Citizens of Utah Demand Recall of Wisconsin Senators

It appears that the people of Utah feel deeply about representation in Wisconsin. A Utah based group calling itself the American Recall Coalition has filed to campaign for the recall of Democratic senators who remain in hiding to stop legislation curtailing labor rules for teachers. It turns out that beyond a few pending matters in Salt Lake, the people of Utah are primarily concerned about matters in Madison.

The group filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to start the process of getting 16,000 signatures for each of the eight Democratic state senators eligible to be recalled. Governor Scott Walker is immune from recall since state law requires that office holders be allowed to serve one year before being recalled.

The question is how Wisconsin voters will now feel about the pending immigration legislation in Utah and whether they will now form a group to have their voices heard in Salt Lake City. I could not find a recall provision in the Constitution but there must be something the people of Wisconsin can contribute to their associates in Utah.

Source: WLUK

28 thoughts on “Citizens of Utah Demand Recall of Wisconsin Senators”

  1. Why should people of Utah call for a recall of legislators in WI, when Utah does not even have a recall for their own lawmakers. Utah should stay out of other States business, as we should be recalling many of our own lawmakers for taking the rights of Utah citizens away.

  2. Stamford Liberal is the cancer that eats away at our Great Nation, Her and her brewd have had the run of the field for the last three decades. Now the piper has come to collect. Her liberal ideology will be proven deadly, as is has caused this Nation to be put on life support. Conservatives for the most part have tolerated liberals, wrong were they to assume meeting in middle or trying to bend to get votes was the way to go with these dingbats. There is no longer room in this Nation for both the liberal and Conservative coalitions, one must go and go forever. Thus the battle of the United States of America within will eventually come, and I believe sooner rather than later. Being I am sure she is against gun laws and her cronies are aswell it will be a stick verse Gun battle, Not sure who will emerge the Victor…..right. Then and only then this Nation will begin to repair the damage of the deranged liberal cancer that has spread throughout our elite College’s, and many un-educated youth in urban area’s.
    This will be the greatest day of humanity when the first shot rings. Revolution part 2, the American Story and how we got here.

  3. The local Tea Party is trying to recall the city council because they passed a “user fee” of $2.50/week on all employees that work in the city (to cover a $2 million shortfall). The recall would cost $60,000 to implement and they didn’t get the number of signatures in time but not to worry – the American Patriot Recall Coalition based in Salt Lake City, Utah has written a letter to the city’s attorney challenging the city’s time limit and requesting them to seek the state’s Attorney General’s opinion.

  4. Lottakatz-

    At last! Thanks for the info.

    Walker tried to sell everything Milwaukee County owned to private corporations when he was Milw. County Executive. He is about to turn Wisconsin into a giant flea market. Anybody want to buy a State Park? It would make a great strip mine. Might be natural gas underneath. Koch Bros? Make me an offer.

  5. Just trying to figure out how this affects Utah?

    If it affects another state, I can see how they would be concerned, since this IS the United States…but I fail to see the connection…

  6. HenMan,

    I’m with you for that is definitely the plan.

    But maybe they also want to return us to the literal dark ages with cascading failures in the power grids … I mean, we’re talking the Koch Brothers here … who knows what plans those mad siblings have for Wisconsin.

  7. LindyLou22-

    I wish somebody would tell me where these “state-owned heating, cooling, and power plants” are that I keep hearing about. Wisconsin’s electric power comes mainly from 7 large privately owned utilities that are members of WUA, the Wisconsin Utilities Assn. 82 communities have municipal electric utilities in towns ranging from Manitowoc(Pop. 34,700) to Merrillan(Pop. 564) which provide 11% of Wisconsin’s electricity. They belong to MEUW, the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wis.

    Are you talking about heating plants at the Capitol or at University of Wis. campuses? If so, this is a minor issue. The issue here is the attempt to destroy unions representing government employees. Destroy the unions, marginalize working people, make them powerless so that the corporations directing the politicians they own can rule America with absolute power and no opposition.

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