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Mexican drug smugglers are becoming quite creative in their efforts to get marijuana into the U.S.  No more low altitude drops from sleek planes in the Florida Everglades a’ la Miami Vice. Today’s smuggler is more into the “throwback” mode of delivery, so to speak. Invoking the tried and true philosophy of the Middle Ages, catapults have become the air mail vehicle of choice to launch packages of the intoxicating plant into Arizona.

Two “drug catapults” towed behind SUVs have been found in the Mexican state of Sonora by Mexican authorities. One measured ten feet tall and was accompanied by 35 pounds of pot. It flung the 4.4 pound packages about twenty yards. I am awaiting the Pot-N-Chunkin defense here.

No word yet on whether Arizona officials are interdicting the pot flights to seek out official papers under its tough new immigration policy.

Source: Washington Post

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. This story reminds me of the new method KFC has developed for serving fried chicken to its customers. It’s called catapoultry.

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