Minnesota Bar Owner Roasts Black Bear To Show Contempt For Chicago

The rivalry between the Bears and Packers and Vikings is intense but largely good-natured. Some, however, take it to a new and disturbing level such as Blake Montpetit, the co-owner of Tiffany Sports Lounge in St. Paul, who announced that he would roast a black bear to show his hatred for Chicago. This comes on the heels of a restaurant owner in Tucson grinding up a lion for tacos.

The bear in question was shot by one of Montpetit’s friends. I realize that there is a legitimate bear hunting season but there is something truly off-putting about using a bear to make this gruesome point. After all, I did not try to grill neighbors of Nordic heritage after the Bears destroyed the Vikings recently in Minnesota. While we certainly had a daily Packers Joke, I did not seek meat packers for a cheesehead fondue.

Montpetit was planning to serve the bear meat to customers but was stopped by health inspectors (there is no department for good taste). A Packers fan, he sent the meat to a party in Wisconsin when he could not serve it in Minnesota.

Source: ESPN

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