Report: U.S. Refused Request By UAE To Investigate Alleged Assassination by Mossad

Newspapers are reporting that the United States State Department under Hillary Clinton made the extraordinary decision to refuse assistance requested by the United Arab Emirates into the assassination of a top Hamas commander. Israel’s Mossad is widely viewed as responsible for the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhoh, which broke a host of international and domestic laws. The reports are based on Wikileaks documents and again suggests that the Administration misled the public in its position on the assassination.

The article below notes that the U.S. denied publicly that it had received a request for assistance from Dubai. The Obama Administration stands accused of not only refusing assistance but lying about the request.

The newspaper reports that senior U.A.E. officials asked the American ambassador and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to probe urgently “cardholder details and related information for credit cards reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects” in the murder. That is a critical piece of evidence that could have established links while the trail was hot in the investigation. It has long been doubted that the United States would assist in an investigation that would embarrass Israel.

If true, this is another dangerous example of politics trumping principle. What happens when we need information from UAE in a future case in pursuing, for example, an Iranian conspiracy. Countries may find themselves similarly ill-disposed to assist the United States.

Source: Haaretz

85 thoughts on “Report: U.S. Refused Request By UAE To Investigate Alleged Assassination by Mossad

  1. You cannot expect despots and tyrants (Marxist totalitarians like Obama and Hillary) in the US who think it just peachy to assassinate their own citizens to help the UAE in its investigations of suspected assassination by Israelis.

  2. Wikileaks reveals a clear pattern by the Obama administration–complete and utter lawlessness. International and national laws are only important for their use against the govt.’s declared enemies and for ignoring when confronting the govt.’s declared friends.

    This govt. has consistently stemmed all investigations into torture and murder by itself. I am still shocked, even though I shouldn’t be, that the UN special racounteur on torture is investigating the govt.’s treatment of Bradley Manning.

    This is the rule of fiat, the rule of bullies, the rule of a criminal class. It worries me that few people even understand what is going on, or worse, do understand, but fully support it because it’s “their” guy doing it. This is very short term thinking. Once such a criminal class takes power using that power to punish enemies and reward friends, there is no safety, no justice for any person. We are exactly like Russia-run by a gang of criminals. No citizen should accept this. The fact that so many do makes the restoration of justice/rule of law very difficult.

  3. It’s a sad commentary on our current administration that this charge is believable. If there ever was a thing as American Exceptionalism, it’s quickly fading away.

  4. It looks as if ANYTHING to do with foreign policy and third-party relations, we need to be humming.. “Same as it ever was”.. But for the Israelis – they’re are OUR TASK MASTERS..Yes sir boss!!

  5. I don’t get it why don’t them A-rabs love us?

    The US has been a hand maiden to Israel for too long, through many administrations of both parties. This subservience has worked to the detriment of the US, of Israel, of Palestine and of the entire Middle East. Yet to suggest a more balanced approach is to be condemned as an anti-Semite. In reality a less obsequious attitude toward Israel would better serve that nation and it people.

  6. Jill:

    Marxist revolutions wind up with despotic(totalitarian or authoritarian) rulers. This is done through political destabilization viz a viz robbery (redistribution) whether Marxist or not. It was true of the Bolsheviks and their forerunners the Jacobins (the French).

    Marxism (plunder and redistribution of wealth) destabilized Europe and paved the way for a Hitler type. Indeed, worse than Hitler: Stalin and Mao. Obama knows this. He is a student, not only of the Bolshevik revolution, but of the French Revolution (which led to Napoleon). It too was a redistribution of wealth and a push for secularism. Of course, Obama wants the dictator to be like him, seemingly just. Maybe it will be his wife? Voted into office like Hitler, of course. But you already know that Hitler thought himself to be a good man. Mao and Stalin felt they were good people too.

    Despots usually do.

    Obama dislikes white people, in particular. They thought he was black (because he looks it), but he knew he was half white. He was even raised in a white family. He sorta just thought he was a white guy. Mommy was lily white. And indeed, he was and is as much white as he is black. I don’t believe he has forgiven white people for their mistake. I think he wants to make them pay for it and all other perceived sins against blacks (even when most whites today didn’t commit them).

    Whites will be the focus of what he hope and change for the future of America: genocide of whites. Already over half of kindergartners in America are nonwhite. Most of this occurred before he had any power but a lot of it occurred while and because he was a member of the Democratic Party and that party promoted genocide through immigration (though not openly). Funny, I don’t recall a time in America (when it was about 90 percent white) when the majority of white people raised their hands and consented to eliminate their genotype from off American soil. I guess that has escaped me. Oh dear. I just described genocide. Silly me.

    This genocide also includes a catholic genocide against protestants (Ted Kennedy ran this operation). But that is another story.

    Amnesty will speed up this racial and religious genocide. So will “death panels”. There are more reasons to cause older people to die off quickly than the government financial burden it creates. Of course this is a burden it willingly takes on in violation of the Constitution.

    A prime reason for Obama and his fellow Marxist travelers to kill off older Americans are quickly as possible is because they are white. Currently, and throughout the world, whites tend to be more educated than blacks and South American Hispanics. That won’t do. Obama, and his fellow ruling elites (Pelosi, Clinton, Reid) want a citizenry that can more easily manipulated. That requires a less educated populous. Ideal is a populous net even remotely interested in education. They want cattle.

    Marxists are famous for destroying the intellectual classes. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are no different. That is why they draw from the least intellectually capable immigrant groups they can find instead of those intellectually similar or superior to most native born Americans before 1965.

    Once whites are gone (the goal of the leftist elites in the Democratic Party), everyone will suddenly realize that death panels are not a good idea. Oops. Your caring government made a boo-boo. Sorry. Snicker. Tee-hee.

    White liberals and progressives will be too outnumbered and feeble (just before they all die off or are escorted to their death by young non-white government officials) for anyone who hear their cries of regret for promoting genocide through immigration and redistribution of wealth. They will say this is not what they meant to occur.

    Their subjugated children and grandchildren (the small minority of whites left in America) will curse them (their white liberal/progressive ancestors) for having not listened to those (like me) who warned them about the genocide and the consequences of redistribution (destabilization then subjugation).

    It will be too late. Obama knows this. He is a student of it. He read this part of history with glee and considered it as a plan of action and not a fearsome teachable moment to avoid.

    He is salivating.

    In our case we have a revolving dictatorship/presidency and a squabbling and progressively weak congress which cannot fight the legislative branch and can only rubber-stamp the dictates of their own party leader. Whatever is good for the people is irrelevant. What the directorate wants is all that matters. And how they keep their power is their only guide.

    Once Obama’s intentional destabilization comes to fruition (as the economy continues to collapse and the police-state gains a greater entrenchment) they will make examples of dissidents/protesters (this is how it always goes). The real dictator will come to power viz a viz the dictatorial power used by Abraham Lincoln (a vile and wicked man both mainstream parties admire thoughtlessly).

    The warfare/welfare/terrorism government complex which has replaced the military industrial government complex is a Marxist redistribution plan by our leaders in both parties. The quest is to abolish the Constitution by default and join a global government (with the dictator standing in until further notice). He will represent our region at the world “congress”. And a terrified and terrorized populous will be grateful. What other choice will they have in a surveillance state where their will be numbered and tagged like sheep.

    How do I know all this? I read history and I have eyes.

    I SEE IT HAPPENING BEFORE MY EYES. I see Obama and I know exactly what kind of wicked man he is.

    Ron Paul, and his son, are the only two leaders in Congress fighting against this.

  7. Tootie, thanks for that posting; the mask comes off: a compassionate christian conservative white-power racist.

    Stock up on canned meat and ammo ’cause the genocide of the white man is coming, LOL.

    It’s always been about Obama’s race. Always.

  8. Stock up on canned meat and ammo ’cause the genocide of the white man is coming, LOL.

    Keep your barrel’s clean and your powder dry

  9. They thought he was black (because he looks it), but he knew he was half white. He was even raised in a white family. He sorta just thought he was a white guy. Mommy was lily white. And indeed, he was and is as much white as he is black. I don’t believe he has forgiven white people for their mistake. I think he wants to make them pay for it and all other perceived sins against blacks (even when most whites today didn’t commit them).

