Are Males Obsolete? Female Dragonflies Go It Alone

OK, this is bad. Just as many wives are at their wits end with husbands who have turned to couch potatoes during the playoffs, scientists have found another species that made males obsolete. Spanish investigators have discovered that dragonflies are capable of parthenogenesis, asexual reproduction without fertilization by a male. While plenty of women are avid football fans, the announcement of this discovery during the playoffs can only be viewed as a direct threat to the male gender.

The discovery was made by Adolfo Cordero of University of Vigo in the Azores.

The group took larva samples of the Ishnura hastata species of dragonfly and were able to breed nine generations without males.

We have seen this evolution in other species, here. With procreation and fixing VCRs becoming possible without us, males are now as endangered as the Packers in the NFC championship. (I bet you thought there was no way I could take a butterfly scientific breakthrough in Spain and bring it back to the Bears/Packers game).

The meetings to phase out males has already begun . . .

Source: Reddit and ThinkSpain

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Nice story, Gyges, no pun intended. (Also liked the vid that you posted of the foxes on the trampoline.)

  2. R,SM,An,

    I’ve actually met Ms. Storey a few times, I had a friend in college that played bass for her for about a year. She’s a great person. I remember at one smaller show (probably 100 people at a small fair in Kansas) I saw her play she let a little girl come on stage and dance and afterwords taught her “Twinkle Twinkle” on the piano.

  3. I found your article a little confusing. It seems like you are advocating women reproduce parthenogenically during the playoffs.

    Do I have it right ?

  4. Ditto to what Swarthmore mom said, Gyges. (I missed the Nina Storey posting the first time around. Thanks for reposting it.)

  5. Rafflaw,

    For what it’s worth, we’re Luis Buñuel fans in my household, and so far very little domestic unrest.

    Everyone else,

    I’ve posted this video recently, but I’ve got a feeling it got overlooked…


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