House Overwhelmingly Rejects Ron Paul’s Effort To End Afghan War and To Save $116 Billion Annually

We have been discussing the failure of President Obama and both parties to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while our cities and states continue to sell off property and shutdown vital programs due to a lack of money (here and here and here and here and here). Rep. Ron Paul again showed his mettle this month and again called for an end to the Afghan war. In legislation proposed with Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina, Paul sought to withdraw funding for the war at a savings of more than $116 billion a year by ending the war in Afghanistan.

That figure again is $100 billion a year that would easily cover the budget shortfalls that we have been detailing in recent stories.

Nevertheless, the measure was voted down overwhelmingly by Democrats and Republicans alike — including the recently elected Tea Party members. So, the Congress will continue allow our states to cut away programs and sell off both parks and buildings to cover their bills. The failure of leadership is breathtaking.

I have long had respect for Rep. Paul and this is an excellent example of why. He has become the leading anti-war voice in this country as had Rep. Jones. Rep. Barbara Lee also joined in the effort with Paul and Jones.

This bill is an example of a profile of courage . . . as opposed to those who voted against it.

By the way, these same legislators also voted down an effort to prevent the Army from spending $100 million in endorsements for Nascar.

Source: SF Gate

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