    Thats why he was introduced to Frank Marshall Davis to blacken him up a bit. He was born black meant to be white but got stuck somewhere in between.

  10. LK wrote:

    “Stock up on canned meat and ammo ’cause the genocide of the white man is coming”


    While I agree with LK that you should “stock up”, I also think you should purchase stock in the canned meat product SPAM. Stock up both ways since SPAM lasts a long time in deep dark root cellars and the stock market is strong for it.

    We will let you know when it is safe for you to come out of your cellar shelter–however, it could be Decades!

  11. Bdaman,

    I keep my trash in my barrels and I don’t use face powder. Besides, the rapture is at hand anyway, ain’t it? That ought to take care of all the God fearin’ folk.

  12. Tootie,

    Since you wrote your post to me, I’ll respond. Racism is an ugly part of this nation’s past and present. I think everyone should repudiate it and work for the equality of all people. This is worthy goal–to work for each other’s human rights.

    I see no evidence of Obama’s hatred of white people nor do I see any black gangs working to harm white people. Obama is not a Marxist, he is a corporatist. Redistribution of wealth has been done purposely but not in a Marxist or Communist manner. Here is an interesting article explaining the redistribution of wealth. Although it is about Canada the same would apply here.

    “Canada Discovers Trickle-Up Economics

    by Linda McQuaig

    There was always skepticism about claims that, as the rich became richer, income would “trickle down” to others. What wasn’t perhaps foreseen was that the trickling would actually be in the other direction, and that it would be more of a torrent than a trickle.

    But the evidence is now clear. Over the last three decades, the tables of the rich have overflowed, with barely any scraps falling off. On the contrary, there’s been a massive transfer of income and wealth from Canada’s middle and lower class to the rich.

    The result is that Canada has become a highly unequal society.

    This is bad news, since a growing body of empirical evidence shows that extreme inequality has a clearly negative effect on a wide range of health, social and economic problems, as well as undermining democracy.”

  13. Former Federal LEO;

    “Just curious, how many black people do we have within this blawg?”

    Can only speak for myself.

  14. Former Federal LEO;

    Another way to look at your question would be,how many people of color read the “blawg” but do not post?

  15. “This genocide also includes a catholic genocide against protestants (Ted Kennedy ran this operation). But that is another story.”

    You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  16. eniobob,

    I wish Rufus would post some more … I miss his insight … as a man with some real experience … drift again:)

  17. Gyges
    1, December 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm
    “This genocide also includes a catholic genocide against protestants (Ted Kennedy ran this operation). But that is another story.”

    You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


    Yay … “Princess Bride” ? (Mandy Patinkin)

  18. Jill: “Racism is an ugly part of this nation’s past and present. I think everyone should repudiate it and work for the equality of all people. This is worthy goal–to work for each other’s human rights.”


    Amen to that.

  19. Bdaman: “They thought he was black (because he looks it), but he knew he was half white.”

    The white half isn’t the half that’s making people’s heads explode.

    I went looking for a link to the “one drop rule” and it’s variants (to make some point about the historical nature of racism; just do a search) which ended in the SCOTUS decision striking down miscegenation laws and found this in the body of an article and it bears repeating: (from Loving v. Virginia)

    “In its decision, the court wrote:

    “ Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival…. To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.”

    So how come gays can’t marry? Everybody else can. I wonder if this SCOTUS will just cast aside Loving v. Virginia also when the question finally gets to them and reinterpret the 14th Amendment?

  20. This report is particularly disturbing because it provides strong confirmation that we will support whatever Israel chooses to do, regardless of the moral implications, and even when it is not in our own long-term interests.

    Tootie, your post is bizarre, disturbing and delusional. I mean that seriously. I can find absolutely no factual support in your comments for any of your conclusions. I have no idea where your “information” comes from, but I’d certainly be interested in finding out your reading list.

  21. Jill:

    I didn’t say Obama hated whites. You did.

    I repudiate racism, but I don’t believe Obama does. The evidence is the racist church he went to for 20 years.

    I talk frankly about race and that makes me subject to charges of racism by imbeciles. So be it. I’m not afraid of the imbeciles. I actually am not one of the racial cowards Attorney General Holder speaks about and so I go on with Holders proposal for a frank discussion which no one (mostly whites) refuse to engage in. I have guts to face the issue head on because no matter how sensitive the topic, the truth has to be pursued.

    Obama is the one who went 20 years to a church which not only preached and taught black supremacy, but sold books about the subject at the church book store.

    I wouldn’t attend a church that taught white supremacy or even hinted at it. This is because I am not a racist.

    I’m sorry Obama was hurt by whites. It has skewed his moral development. But I didn’t hurt him and I want him to stop hurting me.

    Any chickens he feels the need to come home to roost he should keep to himself and stop making them public policy.

  22. Lottakatz:

    Yeah, it was always about Bill Clinton being our first black president. And before that it was about Jimmy Carter. He musta been a black president incognito. I didn’t like them either and was an activist because I knew that deep down they were black folks.


  23. Tootie,

    That was a pop culture reference.I’ll give you full credit for believing what you say. You actually think that Ted Kennedy was in charge of “the deliberate and systematic destruction” of the Presbyterians.

    It’s just that the rest of the world disagrees.

  24. Mike:

    Okay. Here’s some stuff (other than yours). It’s Shelby Steele and you don’t have to read it. It’s a video (an interview at Stanford’s Hoover Institute).

    The remarks from about 12:00 to 15:00 are particularly interesting. At about 16:00, Steele says that Obama lets whites off the “guilt” hook (whereas Jesse Jackson doesn’t unless you give him something) and that is why Obama was so popular and elected. I believe that Obama lets whites off the hook only apparently, but not actually. And my impression of that is based on his 20 years at a black supremacist church and his attack on white elderly folks through the Obamacare among other things (like protecting the New Black Panthers). Also interesting are the comments about whites at about 18:00:

    For those of you who don’t know Steele he, like Obama, is biracial (having a white mother and black father).

  25. Tootie,
    I was brought up Catholic and yet I believe that the Catholic Church has considered women a second class citizen. Does that make me a women hater?
    with all due respect, I don’t know where you get this stuff. What is the factual source for your claim that Ted Kennedy was involved in a genocide of Protestants?

  26. Gyges:

    Ted Kennedy was in charge of the committee which was responsible for the Immigration Act of 1965. To sell the Act to the public, Kennedy and others promised the American people (most of them white) that the new policy would not change the ethnic make-up of the American people. The law passed.

    Kennedy, having sat through the many decades thereafter knew full well (through the statistical data possessed by the US government) that not only was the ethnic makeup of the American people being affected, but it was being completely reversed such that the people he made his promise (his lie) to were not only no longer retaining their ethnic makeup but were indeed LOSING it and becoming minority status in their own country against their will and his promise.

    This is the very definition of genocide.

    To be genocide, government officials must know that the actions they are taking (whether violent or not) are eliminating an ethnic group, race, religion or culture (in part or in full) against the consent of that group. This is precisely and exactly what is occurring and government officials know it.

    Obama knows this as well or he is am imbecile. And from what Democrats tell me, he is brilliant.

    Kennedy knew, certainly since Reagan’s time, that Catholics were benefiting from amnesty and the invasion by Hispanics. He knew this when he tried to push amnesty just before he died. This too is the legal definition genocide. What Americans didn’t understand under Reagan, Kennedy completely understood.

    The rest of the world doesn’t have an opinion about the genocide in America because they are not aware of it. No one is talking about this issue but me so it is somewhat silly of your to speak for the world and tell us what their conclusion is especially since “the world” hasn’t weighed in on the subject.

    The majority of the world’s population is nonwhite. And it seems to not register on their radar when genocide is committed against whites.

    Call me surprised.

  27. rafflaw:

    See the above post if you wish. There is the explanation of Kennedy and genocide. I am charging him with it because no one else will. Mind you, the Catholic Church has been particularly aggressive in supporting the Hispanic invaders.

