Tucson Restaurant To Serve Lion Tacos

A restaurant in Tucson has hit upon a rather disturbing promotional gimmick: it is taking orders for African Lion tacos. The owner of Exotic Taco y Tequila, Bryan Mazon, sees nothing wrong with serving up lions and admits that he hopes that grinding up lions will bring him some publicity. I just cannot believe that this is the type of publicity that would help — particularly in a college town with plenty of environmentalists and public interest advocates.

Mazon has previously served up python and kangaroo and other “rarities” like a small-time version of The Freshman.

Mazon admits that “I’m doing the African lion to get my name out.” It sure has. Now the entire country views Mazon as a craven, thoughtless businessman who admits that he will lose money on serving up the lion but wants the publicity. He told the reporter below that “In all reality, what I want is just people to know that I’m here.”

We know Mr. Mazon and millions are disgusted by you.

[Update: Mazon’s dim-witted effort at free publicity has produced dozens of death threats and he has taken lion off his menu. The question is now how many people want to give his guy money for any other food).

Source: AZStar.

49 thoughts on “Tucson Restaurant To Serve Lion Tacos”

  1. rafflaw
    1, January 20, 2011 at 8:33 pm
    Buddha and Swarthmore,
    Just what kind of meat are in the Korean BBQ?

    Pit Bull Gogi of course

  2. LK,

    That’s why you water it down. Straight? No way. But a little 1) smells funny (vinegar) and 2) tastes bad when they clean it off. I’ve heard of people using just vinegar and water too. Personally, I’ve never had to use squirt guns. I voice train my cats.

  3. Once the collapse gets in to full swing, people will be eating ANYTHING to survive, but of course it only prolongs the inevitable.

  4. Buddha Is Laughing: “pete, And I suggest adding a couple of drops of Tabasco to the squirt gun.

    I’m thinking that’s not a good idea, of course, I’ve never made such a mixture and squirted it into my own eyes to try it out, it might not be dangerous and painful but… accidents happen and I wouldn’t want to take a chance with that stuff getting, by accident, into my cat’s eyes or nose. Just say’n.

  5. Buddha,
    I am good with all of those meat choices. I hope there are no other species snuck in there to surprise old Irish guys!

  6. HenMan,

    Collaboration is not help with … it’s joint togetherness … but then I’m a musician and unless I, alone, write it, arrange it, publish it, and play it … I’m in constant collaboration. I figured the two of you would tickle each other’s funny/creative bone and we’d all benefit. A masterpiece of wit to words ….

  7. Blouise-

    Elaine doesn’t need any help with the poetry- I have already nominated her for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her poem, “Dirty Dancing With the Stars: A Poem About Tom DeLay”- (See “Twelve Angry Liberal Jurors…”) 1/14/2011.

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