Swift or Loon? California Mayor Moves To Broadcast Recorded Bird Sounds on Sidewalks

Who needs real birds when you can simply pipe them in? Lancaster (CA) mayor R. Rex Parris has announced his desire to have bird sounds played on loudspeakers around the city to make people happier.

Parris insists that studies show that bird sounds make people happier — even recorded bird sounds.

It is not clear whether they will also tweet out Bible verses given Parris’ prior pledge that he was growing the city into a Christian community. That would make them Birds of Pray and tie together Parris’ various initiatives.

The sounds may smooth the hard feelings among pit bulls in the city who were castrated under a prior law passed by Parris. His other acts included ordering city officials to learn Mandarin to attract Chinese money.

Perhaps these are the birds he had in mind for the sidewalks of Lancaster:

Source: CBS

21 thoughts on “Swift or Loon? California Mayor Moves To Broadcast Recorded Bird Sounds on Sidewalks”

  1. Rafflaw: “Especially since we are expecting tw0 feet of snow tomorrow here in Norther Illinois!”

    Ice on the ground here from today’s freezing rain, my driveway is a sheet of ice. Tomorrow is a 100% chance of ice pellets and freezing rain with maybe snow Wednesday. I hate winter. You and Elaine take care, don’t let the winter get you.

  2. And what effect will this bird-brained example of human stupidity have on the real birds?

    Me sorry. No bird could be as utterly stupid as Mayor Parris.

    Birds, I am so sorry for insulting you in my silly joke attempt.

    Perhaps Mayor Parris belongs stockaded on Parris Island, he surely needs to be an island unto himself.

  3. Birds rather than Traffic?
    “Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune, something to make us all happy.”

  4. Well meaning? Yes.
    Well thought out? No.

    To me, one of the highlights of every year is hearing the haunting cry of the loon coming across Catfish Lake (Eagle River,Wisconsin) on a quiet summer evening. It’s a beautiful sound and a beautiful bird- it still amazes me to watch it dive under the water and see it reappear over 100 yards away.

    However, the cry of the loon played on a loop and broadcast over a loudspeaker would soon become a hated noise to the people who have to work, shop, or live in the area of the noise pollution.

    Mayor Parris, just do your job and stop thinking- you clearly don’t know how to do it.

  5. Elaine,
    At least Mr. Parris is an honest DoDo bird! Have fun shoveling. I am not looking forward to the blizzard that they are predicting. Isn’t spring training just around the corner??

  6. rafflaw,

    We’re expecting two storms here this week–one tomorrow and one on Wednesday. We have no place to put the shoveled snow!

  7. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KufRnYiBaVc&w=480&h=390]

    Or perhaps more appropriate for the mayor’s motivation . . .


  8. Elaine,
    I am looking at my 8 bird feeders in the yard as I listen to this bird song recording. You can get some bird songs on CD’s that are a little more upbeat than this, but it did help my morning listening to it. Especially since we are expecting tw0 feet of snow tomorrow here in Norther Illinois! This California Mayor is one crazy bird. Doesn’t that part of California have live birds that sing? Or is this town in the desert somewhere? I did like Prof. Turley’s “bird” song example!

  9. Nice one Elaine, ” Symphony of Birds ” in all my 60 years + I have yet to hear a bird sing off key……..as to this guy Parris, total loon, 100% certified.

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