    Richard Neuhaus (a catholic, he is now dead) wrote this in 2001 and things haven’t changed much:

    “Ten of the eighty-four positions taken are in the category of migration and refugee issues before Congress. Here, too, questions could be raised, but the fact is that on immigration the U.S. bishops take pretty much the position of The Wall Street Journal, which, only half tongue in cheek, calls for a constitutional amendment abolishing national borders. The Catholic Church is the largest, and possibly the most effective, pro–immigration organization in the country. This has everything to do with strategic and pastoral planning, reflecting the fact that Latinos constitute at least a quarter of the more than sixty million Catholics in the U.S., and some expect they will be half the Catholic population by the middle of the century. Can moral arguments backed by Catholic social doctrine be mustered in support of limiting or even cutting back on immigration? Certainly. But my impression is that making them is like spitting in the wind. On this question, the bishops have a long–standing and settled conviction—not unrelated to the immigrant history of Catholicism in this country—that a generous immigration policy is good for poor people seeking opportunity, good for America, and good for the Catholic Church.”

    Archbishop Roger Cardinal Mahony (L.A.)advocates violating immigration law and promotes amnesty. The Catholic Church is committed to overrunning the country with Catholic “immigrants” viz a viz the Hispanic invasion from the south.

    Oddly the stupid Methodists and Lutherans are at it too, but not as much as the Catholics. I guess they need to prove something.

  28. Tootie:

    my little flower, you have learned well. I see the copy of Mien Kampf autographed by the Fuhrer has been well studied.

    The Marxist will have their day and then the white race will rise from the ashes of the Obama Presidency like a Phoenix and the 4th Reich can begin.

    Heil Hitler,


    ps great line about the Catholics

    pss are you f….ing serious? If you are, you scare me more than Obama does. What state do you live in so I can avoid it, like the plague.

  29. Tootie

    You may mean Cultural Genocide or Ethnocide rather than Genocide. Merely outpopulating wouldn’t meet any of those definitions, but you don’t have to worry about that either.

    The Census Bureau projects the U.S. population by 2050 (how old will you be by then? I probably won’t be here.) will be as follows:

    White (non-hispanic) 52.8%
    Black (non-hispanic) 13.2%
    Hispanic/Latino 24.3%

    What you really need to worry about is the Asians. They will double to 8.9%. Egad!

    P.S. As a Methodist, I’m curious about our contribution to this mayhem. Could you elaborate?

  30. Heydrich:

    I’m not the one provoking a revolution in order to create a dictatorship, Obama is (through fundamental change and redistribution). I’m not the one who said that, he did. I like America. He doesn’t. Don’t blame me.

    It appears to offend you that I point out Obama’s revolutionary subversions. I know for sure that what he is doing always leads to dictatorship and subjugation. Moreover, HE knows this too. You seem to be the one left out of the loop. He know this because he was schooled in it from his youth and throughout his formative years. I, on the other hand, wasn’t. I’m not the usurper. He is. I’m the one who adores her country. He doesn’t.

    This, apparently, appeals to you. Okay, I get it. But don’t make me the bad guy for pointing it out. And don’t let your embarrassment over it make you run off the intellectual rails. Hang on. And think.

    I’m the one demanding adherence to the Constitution. It was a thing once considered noble, but now, apparently, worthy of derision. I’m not going to apologize for insisting that Obama adhere to it (his oath in particular). And I’m not going to apologize for insisting the genocide in America stop.

    I have no power. Obama has it all. I have no force. And Obama has us by the gonads, literally. He is even making us criminals if we do not surrender our personal, private, and intimate medical information to him even though we have not committed a crime nor have been served a warrant for having so been accused. Who is the danger? Me who doesn’t seek to invade the rights of the innocent, or him that does? Me who opposes the invasion of rights or you who defends him that does?

    You are not thinking rationally.

    Obama has read the revolutionary material about how to create dictatorship and subjugation. Perhaps you have as well, but you don’t believe he is replicating it. Fine. Live in denial. And please, go ahead and continue to pretend cause and effect doesn’t apply to human political action as much as it does to chemistry or physics. But it does. In reality, I know you know this. But it do so even if you pretend to ignore it. Obama knows government can do one thing and another thing results. And he knows how to destabilize a political environment and is doing just that. All despite your denials and embarrassment.

    You have a hissy fit about me but it is Obama who is doing what Europe (the Marxists) did before the rise of Hitler. Let me make it plain: Marxism leads to dictatorship and authoritarian rule (despotisms). Obama knows this; it is his goal. Obama is not Hitler; he is Marx. Obama is not Napoleon; he is Robespierre. He is the destabilizer.

    You appear to be embarrassed that I am calling him out for his conduct leading to destabilization, despotism, and subjugation. I guess this is because you fell for it all or got sucked in by his lies.

    Get over it. Grow up. Move on.

    The biggest genocide in the history of the world (begun by whites themselves long before Obama “served” as a government official) is occurring as we speak here in America. Perhaps you respond as you do because it might also be a little embarrassing for the superist-duperist legal theory blog groopies in America to have had the largest genocide in the history of the world happen right under their noses and didn’t notice it. Oh, and its happening to them most likely. Ouch. The Bible calls this sort of thing straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Good job. Good job.

    Yes, when the biggest legal violation in the history of the world occurs the legal eagles are sleeping at the wheel. Instead, they were off on bunny trials wringing their poor little hands about Tea Party folks not liking excessive taxation and unlimited government. Oh gosh, what evil people they are. They want to keep their property and have more freedom.

    On top of that insult, there’s the embarrassment of the legal eagles having to see a pink-collar nobody, not schooled in the law, not a recipient of a privileged life, nor fine education point out the oversight of genocide big enough to swallow half a continent. That’s got to rub the superior folks (superior to me, certainly) quite raw.

    Just WHEN might you get off your intellectual duff and notice that whites are becoming a minority in their own country against their will and consent? When might you exercise your intellectual superiority in that cause since we are talking about over a quarter of a billion people (including the replacement population)?

    Will you get off your duff when whites are 40 percent of the US population? When they are 20 percent? Do you even care? Or is it that genocide against whites is appealing to you? No problem? Big deal? Excellent? Eh?

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. Are you a brown supremacist? Come on. Fess up. I want to know.

    Where do you think, in the whole-wide nonwhite world, a government could replace a whole racial population with another (for example replace most of the Nigerians with white folks) and get away with that crime? I sure don’t know. But I do know that the people of this blog would be in an frothing, hysterical uproar. And I do know of a legal blog where such a thing can be occurring to white folks and no one but a little nobody is pointing it out and getting accused of being the wrong-doer.

    That much I can tell you.

    It appears you have read history but it seems that you don’t know what it means. You don’t seem to be able to connect the past with the present. So, at the most highest levels of intellectual competency when rational thought and reasoning is most needed to avoid widespread human catastrophe, it would seem you are, for the purposes of avoiding an error as grave as continental-wide genocide, in a sense, functionally illiterate.

  31. I think tootie has repeatedly displayed an entire disconnect from the real world in its posts. It has never once exhibited even a tiny bit of awareness or an ability to be educated when presented with fact. Therefore it is useless to engage it in any rational conversation. The only possible solution is to ignore any post from tootie. Don’t bother reading it as it is either a troll attack or the rantings of a person deeply in need of mental health assistance. Certainly don’t respond as there is nothing to be gained – you will not have a decent, intelligent exchange and past experience indicates that tootie will not be swayed by silly things like facts or reality.

  32. Lottakatz just to be clear the only part of my last comment above that was mine was the part about Frank Marshall Davis. The top half was a copy of part of Tooties comment.

  33. Buckeye:

    I’m not surprised that people at a legal blog are unfamiliar with the legal meaning of genocide. Nothing would surprise me more except if the human race actually got wiser.

    You appear to be unaware that destroying a religion or culture IS an act of genocide according to International Law. Your nonsensical “cultural genocide” won’t make any less genocide. Neither will your de-fanged “ethnocide” (hilarious). What’s the difference? Genocide by any other name is still genocide. But, if you want to play word games, you could even call rape unwanted affections and ignore that too. Genocide doesn’t have to be violent either, according to the law.

    You seem to be under the mistaken impression that genocide refers only to race. It doesn’t. Destruction of a culture or religion is also genocide. Your opinion doesn’t rewriting the law make.

