The Lesser of Two Weevils: Ohio School Finds Weevils in Noodles, Removes Them, Serves Kids The Noodles

Ohio lunch workers know the values of choosing the lesser of two weevils. They found boll weevil beetles in dry noodles, removed those they could see, and then served the noodles. They did, however, remove the big ones that they could find.

While the Reagan Administration may have counted ketchup as a vegetable, I assume the Ohio schools are not counting weevil beetles as protein.

Parents are not happy, but school officials have noted that the noodles were boiled.

The school fessed up in a letter and the district’s food services director, Phyllis Holsinger, resigned and two other cooks were given five-day, unpaid suspensions.

This will not help dispel many of our memories of “the lunch lady” from our public elementary school cafeterias. However, the clip below shows the superintendent preparing to answer questions from parents:

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Clearly they made a stupid decision, but what does it say about their funding situation that they’d even consider trying to salvage the noodles?

  2. I think I ate at that school….I am sure of it…or something like that…YUCK…but then again…some cultures like this stuff….

  3. frank,

    I remember George Carlin doing a comedy routine about those “acceptable levels” of roach droppings and rodent hair in hot dogs. I tried to find it on youtube–but was unsuccessful.

  4. Yes, as Buckeye noted hot dogs – the FDA has ‘acceptable levels’ in PPM for rodent hair, roach droppings and a generic category they call ‘filth’. Considering that we have gutted the inspection programs in the name of economy enjoy your weenie.

  5. some 30 years ago I read about a Mexican chef that had written a cookbook that featured insects.

    I remember a honey ant sauce though I never found out if it was a HONEY ANT sauce or a HONEY ant sauce

    phhht ambiguity

  6. Hey! Andrew Zimmern! Ohio called and have they got a school lunch for you!

  7. Elaine,
    Thank you for the Lunch lady video from Saturday Night Live. When I read this story I thought of this skit. I am glad to see that the school disciplined the supervisor. What were they thinking? It makes me wonder what “foreign” matter were in previous, undisclosed meals!

  8. You’d be surprised how many Boll Weevil songs there are.


  9. I would like to have been present for that scene when the call was made to push right ahead with the weevil spaetzle. It must have been fascinating:

    “Lunch Lady McDaniel: Ms. Holzinger! There’s weevils in them noodles.

    Supervisor Holsinger: Clean ’em out and boil ’em up. That’ll sterilize ’em. After all, they’re “boil” weevils aren’t they?

    Lunch Lady McDaniel: It’s BOLL weevil, and I don’t know nothing about cleaning out no boll weevils.”

    Just another scene from “Gone With The Weevils.”

    [apologies to Hattie Mcdaniel, and for the pitiful attempt to reconstruct her famous work]

  10. A southern Ohio School district … the bag of noodles came sealed from the factory … the cooks initially thought the bugs were pepper flakes … (from the Washington Post article)

    I had to check to see where these lunch ladies worked since I live in Ohio. Too bad the article doesn’t name the manufacturer of the noodles as that is something we’d all like to know … or at least the knowledge would be of benefit to those who purchase noodles.

  11. Um…., my formatting to draw a line through the two words above did not work. Oh well, it is Friday.

  12. Look on the bright side. Insects are a -good- -acceptable- known source of protein and fats.

  13. One of the children’s authors and illustrators I’m friendly with wrote a series of graphic novels about a lunch lady who’s a scrappy crime-fighter.


  14. Diner: “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

    Waiter: “Thank you for pointing that out, sire. There’s a 50-cent surcharge for flies.”

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