Illinois To End Funding of Alcohol and Drug Programs While Michigan Orders Detroit To Close Half of Its Schools

As we continue to spend billions every week in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, states continue to cut basic programs for lack of funding. The latest is Illinois, which just cut all funding for drug and alcohol abuse treatment in the state and Michigan which has ordered Detroit to close half of its schools (driving class size to 60 students). What is striking is the lack of any connection drawn between these states which are short hundreds of millions of dollars in their budgets and the expenditures of billions each week in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our leaders, including President Obama, continue to refuse to end these wars while watching our cities and states continue to close or sell off basic services and lands. There is a remarkable disconnect in the coverages of these stories. In oil-rich Iraq, we continue to spend billions of U.S. dollars to prop up the government. In Afghanistan, we have a president who repeatedly refers to us as the enemy and sympathizes with the Taliban. We have a government that is seeking to tax us for fighting their war and a populace that repeatedly states in polls that they oppose our presence. Yet, Obama has kept us in this war for over two years at the cost of lives and treasure.

It defies logic that we continue to deny our children basic education and our citizens basic services to support these wars. The reason is simply a lack of courage among our leaders. Many would rather have our soldiers killed and our states close programs then take personal responsibility in calling an end to our financing of these wars.

Source: Daily Mail

Jonathan Turley

55 thoughts on “Illinois To End Funding of Alcohol and Drug Programs While Michigan Orders Detroit To Close Half of Its Schools”

  1. Swarthmore mom:

    I think you’re right. Christian conservatives have been pushing for state funding since they first began these institutions to evade segregation orders years ago.

  2. Mike Appleton, I think the shift will be to private christian schools. Gov. Perry has already alluded to it. I actually have a public charter school nearby that is quite good.

  3. I actually agree with Tootie on one thing. When nothing is expected of kids, that is what they will produce. One of my sisters has been a middle and high school teacher for 35 years and she will attest to the dumbing down of school curricula for years. My guess is that this has been primarily a function of states jockeying for federal money by playing games with statistics.

    The problem on the horizon, however, is that major cuts in school funding will be used as an impetus to further shift the focus from the public school system to charter schools, which have largely proven to be money-making scams.

  4. rafflaw, What’s wrong with an anti-union, homophobic, anti-woman, creationist, southern baptist preacher president?

  5. That what the old timers back in the early days of number writing when the police were about to kick in the door would say:

    “Bachmann offered that when it comes to entitlement reform, “I think if we give Glenn Beck the numbers, he can solve this.”


  6. bdaman, Kadafi said he would fight to the end. Look for higher oil prices in near future. We don’t buy his oil but Europe does.

  7. Swarthmore Mom,
    I agree with you about the Tea Party. Their actvities are a direct assault on the middle class. The sad part is some of them don’t even realize that they are hurting themselves.

  8. Does this UNION BUSTING Propaganda smell of about 1929 Nazi Germany….. No one spoke…. it did not pertain to them… Ah ha…. I see why they wanna screw with education….if you dumb them down enough they won’t remember the past….

  9. S.M.,

    I’m asking you to step back a moment from partisanship. Who is conducting these wars? Who is failing to prosecute both financial and war criminals? Who is staffing his administration with war and financial criminals? These actions cannot be ignored. Look at the Obama budget. It is not a model of social justice, shared pain or anything of the kind. It isn’t that far off from what is happening in WI. As long as you remain unable to connect the dots between Washington, WI and foreign policy, you will never be able to take on our nation’s problems at their core. Don’t mix up propaganda with real action.

    Union members may be extremely conservative. This is because many unions are themselves run by corrupt people. It is also because of long term union busting by the ruling elite. Unions at one time were on the forefront of social justice in the US–they had a very coherent vision of a just society which served to counterbalance the corporate narrative we now, almost exclusively, hear. These types of unions were deliberately dismembered by the govt. Now, some unions are going back to an emphasis on shared social justice–something which will provide counter ideas to things like, “I’m a self made man, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, “making money is all their is to life”, if someone lost their job/home/health insurance it’s their fault and don’t expect me to pay for it”, etc.

    This is a much deeper, more profound issue than one of political parties. This is the class war. It uses propaganda. It is the war on the people of our nation by the top 1% of the population. I don’t think this is something I can ever convince you of, so I’ll stop trying, but someday, I hope you will allow this information in.

  10. Obama for American is helping organize these rallies, Jill. SEIU supports Obama. The unions are a key group in the democratic party’s base.

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