    You do err (out of ignorance apparently) that to be genocide, the destruction has to occur completely. It doesn’t. To fit the legal definition (established in 1947) all that is needed to meet the criteria is for genocide to occur at least in part. So the stats you supplied do not make your point, they make mine since whites used to be about 90 percent of the US population.

    Two things must happen legally. The destruction must be actual (meaning something or someone has been targeted and is missing, disappearing, gone, or going away). And second, it must be intentional.

    So it is stunning that you quote the genocide stats as if they were THE good news. They are part of the evidence of intent.

    Our government KNOWS that genocide is going on because they track of it statistically, even make those numbers available to you, and continue on with the same immigration policy that favors non-white immigration. This is completely intentional or they wouldn’t be doing it. These are the smart people in charge. I’m only the Nazi moron pointing it out (according to some). If you want to posit that they don’t know genocide is occurring you are basically telling me that our leaders are mentally retarded. And I’m not sure you want to go there.

    Your post would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    If the government was interested in stopping the genocide it would certainly not be planning on amnesty. But it continues to let what they know is a replacement immigrant group come in in large enough numbers so that the native born population (those of European descent) cannot keep up with them reproductively should they so choose, since the government steals more money from the native-born population and gives it to the mostly non-white newcomers who out strip them in family size.

    This isn’t just about one static population group out-producing the another static population group baby-wise. It is about flooding the nation and favoring the fecund group of outsiders while overwhelming the native-born population which built the country in the first place. Then forcing the native-born population to fund it at the literal and physical expense of the native-born population. And this also to their personal detriment and the detriment of their families and offspring.

    As a result of government actions whites especially become less able to produce their own offspring who they know would suffer under the burden of funding their own AND the larger families of prolific immigrant groups who come for handouts (read: those predisposed to Marxism and thus the Democratic Party).

    Government is intentionally bringing in these people to replace the white population. If it needed a larger population it would have help American families have them. Instead, it is replacing them and charging them with the bill for it.

    The government (Democrats)are in a bind. They slaughtered over 48 million Americans who didn’t have families and now there isn’t enough tax money (not enough people to tax) to fund their Marxist schemes (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) etc. They’ve run the numbers and white people must go. Ultimately that will fail too and the replacement population will look like Mexico: poor and oppressed. But today’s power grab is all that matters.

    It’s the bottom line thing. Always follow the money. The Marxists think as much about money as the capitalists are alleged to do and the whites are too expensive. Everyone is too expensive, but don’t expect an evil Marxist to figure that out.

    Buckeye, is it genocide because government conducts it and it knows it. It is intentional and you provided the world with the statistical evidence to help prove the case. I thank you.

    Who is paying for the medical benefits of the young Hispanics who outstrip the whites family size? Is it not largely the white families? Of course it is. Whites are being forced by law (government) to pay for the medical benefits for a massive but recent foreign population such that they outstrip them in family size. Whites cannot have their own large families when they have to also support the larger nonwhite families, by law, and by force.

    How easy it would have been to have a large family if I knew the government would take care of it!

    You know, I could have done that. But I’m an honest person and refused to do so. I’m decent. I don’t steal other peoples money and call it welfare. I’ve lived below the poverty line and never took a dime from government. I even home-schooled my child which means I payed for someone elses kid to get educated and didn’t have my own there. Since I went to public school I’m even with the government. Fair enough.

    I went for 10 years without medical insurance and I never greedily took other peoples money to pay my bills for it nor did I demand it. Hispanics have made this a way of life and it is sleazy and immoral. And who will be receiving less medical care because of the new, largely non-white, citizens with bigger families and lower incomes? Old, frail, white senior citizens, that’s who.

    Again, this is rank and open genocide against whites.

    That which belongs to the old frail white Americans who put money into the system for decades is being redistributed to the young, vigorous, fecund new citizen who have put virtually nothing into the system thus far and indeed have taken more than any other immigrant group yet.

    Call it a bloodless genocide, but please, call it genocide.

    Each week I stand in line at Wal Mart agonizing over my grocery bill (one child only) while hundreds of Hispanics with 3, 4, 5, and 6 children per family with 2 to 3 shopping carts each loaded with extravagant food stand before me with their food stamp and WIC sheets.

    That is criminal.

    And it is genocide. And Democrats love it.

    My parents were dirt poor, jobless, and suffered. They were 19 years old when they started their family. They were young and strong and never took a dime from the government. Oh wait. They once took a brick of cheese when both were out of work and had hungry mouths to feed.

    They were embarrassed and never went back. That is because, unlike the young strong immigrant of today, they were decent folks.

    I also recall mother telling me it took them ten years to pay off my birth.

    My folks had integrity. They were once Democrats. But no longer. Democrats have no integrity. They are simply common street thugs and mobsters with power.

    And they are genocidal maniacs.

  34. frank:

    What fact or facts have I disregarded? Specifically. Oh wait. You lobbed an baseless assertion that I don’t accept the facts and then cut off the discussion.

    What are you afraid of?

    There are certain people I don’t talk to here. It’s odd, but I never announced it to others that I am doing this. This is because I’m not a thumb-sucker who needs the approval of others to stand and act on my own.

  35. Tootie,

    Irrespective of our vast differences in thinking and ‘belief’ in religion (I am entirely irreligious) and as I have stated before, you have every right to your view of the world and you do gin-up an abundance of blawg conversations.

  36. Buck:

    I forgot to respond to your question about the Methodists. And I quote their officials as saying they support

    “the movement for civil rights for the people who are undocumented…”

    They supported the comprehensive immigration reform movement (amnesty) and opposed HR 4437 (which was to strengthen immigration law and secure the borders).

    California Methodist leaders also spoke out against prop 187.

    Church leaders spoke out against the 1996 Immigration Responsibility Act. And on and on it goes.

    None of their response is Biblical in nature because it is based in lawlessness as the Bible sees it. The property of others does not belong to those who ought not to have it, whether it be jewelry, money, or territory.

    Thou shalt not steal.

    The invaders are thieves. Stealing heritage, opportunity, income, money through welfare benefits, privileges like the Dream Act, medical care, and so forth. The Catholics, Methodist, and Lutheran hierarchies conspire in this criminal enterprise.

    Of course they do.

  37. Yes Ma’am Tootie, Life is just that and you have demonstrated herein that you are able to elicit ‘excitement’ out of many others, if not scare the Life right outta them.

    By the way, I was once a dirt poor boy…

  38. Tootie:

    I am a human-supremacist. I.E. any human who wants to live free is good enough for me.

    What is so special about skin color? You mentioned Thomas Sowell, he is black so your entire rant is for shit if you would vote for Thomas Sowell.

    All people probably used to be black and I imagine that in a few thousand years all people are going to be a mixture of many races.

    You don’t make much sense, it isn’t preserving the white race that matters; it is preserving the concept of self government and individual rights that matter.

  39. Ja, I think Tootie would be very welcome in the Bundt Deutsches Madl. Assuming of course that she’s judenrein. Hertliches gemutlichheit und eine gluchlisches neue Jahr, diener Fruend, Obergruppenfuher Reinhold Heydrich.

  40. And surprise, a US bank was involved! “on Feb 24 MFA Minister of State Gargash made a formal request to the Ambassador for assistance in providing
    cardholder details and related information for credit cards
    reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects in last
    month’s killing of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai.
    According to a letter Gargash gave the Ambassador (which
    transmitted details of the request from Dubai Security authorities
    to the UAE Central Bank), the credit cards were issued by
    MetaBank, in Iowa.” (find this at wikileaks, twitter)

    I’m certain Master Card will want to cut off their cards because it was murder. Ooops, I forgot, murder is O.K. Exposing murder is wrong! I forgot the new rules in the USA!

  41. Tootie

    Please don’t confuse me with the lawyers here simply because I participate in a law blog; I’m a former computer programmer, not a lawyer, though I enjoy learning about the law.

    From what I understand, anything that ends in ‘cide’ means to kill such as homicide, pesticide, suicide, etc.

    English -cide coming from the latin ‘caedere’ to kill

    As I understand genocide, it means to kill or drive into hiding a particular group. You obviously haven’t been killed and goodness knows you’re not in hiding so maybe you are overreacting just a little?

