates undermining it by his participation in the Democratic Party which has further eroded the Constitution he asks us to obey.

    It is rank hypocrisy. And it dangerous. It is also extremist.

    And it is subversive.

  3. Jill said,”Obama supporters are extremely immoral and short sided to vote for him”. Most polls show at least 91% of African Americans support Obama…

  4. Sorry, I screwed up the video link. If this embed doesn’t work try the link of of Anon Nurses link.


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