English Woman Sentenced To Two Years For Accusing Four Men of Raping Her

Under pressure from women’s groups, English officials recently backed down in giving the same anonymity protections to men accused of rape as they do to their alleged victims. Emma Blunden, 21, of Reading, Berkshire should give them second thoughts. Blunden received two years after repeatedly accusing men of raping her.

Given the costs to these innocent men, a two-year sentence is a rather low punishment. However, most such false accusers receive no punishment at all. That was the case of Crystal Gail Mangum who brought false charges against members of the Duke lacrosse team. A previous woman who lied about a rape in England received only one year despite ruining the life of the accused man.

Blunden was convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice after making false allegations against four men — all of whom were arrested on her allegations.

Source: Daily Mail

Jonathan Turley

13 thoughts on “English Woman Sentenced To Two Years For Accusing Four Men of Raping Her”

  1. She should Die for this crime….the same punishment that is handed out to Rapists in many countries.

  2. God, what a horrible story. That woman could’ve ruined those innocent men’s lives. Screaming rape when it false doesn’t just make her look bad, it also discounts everyone who has actually been raped.

    On an semi-related note, get a load of her picture. Can anyone ever take a good mug shot? Probably not, I guess it’s like saying can anyone ever have a nice debt collector: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2011/01/14/foreclosure-and-debt-collection-horror-stories/

  3. Ruining the life of the accused is indeed a grave matter. But in addition, that woman also dealt a blow to every real rape victim, who often can’t bring themselves to report the crime. Thanks to Emma, the fear of rape victims of not being listened to is going to be reinforced. Thanks to Emma, the difficulty of rape victims to successfully convicting the rapists will increase. Knowing some real rape victims, the radical effect it had on them and the difficulties they’ve been through, I despise this type of behavior.

  4. A chap I’ve known for many years recently lost his 21 year old son – he hung himself while on remand having been accused of rape.

    After the suicide, the woman dropped the charges. It turns out that this was not the first time she had falsely accused someone of rape. She has not been charged and appears to have got away with causing this young mans death.

  5. there is no one size fits all solution for he said she said situations, but three guys in a public restroom. good thing she’s got legs.

  6. Something a little similar happened to me.

    I, Kay Sieverding, am a middle aged married woman who is faithful to my husband. My former neighbor Jane Bennett did not disagree when Routt County Judge James Garrecht found that I “molested” her. Of course, I didn’t have any physical conduct with her at all. Jane Bennett just wanted to cover up the fact that she and her husband Kevin Bennett had built extra buildings that violated the zoning, which I had complained about. Jane Bennett received no sanctions for her malicious prosecution of me, nor did her lawyer.

    Jane Bennett and her lawyer Randall Klauzer also recently filed a declaration that they had not received money from me. Actually, they somehow filed a lien on my deed (without a court order) and got funds when I sold my home to get away from the Bennetts. Nothing bad happened to them for that intentional lie to the court either.

  7. raff:

    How right you are.
    “When it comes to rape, it is a man’s world, I guess.”
    The woman for the most part is turned into someone who initiated such an act,their dress at the time,where they were and so on.

    This young lady was the exception and got payback.

  8. When it comes to rape, it is a man’s world, I guess. Two years is a pretty short time for intentionally charging someone with a heinous crime and presumably lying about it in trial as well.

  9. Reading the case detail from the attached article from the Daily Mail is very illuminating.

  10. ” TWO YEARS “???………… should have given her 5 at best for her despicable actions, but good to see she get something.

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