    The legal definition of ‘genocide’ (which is the usually accepted definition the term) is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

    Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

    Do you have a different source?

    Maybe I’m wrong but I read this as physical destruction with an intent to destroy a specific group. I don’t think any one group is trying to physically destroy any other group in the U.S. though I don’t get around as much as I used to.

    Any group can increase in numbers, in fact all groups are increasing in numbers, it’s only the percentages of the whole that are changed. There will be more white non-hispanic persons living at 59% in 2050 than there were at 90% in 1800, or whenever that occurred, and more than double the hispanics if that’s any consolation.

    Your concerns may be more with possible “ethnocide” see below:


    (unintended and non-coerced assimilation of a minority
    group into a broader group leading to the progressive destruction of the national minority group as a separate and identifiable minority group)

    as distinguished from


    (intended and coerced assimilation and/or outright extermination of a national minority as a separate and identifiable group).

    But I could be wrong, since I am seldom able to determine what your sources are which lead you to so different a conclusion than mine.

    Though I don’t agree with everything in Methodist church’s official positions (especially about GLBT acceptance), here is a portion of the Methodist position on immigration:

    “The General Board of Church and Society does not advocate for “open borders” or for “amnesty,” but rather, for a comprehensive approach that protects the rights of workers, reunifies families separated by long waits in the current immigration process, and for an earned pathway to citizenship for those who wish to remain in this country.”

    The rest, should you be interested, is here:

    As you can see from the top of the page, it does have a biblical basis.

    I used to have a friend who said much the same things you do. She and her husband moved to Australia to get away. And that was 50 years ago. Don’t know if it worked or not – Aboriginies, you know.

  42. I second Mr. Appleton’s remark that U.S. foreign policy seems to support Israel unconditionally – to the detriment of all.

  43. Buckeye wrote:

    “…Aboriginies, you know.”

    Now that was funny. You should inquire about them. This could be a real “Quigley Downunder” type mystery. Did your friends tie his kangaroo *down*, Sport, or did the kangaroos tie your friends *up* never to see the light of day?

    “Let me Aboes go loose…

  44. “If true” are the operative word. If true, apparently someone changed their mind because by August the Wall Street Journal was reporting:

    [American investigators, cooperating in a probe of the January assassination of a top Palestinian leader in Dubai, have identified a handful of U.S.-based companies believed to have been used to transfer money to suspects in the case, a finding that brings international authorities closer to identifying who funded the operation.

    The findings show American authorities playing a bigger role in the investigation than previously revealed. The case is especially delicate for the U.S., because Dubai police have said their prime suspect in the case is Mossad, the intelligence service of Israel, a key U.S. ally.]

  45. Buckeye-

    You said to Tootie; “But I could be wrong, since I am seldom able to determine what your sources are which lead you to so different a conclusion than mine”.
    I suspect her sources are the Holy Bible For White People, Mein Kampf, Atlas Shrugged, and Glenn Beck.

  46. Tootie-

    You said; “This isn’t just about one static population group baby-wise. It is about flooding the nation and favoring the fecund group of outsiders while overwhelming the native-born population which built the country in the first place. Then forcing the native-born population to fund it at the literal and physical expense of the native-born population. And this also to their personal detriment and the detriment of their families and offspring.”

    May I infer from this that you are a Native American, a.k.a. American Indian?

    Also, Tootie, you said; “There are certain people I don’t talk to here. It’s odd, but I never announced it to others that I am doing this.”

    Tootie- Please put me on that list. Right near the top.

  47. “U.S. Refuses to Help Polish Probe of Secret CIA Prisons

    An international human rights group has revealed the Obama administration has refused to help the Polish government investigate claims that the CIA ran a secret black site prison inside Poland. Polish prosecutors launched a probe in August 2008, but U.S. authorities have refused to cooperate, claiming that they consider the matter closed. Flight records show that seven CIA planes landed in 2002 and 2003 at Szymany, a Polish military base in northeast Poland.” from Democracy Now

    I don’t know if you ever read accounts of what happens in US secret prisons but it is truly horrifying. Andy Worthington documents the fun along with Scot Horton. There are others.

  48. Buckeye:

    Well, you are not a lawyer. Excellent. LOL

    And sorry if I offended you. My bad. (wink)

    But I am quite familiar with that portion of text from International Law which you posted and it is that very portion which I use to make my charge of genocide against the US government.

    And I claim and announce to the whole world that what is going on through US immigration policy fits the criteria as stated in International Law and I indict the US government for committing it. And I do so here and now before they utterly destroy me with their despotisms.

    The exact phrase you posted regarding the prevention of life that does not exist as a act of genocide is

    “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;”

    You will notice that the defintion you provided to me and the good readers of this blog includes PREVENTING BIRTH. In otherwords, a person (or a whole group of persons) doesn’t even have to come into existence at all for genocide to occur.

    By-the-way, this demonstrates that the genocidal maniacs (all members of the Democratic Party) likely know that if you prevent birth (via abortion) you prevent a human from living who would in all probablity have lived.

    But low and behold, the genocidal maniacs and blood-thirsty creeps in the Democratic Party (all of them) weren’t successful in writing the genocide definition into International Law all by themselves long ago (1947/8) so as to avoid the future embarrassing conclusion of a just and candid world that they are a bunch of murderers who wiped out 48 million plus American citizens in the womb. That’s gotta be annoying.

    This, of couse, is what the definition of genocide implies by virture of the portion of text you posted and I recopied.

    That portion refers to forcible prevention of birth, of course, and I’m not saying that everyone who gets an abortion was forced. Far–far–from it. I’m saying that PREVENTING birth (even before sex occurs) was recognized (long before the US approved of abortion) as a possible way of snuffing out the lives of human beings and groups of them. The point being that moral and just people long ago recognized that preventing birth could be used to murder, not only an individual, but especially a whole population or part of it.

    Now, I envision the warphed brains of leftists churning “say, we need to rewrite that Genocide law stuff, it ain’t right”. Yeah. It makes them look like genocidal maniacs.

    And I’m the one charged as being a Nazi. Go figure.

    It is odd how the murderous and blood thirsty left/progressive/liberal/Democratic Party member (all of them) froths hysterically about stressing polar bears, spotted owls, snail darters, and so forth, then pretends that it is not possible to stress a human group so much so(territorially, environmentally, financially etc) if that group is white people.

    Apparently, whites are not allowed to protect their genotype. Only Polar Bears and brown folks get that privilege.

    That is the thinking of the brown supremacists. Minus the polar bears of course. Those whites are OKAY.

    Anyway, back to the genocide business courtesy your US government.

    Therefore, government setting up conditions in which one group cannot compete reproductively IS genocide. That the best and brightest are doing this knowing the facts as they exist as provided by the government itself in my mind proves intent.

    They know exactly what they are doing. So do the blacks and Hispanics. This is why as a racial group, Hispanics want the invasion to continue.

    “It’s a black world” was shouted the teenage attacker(s) of a white Akron, Ohio family during the heat of the Obama campaign season last summer.

    Yes, even the young know what is going on here.

    The exact phrase from International Law which you quoted speaks of intent.

    If my paying for health and welfare of new (highly ethnocentric, stubbornly non-assimilating, flagrant in rejecting our customs, high crime-rate, and hostile) immigrants who are not even the ancestors of the heritage of my people isn’t intended to harm me or my group such that I cannot even have a large family myself let alone struggle along with my small one in competing with them for jobs (i.e. money and food), I don’t know what will at this time.

    Same goes for millions of families like mine who have suffered under the burdensome taxation for supporting these greedy thieves and scoundrels (the illegal invaders) for the past few decades (even more so at the local level where I live–a migrant community).

    You cannot imagine the taxes I have to pay for these sleazy bums. The additional cops, the additional prisons, the additional funds for schools (they don’t even have to have innoculations!). The medical costs. The highway costs. The slaugther on my most traveled highway from their drunken driving.

    Thousands dead because of them (they run off whenever they can and cannot be traced). No insurance. No ID. No address. Oops, Jose’s van was stolen. He knows nothing.

