As Ukraine Heralds Chernobyl as Tourist Site, Scientists Warn of Catastrophic Collapse and Radioactive Release

Some of us expressed alarm or disgust at the recent push by Ukrainian officials to bring tourists to Chernobyl (here and here). Now, it appears that these officials were likely aware that the reactor is in danger of leaking deadly radiation due to the potential collapse of part of the structure.

Ukraine has been benefiting from European assistance in handling its disaster at Chernobyl and may now receive hundreds of millions of dollars more to avoid another catastrophe. One would think that the people who brought us this disaster in the first place would be a bit circumspect in allowing tourism to a site that has been identified a serious danger to human health.

Of course, this could be the memorable vacation of your life. Your Geiger readings alone would give you lasting memories of your trip.

13 thoughts on “As Ukraine Heralds Chernobyl as Tourist Site, Scientists Warn of Catastrophic Collapse and Radioactive Release”

  1. […] the people who brought us this disaster in the first place […]

    As the plant was built buy the Soviet Union, I’m not sure it’s very fair to place the responsibility on Ukraine.

  2. Everyone should watch this 5 part film from Nova:

    NOVA – Inside Chernobyl’s Sarcophagus part 1

    Tourism has been going on for a bit. Also, there are still around 3000+ workers who work in the zone and there are still a number of people who reside in the city of Chernobyl. Note that the plant is actually near Pripyat and that’s the ghost city from all the pictures.

    Also, if you want a modern view of what it’s like around there, watch this set of clips from a BBC reporter who went there last year (I think last year).

    As an inside joke, if I went there, I would be concerned about running in to Monolith soldiers and I’d have to ask my guide if I could see the “Wishgranter”

  3. Bhopal Disneyland opens in June- sponsored by Union Carbide. Be sure to try the Methyl Isocyanate Ride. It’s a gas.

  4. James M.,
    I don’t share your interest in deserted places, but have fun! I don’t need to go to anyplaces that glow in the dark!

  5. rafflaw,

    I wouldn’t spend the money traveling and I already voiced my safety concerns, but if it was closer and safer, I would be interested in seeing it.

    There’s something intriguing about a city that’s been abandoned in place — ghost towns out west are visited for the same reason.

    Here’s an essay and photo gallery that are analogous about a deserted Japanese island that I ran across recently on BoingBoing:

  6. You don’t have to travel to Chernobyl. Just saw the movie “Gasland” by Josh Fox. Our local Women’s League of Women Voters aired it and you can get a local group to show it. I’d advise everyone to take a look.

    It seems all the chemicals used in fracking for natural gas are later placed in compression tanks, holding tanks, ponds, and streams all of which evaporate into the air causing acid rain and falls on the grasses beef cattle eat all over the western states and Texas. Maybe all over the world.

    So if you’ve noticed you beef steaks sticking with you longer, it’s probably the heavy metals and other chemicals they consumed.

  7. Well done Buddha! Who in the right mind would want to visit this place especially in light of the radiation danger? I guess a good salesperson really can sell refrigerators to the eskimos.

  8. I’ve seen video from Chernobyl and it is haunting and beautiful in a post-apocalyptic sort of way. However, video is as close as I’d like to be without wearing a lead-lined radiation suit, regardless of whether the government of the Urkraine claims it is safe.

  9. Yes, Ukraine should get scorn for attempting this, however I will hold my ridicule and a distinct lack of sympathy for any “tourist” who would go on this excursion.

    This is one case where I think blaming the victim would be appropriate.

  10. Come to Chernobyl! Where you can get a tan from the inside out! Dine on succulent three-eyed fish! We’ve got home-style radiation just like mom used to make! And enjoy the pleasure of your hair falling out!

    Nothing quite says rest, relaxation and fun like a healthy dose of alpha and beta rays.

    Come to Chernobyl!

    Disclaimer: All bills must be paid in advance of receiving goods and services.

  11. And who were the watchers of the concentration camps? Ah, yes….These folks…

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