Do The Rooms Come With Fire Hydrants: Paris Has Luxury Pet Hotel

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

Jet-setting canines have a new stop on the luxury hotel circuit. Hoteliers in Paris have opened a new dogs-only luxury hotel. To cater to their four-legged guests, Devi and Stan Burun, have included a heated pool, masseuse, televisions equipped with DVDs, and a doggie workout room with treadmills and a decor adorned with framed doggie prints.

The owners eschew any connection with those garish Americans who give their dogs manicures and dye their fur pink. No, these pathfinders of  canine culture explain that, “our priority is to meet the dogs’ needs.” Indeed they do.

Bookings are in advance and will run you 25-36 euros ($36-$48) a day. Oh and don’t just ring them up and expect a room. All “guests” are screened before a reservation is accepted.  How very French!

Source: Reuters

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

23 thoughts on “Do The Rooms Come With Fire Hydrants: Paris Has Luxury Pet Hotel”

  1. Stamford,

    My brother’s got a Newfoundland\Retriever mix. THAT is a big pile of friendly stupid.

  2. Gyges,

    “The reason that dogs are better pets than cats is quite simple: a 100 pound house cat would just eat you.”

    Lol – I never thought of it that way but, good point. Although, after visiting my mother and her 70 lb black/chocolate lab mix, I think I prefer the 12 lb cat 🙂

  3. For large chunks of humanity the type of companionship we get from dogs stopped being that of Co-worker and started being that of child.

    The problem is, most dogs are bred to be happiest when doing certain work. Which is why my hound is tasked with tracking down treats, and (we’re currently working on this on) the kid. The mutt, who’s primarily a sight hound (basenji and whippet, with we think a shepherd of some sort), has to run after and catch a ball.

    That’s my self righteous back patting for the day.

    Buddha and Stamford,

    The reason that dogs are better pets than cats is quite simple: a 100 pound house cat would just eat you.

  4. My guess is Friedrich Nietzsche would have some interesting words for the founders.

    In any kind of just universe, the owners would be publicly executed and fed to their customers.
    There’s a crisis out there, if you may remember.
    That clarifies priorities for reasonable beings.. these owners are nothing of the kind.

  5. i had enough trouble convincing my lab the cats litter box wasn’t his snack bowl.

    does the pet hotel have a sufficent supply of homeless people outside for fifi to piss on?

  6. AY-

    I love your link to “The Spa Paws Hotel”. The ad says they offer aromatherapy. To a dog, aromatherapy is a fresh steaming pile of another dog’s doo-doo. I wonder who gets to deliver that to each luxury suite?

  7. Being a dedicated dog person, I don’t have to worry about my 75 pound Lab sitting on my keyboard! However, I am sure that I pamper him too much, but the hotel just for dogs is just a fancy kennel for dogs to stay when the owners are away on vacations or business trips. I would not spend more on the dog than I would on my own accomodations. Now, if I ever get to France, I will have to make a point of skipping this dog hotel. Unless I use it for myself and leave my dog at home.

  8. I grew up with dogs. My sister-in-law bred dogs and even showed at Westminster Dog Show. However, I am constantly amazed at people anthropomorphizing their pets. This is not to say that animals are stupid, because I suspect they are far more intelligent than we give them credit for being. It’s just to me the silly idea that they are interested in, or enjoy our comforts. As a current cat person, I have no wish to go out for 10:00pm walks, I have one that constantly follows me around the house. I suppose she gains comfort from being near me and amusement from watching me, yet she never looks at TV, nor needs the attention of a masseuse

  9. BIL,

    Lol – I’m sure that when you try to move your cat, you get the “are you nuts??” look, too.

    Yeah, he has his “Remote Cat” moments … his “Book Cat” moments … his “I’m going to sit on your lap while you try and eat dinner” moments XD

  10. SL,

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a bad case of “Keyboard Cat”. Do you also suffer from “Remote Cat” as well? If you can’t find the remote in my house, don’t bother with the sofa. Check under the cat first.

  11. AY,

    Thanks for the tip! My cats idea of luxury is lounging on my keyboard while I’m trying to work, although, he is partial to the bathroom sink as well!

    I’ll make sure I leave my cow safely at home 😀

  12. SL,

    In Texas we treat all domesticated animals with love and affection… In Fort Worth…. They treat them very well…. Please bring the felines to Carroll Street they will take you….. Although some animals are routinely eaten in some cultures…. these are not…. So your Horse, Dog and Cats are safe…. Now if you bring the beef….well…the slaughter house is down the street….

  13. Not that my cat would appreciate such luxury but what about them? Cat discrimination!

  14. I bet she would…. I am selling to the highest bidder one tea cup Terror…. It has to be a good price as I myself will need new accommodations….

  15. Ah just piss on em….

    Yes…There are people who do this…. Yes…..There are people that do this… Yes there are places here that do that….

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