    I’ve just finish graduating a child from college with out-of-state tuition fees. And illegal invader won’t have to be charged the same amount. I assure you that this is intentional stress government is using to harm me and my offspring. If it weren’t intentional, it wouldn’t be happening. And this attack is only one in a long train of abuses and assaults against me and native-born population of the United States to utterly destroy them AND REPLACE THEM.

    We don’t know if we will survive the next five years. This may have been our last sacrifice on behalf of our offspring (which we delayed having precisely because we couldn’t afford children). This grad is looking to foreign lands to live. What choice is there? Because of the hostile environment the US government is setting up and has set up for all his life (constant discrimination against him as a white male) it’s not a nice place anymore. Only rich white privileged liberals are immune to the vicious and unjust discriminatory polices they have established against white males.

    We poor white folks don’t escape them.

    This, I suspect, is just what the dangerous, extremist, seditious Maxist thugs (e.g. Obama, Pelosi, Reid) hope. They want educated people gone if they are white. And their own offspring will be the ruling class.

    Like Obama says to the Hispanics, I’m the enemy. So are my offspring.

    He said to Hispanics “…if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues…”

    Do you know that government officials calling citizens enemies is a characteristic of a government willing and able to commit mass murder?

    You can read about that here at Peace Magazine:

    I’ll quote Whitehorn:

    “Labels such as “enemy” are hurled, particularly if the group is thought to be consorting with a foreign power.”

    What Whitehorn is talking about here is that the label of enemy is hurled by GOVERNMENT officials against members of its own citizenry.

    Let me remind you that Barack Hussein Obama hurled this charge against Republicans(who are mostly white) while speaking to Hispanics.

    Full disclosure: I’m not a Republican, but I am white.

    In other words, our government is currently at that stage common throughout history where it is prepared to commit mass murder.

    Let me expand on that. If you look closely at the other conditions which must occur for mass murder to happen, we have already traveled a good distance down the continuum. This is especially true since the advent of sexual assault and molestation of innocent citizens by government officials at our airports.

    Sexual humiliation is a crucial feature in a government ready psychologically and prepped (force-wise and “legally”) for mass murder. Government officials must become immune to modesty and invading it as a precondition to mass murder. I guess it represent a pulling down–perhaps the last–of moral qualms (as well as underpants).

    Sexual humiliation by government officials is thus a prerequiste for to mass murder. And this step, as seen of late, is actually our highest government officials prepping lower class government workers to commit mass murder. If they will go for this, they will go for anything. If the sexual barrier can be breached, so can every other barrier that matter.

    What is unnoticed is that government officials (all who advocate the procedure and all who participate in it) are perverts and don’t know it.

    Obama and his crew are right there. They have arrived at most of the prerequiste steps. Bush helped him get ther. So did Clinton. Abe Lincoln started it.

    I’d say we are on the verge of mass murder. It might be next year. Or in 4. But all the mechanisms are fully in place. We have only to await the trip-wire.

    The sexual humiliation and labeling citizens enemies (and putting that idea in the mind of aggressive and hostile immigrant groups)is further proof. We have evidence from the last century how this works.

    And though I’m charged with being a Nazi (a charge I reject) it is more likely that those who charge me are in support of the man, Obama, who is prepping the government for mass murder.

    By this, I am, fully, and completely, the anti-Nazi as I oppose that which the Nazi’s did in every respect.

    And for those of you who worry that I’ve moved too far from the thread topic, this information about sexual humilation and labeling of citizens as the enemy by government officials helps explain why the UAE isn’t getting any help: the US government is too far gone.

    It is prepped and ready for mass murder, why the heck would it care what Israel does (or does not do?).

    The US government itself is mentally and materially prepped. This is your warning, patient reader. You should heed it and act accordingly. Get further involved in exposing the totalitarian police-state rising to absolute brutal power here in my, and I hope you, beloved America.

    Care not which party is doing it. Condemn it. Resist it.

    You won’t likely escape. The people government is prepped to murder or enslave in prison are white people. That is why the Department of Homeland Security demonizes them. That is why they are being made a minority. That is why the government is trying to bump off older people quickly (they are largely white). That is why I’m being billed for it.

    The portion you quoted above implies that a human group can be destroyed full or inpart by the mere prevention of the births in the first place. This is what I claim the US government is doing by various means: economically by stealing from the victim group and giving it to the favored nonwhite groups and socially by offering priviliges mainly for nonwhite groups (except Maxist union members in government).

    In the case of the Dream Act, it is also a denial of equal protection because federal dollars go to colleges and universities (with the exception of two schools).

    What I am saying is the Dream Act is unconstitution according to equal protection since federal money is involved. That doesn’t matter, kill whitie. Or starve him out with inferior educational opportunities doled out by government officials who think they are the enemy.

    Anyway, if the government wanted to increase its population (as a means of self-preservation and therefore justifiable under the federal Constitution) it could have enbarked on a program of national family growth or some such measure. Massive tax credits could have been given for people with children. The more children, the less taxes one paid, etc. Something unobstrusive could have been done that didn’t require a bureaucracy but favored large families.

    But that is not what happened or is happening.

    The native born population is being REPLACED instead against its will and it is being forced to pay for it. It wasn’t encouraged to reproduce. In fact, it was encouraged by the left to murder itself through abortion and the population explosion scam.

    They never talk about that now. Now that they are behind the biggest population numbers in American history. So much for keeping the US population down. Marx is calling and that is all that matter. Egg can always be broken somewhere anyway.

    Our population is being replaced by a people accustomed to Marxism and welfare. It is being replaced with a people who do not have shared values, a shared history, shared ancestors, and a shared civilizaton. This is everything missing which our founding fathers, and even Alexis De Tocqueville, believed necessary for a peaceable and free civilization.

    Our government has preferred a people accustomed to despotism and crime. They don’t want people schooled in justice or even interested in education. They don’t want people schooled in western values. They want people who have proven they will even commit criminal acts to get here. That’s their kind of citizen!

    This is genocide in every respect. Though I must say it is done in a supremely elegant, but most diabolical, manner.

    You cannot argue with the fact that America was once nearly 90 white and whites are now almost minority status and see how it happened and conclude anything else unless you wish to ignore it. According to any notion of justice or morality Americans (before the immigrant invasion) have been denied the right of self-determintion and the ultimate role of a sovereign people to determine WHO the people are.

    Thomas Jeffersons believed that the people are ultimately sovereign. When did the sovereign people of America (and I am not talking about the courts or the legistaure) consent to their genetic obliteration from their own country?

    When did they decide to be treated any less or be any less protected than the spotted owl?

    Please. I need a specific date as to when they raised their hands as a people and consented to destroy their genotyped from this country.

    Sorry for going on like this.

  49. HenMan:

    I am a native-born American. I was born no place else on the planet but US soil. I’m of European and Middle Eastern descent according to the CIA fact-book, though I’m non-Arab, non-Jew. At least I think so. I’m a mutt. Heinz 57.

    American “Indians” come from Asian ancestors who crossed over a land bridge. Therefore they are of immigrant stock as well. Just like me.

    Hispanics and Indians are probably from the same migrating folks (minus the Spanish conquistadors). They are immigrants on the American continents. Just like me. And just like you (whatever the heck you are).

    I don’t keep a list. You would have to earn your status to be ignored anyway. Thus far you have failed.

  50. Nate:

    I tried to rein it in. I failed. My apologies.

    The point is a genocidal government like ours doesn’t care what other bad governments might do unless it is against them.

  51. Meanwhile, he is the latest: “DOHA – Top officials in several Arab countries have close links with the CIA, and many officials keep visiting US embassies in their respective countries voluntarily to establish links with this key US intelligence agency, says Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks…

    The interviewer, Ahmed Mansour, said at the start of the interview which was a continuation of last week’s interface, that Assange had even shown him the files that contained the names of some top Arab officials with alleged links with the CIA.

    Assange or Mansour, however, didn’t disclose the names of these officials. The WikiLeaks founder said he feared he could be killed but added that there were 2,000 websites that were ready to publish the remaining files that are in possession of WikiLeaks after “he has been done away with”…

    Some Arab countries even have torture houses where Washington regularly sends ‘suspects’ for ‘interrogation and torture’, he said.” (find on rawstory, common dreams or al jazeera)

    I am asking Obama supporters to take a hard look at who they are supporting. Torture, murder? Is it really better that one criminal whom you like engages in this for a while before another criminal whom you don’t personally “like” (whatever it means to “like” someone who commits torture and murder) takes his place? Where is your conscience?

  52. Buck:

    Agreed. Sort of.

    But truly, I’m not for reform. I’m for a return. I think we should simply return to the methods used before the Immigration Act of 1965 and ban Hispanic immigration.

  53. Jill

    There is a great posting from yesterday at Lew Rockwell about Assange and any attempts to murder him by the US or others. Here is letter that the Rockwell link leads to:




    We, among many law abiding citizens of the world deplore and condemn, as applicable, your utterances and writings calling for the extra judicial ie unlawful: kidnapping/assassination/murder/physical harm of Julian Assange, his supporters, Wikileaks workers or members of Assange’s family.

    We remind you of the laws in your country and others against incitement, inter alia:

    Common law:

    In English criminal law, incitement was an anticipatory common law offence and was the act of persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring, or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime….The inciter must intend the others to engage in the behaviour constituting the offence, including any consequences which may result, and must know or believe (or possibly suspect) that those others will have the relevant mens rea.”
    Codified Incitement Law:
    (1) Australian Commonwealth
    11.4 Incitement
    (1) A person who urges the commission of an offence is guilty of the offence of incitement.
    (2) For the person to be guilty, the person must intend that the offence incited be committed.
    (2) Canada
    464. Except where otherwise expressly provided by law, the following provisions apply in respect of persons who counsel other persons to commit offences, namely,(a) every one who counsels another person to commit an indictable offence is, if the offence is not committed, guilty of an indictable offence and liable to the same punishment to which a person who attempts to commit that offence is liable; and
    (3) United Kingdom
    (1)A person commits an offence if—
    (a)he does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence; and
    (b)he intends to encourage or assist its commission.

    There is no automatic 1st Amendment protection per
    Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969):
    Freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action
    We remind you that while such prima facie incitement by way of utterances and writings may go unpunished in your country, they will not necessarily go unpunished in others, and especially so should you have the courage of your convictions to repeat them in those other jurisdictions.

    We ask you respectfully, to contemplate this writing of Mahatma Gandhi:

    An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.
    And that truth is that Julian Assange is no terrorist; he is not a war defined “belligerent” acting against the United States; he cannot ever be a “traitor”to the USA since by definition he is not a citizen of the United States.

    And lastly as Ron Paul put it so well:
    In a society where truth becomes treason, however, we are in big trouble. The truth is that our foreign spying, meddling and outright military intervention in the post-World War 2 era has made us less secure, not more, and we have lost countless lives and spent trillions of dollars for our trouble. Too often it’s the official government lies that have given us endless and illegal wars resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and casualties.

    Yours Faithfully
    Peter H Kemp
    The Wikileaks Central Crew
    And I believe, so many others all over the world.”

    Read it for yourself @

    I must make clear to all that I am not necessary against keeping state secrets or punishing those who expose them. I am, though, completely opposed to the government violating the Constitution to do it. But, sadly, a state as corrupt as ours appears to be keeping secret only how corrupt it is.

    My beautiful America is almost lost. I morn her deeply already.

  54. “Some Arab countries even have torture houses where Washington regularly sends ‘suspects’ for ‘interrogation and torture’, he said.” (find on rawstory, common dreams or al jazeera)”
    -posted by Jill


    Thanks for this update. As I will continue to say, from time to time, because it’s truly a matter of life and death for those who are victimized, our intelligence agencies — along with law enforcement — are doing some draconian things right here at home.

    I had hoped that these things would stop (and/or be rolled back), once Obama was elected, but it’s business as usual. DOJ is well-aware of the problem, but does nothing. Many in law enforcement are also aware, and participate in this domestic program. The design of the program is quite brilliant, as I’ve also said before. With NSLs, and the effective muzzling of the players, those involved act with a clear sense of impunity.

  55. anon:

    Again. This is about government officials (ours) being prepped for mass murder of US citizens. Compete subjugation then follows.

    There is always a target for government murderers and abusers, and the Muslims are too small in number (less than one percent of the US population)in comparison. And they are too small in number to justify the leviathan size and scope of the FBI, the Department of Homeland security (the proto-gestapo), and dangerous, extremist, subversive militaristic local Fusion Centers (the proto standing army).

    Again, I remind you and the others. The government MUST have terrorism. It is an INDUSTRY government relies on for federal and union jobs.

    Supply and demand.

    The government must keep up the supply of terrorists in order to justify the alleged demand for security (all a lie because it government who lets in the terrorists.)

    Terror is the US government’s number one job growth industry viz a viz the DHS. So one could say that the US congress is a state sponsor of terrorism inside the USA.

    Once the government tires of the Muslims here (there are so few of them), it will turn on you and me. Your friends. Your relatives. Your neighbors. Mine too.

    It will have developed a thrist and addiction to causing pain and suffering and the adrenal rush it brings. And that addiction to power will needs be satisfied.

    Satisfied by torture, harassment, murder, or brutal imprisonment.

    Keep typing. Keep hollering. Keep praying.

  56. Tootie,

    “Once the government tires of the Muslims here (there are so few of them), it will turn on you and me. Your friends. Your relatives. Your neighbors. Mine too.”



    Tragically for some, the tide has already turned… Our government is already targeting non-Muslims but, to date, the cat is still in the proverbial bag…

    Colin Powell was right about our need to guard against the emerging “terror industrial complex”… Now that it’s with us, I fear that it’s here to stay.

    Common ground. Those of us who so love this country need to keep looking for common ground.

  57. Annie,

    It will depend on who runs and what their platform is. I will support no person who orders, countenances or in any way participates in any of the following: torture, murder, extradition to countries who torture, indefinite detention, failure to prosecute war and financial criminals, dissolves the rule of law and will not support universal, single payer health care, alternative energy, environmental stewardship, women’s full reproductive rights and an immediate end to the wars.

    Obama supporters are extremely immoral and short sided to vote for him. Eventually, any power they hand over to him will pass to Liz Cheney or Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee etc. Bush supporters allowed Bush to dissolve our nation in secret. That was evil. Obama supporters are only too happy to see it dissolved and other people harmed, all in the open. That is also evil.

  58. anon nurse,

    Even reporters from the NYTimes will say we have a “police state apparatus”. In the meantime 700 banks we already bailed out are about to fail. We are in multiple wars of empire and we torture with impunity. You’re correct to say the DOJ is well aware of it all. The administration has already targeted dissenters in the US. This is totalitarianism.

  59. “The administration has already targeted dissenters in the US. This is totalitarianism.” -Jill



    This I know from personal experience…. And it is totalitarianism.

    (I appreciate your comments and insights — they’ve been very helpful.)

  60. Anon Nurse: Agreed, common ground. Fighting the totalitarain apparatus is it.

    JILL: Yes. The police-state is all in place.

    To you both. I am not a Republican. But if there is any hope for us, it will be from the top recognizing the impending terror (by government itself).

    Next week the GOP opens congress with a full-length reading of the Constitution. First time ever in history.

    Now, the Republicans are a stupid bunch, and the Democrats evil, but that doesn’t sound so bad to me.

    It seems we need a very large national debate about that document and what it means to us.

    We need it soon and I don’t care who starts its. The powers of the Federal government were meant to be limited. No one in their right mind can think this is what they meant.

  61. Jill, you wrote that you will not support any politician who doesn’t support universal single payer health care.

    Do you realize that the Federal government has no authority to do that as the Constitution is now written?

    James Madison wrote:

    “If congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every state, county, and parish and pay them out of the public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the union; they may assume the provision of the poor; they may undertake the regulation of all roads other than post raods, in short everything, from the highest object of state legislation down to the most minute object of police, would be thrown under the power of congress.”

    So the only way to justify Obamacare is the general welfare clause. And I believe Madison would say it cannot be justified. In fact, the government tried to argue Obamacare on the basis of general welfare after it had tried to argue that it was the commerce clause that allowed it. The truth is nothing in the Constitution allows it. If it did, there is no power the government may not grab. And it is impossible that the founders meant for that to happen. So Obamacare is unconstitutional because it conflicts completely with the notion of limited power.

    The problem (philosophically) with what you wish is that it moves from taxation to theft. The difference is the difference between killing and murder. One is unfortunately understandable, the other contemptable.

    I don’t owe anyone but my own health care and no one owes it to me or mine. If I cannot afford it, that is life. There are many things I cannot afford that ultimately may cause my demise. That is life. That is NATURAL. It is nature. All creatures face this reality. All of us come to an end. Some early. Some late. Fate or God demands it. If we can delay it, fine. If not, it is nature’s way, God’s way.

    Don’t be afraid to die. Or even to suffer. When people live in fear they tend to destroy what is good in life when they panic. It is like a drowning person who drowns the person swimming in to rescue him. He was afraid and in his panic he killed off his best chance to live.

    Don’t be afraid to live and suffer what nature has brought to your body or to die when nature calls it back to the earth.

    I would posit that the states are free to run their own health care systems if the people of those states desire. I find no Constitutional prohibition for that. And perhaps that could be something you could focus your attention to. I would still have a moral problem with it as I see it as theft.

    But, the idea of America is to allow states to experiment with different forms of powers within the powers of the Federalist system. And so, I say let some states try health care and let others reject it. Then see what becomes of it. The feds must abandon their interference in it for it for anything to work well.

  62. I’m trying to embed the vid, but it’s not working, perhaps because of the style (movie?)… The full article is worth reading, IMO.

    Terrorist by Association: The Justice Department targets nonviolent solidarity activists

    By Jeremy Gantz / December 13, 2010

    ‘Anyone who does international solidarity or anti-war work, anyone who goes against the grain of American politics, is affected by this,’ says activist Mick Kelly, whose home was raided by the FBI.

    September 24 began like any other Friday for Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner. Then, at 7 a.m., FBI agents knocked on the door of the Chicago couple’s house in the city’s North Side.

    Armed with a search warrant, more than 20 agents examined the couple’s home, photographing every room and combing through notebooks, family videos and books, even their children’s drawings. Some items were connected to their decades of anti-war and international solidarity activism, but others were not. “Folders were opened, letters were pulled out of envelopes,” says Weiner, an adult education professor at Wilbur Wright College. “They had rubber gloves and they went through every aspect of our home.” (See video interview with Weiner and Iosbaker above.)

    Source / In These Times

  63. anon nurse:

    I watched the You Tube video clip/link you provided. How scary it must have been for that family. At the end there were other similar video’s offered. There was this one:

    It is fascinating. It is Mike Wallace (he looks like a kid) intervewing Alduous Huxley. It’s black and white film.

    It is amazing, still fresh, and exceedingly relevant.

  64. Jill said,”Obama supporters are extremely immoral and short sided to vote for him”. Most polls show at least 91% of African Americans support Obama…

  65. Jill and anon nurse
    E: Federal government totalitarian police state on the march USA 2011.

    In a word: nullification.

    Contrary to popular belief and mistaken notions here, nullification IS a remedy if not THE only remedy for our present discontents or resisting the terrors now daily committed by federal government officials against law-abiding citizens and foreigners.

    Half agreeing with this those at this blog that nullification is not legal against the legitimate powers of the Federal government, I am positive that it is completely “legal” against the illegitimate powers taken by it.

    The tenth amendment makes it so.

    Even a centralist (big government) advocate like Alexander Hamiltion agreed when he said that any power not granted to the federal government was NULL and void.

    He also said “”Hence also, the origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact, between the rulers and the ruled; and must be liable to such LIMITATIONS, as are necessary for the security of the absolute rights of the LATTER; for what original title can any man or set of men have, to govern others, except their own consent? To USURP DOMINION over a people, in their own despite, or to grasp at more extensive power than they are willing to entrust, is to violate that law of nature, which gives every man the right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience.” Yes, he went back on his words. But Jefferson and Madison were truer to them.

    We are not obligated to obey a criminal, rogue, lawless, and despotic government as our has become.

    This is why I make great effort online to label federal government officials with the exact and precise terms they use to label those who are resisting their tyranny.

    Those labels, which are used by the Department of Homeland Security to target those who are resisting the tyranny, are the words: “dangerous” and “extremist”.

    To further clarify with precision what exactly is going on by government officials, I have also developed the habit of throwing in the labels “subversive” and “seditious”. That is because gravely and exceedingly lawless government officials ARE exactly subversive and seditious.

    It would be helpful if everyone in this country who is horrified by the lawlessness of the Obama admin, and indeed both parties, would always use these terms when mentioning Obama and company. It’s not just President Obama to whom we refer. It is dangerous, extremist, and subversive Obama. It is seditious Obama.

    It is not just Janet Napolitano, is dangerous, extremist, subversive Janet Napolitano.

    This is not slander. It is completely accurate and could be proven in a court of law (a just one, that is).

    Only when the people become accustomed to hearing our leaders described accurately with these adjectives written before their names will our leaders begin to see how the people view them.

    Evil people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao always believed they were doing what was best and this belief is what motivated them to do what they did. Our dangerous and extremist president, as well as Hillary Clinton, and Janet Napolitano are just as sure they are doing what is best.

    But it is only in how OTHERS view us (before the consequences of our actions come into full view) that we can really learn anything about ourselves. Powerful people with guns (the state) can thwart this learning about themselves by making what other people think of them illegal. This is why Obama wants to stop the new media. He doesn’t want to hear what critics have to say.

    Nullification is the only non-violent means remaing to take government to task for its despotism. I tell you this as everything else has utterly failed. Had other means worked we would NOT be facing a totalitarian police state at this very moment.

    Jill, in particular. You ought to realize that centralized federal control over everyones medical records IS exactly totalitarian. This is why the government will also begin to control what we eat. The very food in our mouths. This is precisely totalitarianism and you ought to eschew it. Let the states handle the matter. Better yet, let the people (as per the 10th amendment).

    This is our great tradition and inheritance. What our founders did to secure liberty is indeed our right to carry it forward for ourselves and future generations. Their rebllion is ours. Make the government the enemy of the government as they have made the people into the enemy for demanding adherence to the law and Constitution.

    We must resist our despotic leaders. It is our obligation.

    The tenth amendment demands it. No sense of justice would conclude that the federal government shall be lawyer and judge of its own crimes or abuses. The states and the people are, as the founders provided.

    This is where we have gone awry as a country. The feds honestly do believe that the people are not supreme and are not a check on the abuse of government power when all else, including elections, have failed.

    That is inherently illogical, irrational, and patently false as the 10th amendment proves.

    Earliers this year Bill Clinton said that the people need to settle down and stop complaining about government because these are our elected officials and the process needs to continue on as this is our system of government. He is wrong about that. No one elected these fficials to overthrow the government he claims we should obey while they overthrow it.

    In other words he stands on the Constitution only to lecture us about conforming to the processes it provides but himself advocates undermining it by his participation in the Democratic Party which has further eroded the Constitution he asks us to obey.

    It is rank hypocrisy. And it dangerous. It is also extremist.

    And it is subversive.

  66. Obama continues to take on more and more dictatorial powers holding everyone he likes and himself immune from the rule of law.

    Chase the feds. Put them on the run continually.

    Nullify now and nuffily often.

    Try everything. For example. Perhaps Virginia and Maryland (or any other state) could make it against the law for anyone to take an American or foreigner into custody or possession and remove them to another country for rendition (torture). Just do it. Get it done. Throw the book at the feds.

    Make it illegal to deny any citizen or resident access to the internet whether in prison, jail, or otherwise. All vehicles of speech must never be limited by the feds.

    Make it illegal for the federal government to block access to the internet (infringement)to your state. Just make it illegal. They have no power to block the flow of speech. Challenge them.

    This is just the beginning. This is the new day for justice in America. Nullification has been neglected and what you see going on is a result of it.

    Thousands of state laws need to be inacted to counter what we know the federal government is not authorized to do but arrogantly appropriates for itself in violation of the Constitution.

    Make them look over THEIR own shoulders.

    Make THEM worry.

    Defend the 10th Amendment. It wasn’t obliterated by the War of Aggresion Against the South. It’s still there.

    Use it. Stand up. Legislate!

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